Prologue: Once Upon a Time in 1982

It was a very special day for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, in fact, it was probably the most important day for the restaurant, a day that would determine whether or not this family friendly eatery would sink or swim. It was opening day. Advertisements had ran in local newspapers and television stations, telling the entire county all about this new, "high-tech" take on family food. "They walk and talk!" one ad exclaimed, while others called it "The Future of Mechanical Science!" and that it would "Change family entertainment forever!"

The Fazbear Entertainment Company (LLC) had originally been known as Animatronics Limited, a company specialized in the development and manufacture of advanced mechanical automatons, but was limited by a lack of general interest in the field. If Animatronics Limited wanted to break into an entire market of robotics, they would need to get the public's attention. So, with a name change and some rebranding, the little known machine maker hoped to become a national figurehead of mechanical entertainment. But reaching national stardom would take money. A lot of money. The company decided to open an entertainment venue that would appeal the masses, then get into specifics once it became productive. After weeks of meetings, water cooler debates, and late night phone calls, the answer seemed obvious: who doesn't like pizza?

And thus, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was opened in the suburbs of the city Fazbear Entertainment was headquartered, hyping their newly created "Fun-nimatronics." That first day drew a huge crowd, mostly children and the press, who came to figure what exactly a "Fun-nimatronic" really was. The date decided for the opening was a Saturday, so that children could attend, and was slated for around 12:00 noon to attract people who had to work to come on their lunch break, if not to go in, to at least get them talking. The real work happened the day before, behind closed doors and blacked out windows, as the brand-new animatronics were activated and loaded with necessary functions.

Freddy found himself being "born" to face a large room filled with long tables, a buffet-style line up to the kitchen, and a curtained-offed section off to the side. Though clearly designed for the largest of lunch rushes, the room itself was only occupied by a handful of people, some in suits, some in coveralls, and one in security officer attire. Freddy tried to turn his head to follow traces of movement in his peripheral vision, but found himself restricted. Suddenly he heard a sharp click on his head, and someone's voice saying,

"-dio sensors should be working now, let's untie him."

Freddy once again tried to turn, and was pleased to find that he could, and there he could see another one of the men in coveralls, standing back and looking at him with his arms crossed, a pleased smile on his face.

"Hello there!" the man said, "I'm Harry, what's your name?"

What was his name? Freddy wasn't sure. Something then whirred behind his eyes, and he found himself remembering.

"My name is Freddy Fazbear," he said.

"Perfect!" one of the men in suits called over, "Absolutely brilliant! I love them!"

"Harold, have the others been booted? We need to give them the lay of the land," another man in a suit, this one much older, said. Freddy liked how this one spoke.

"I think so, Mr. Fazbach," Harry replied.

"Wonderful. Please have all of them lined up on stage in, oh, 20 minutes? I wish to examine them," Mr. Fazbach said, before turning to the other men wearing suits.

"Who is that?" Freddy asked, turning to Harry.

"That's Mr. Fazbach, our boss," Harry replied, "He started this company. It's why you're Freddy Fazbear. His niece thought it was funny."

"Our boss?" Freddy asked, curious.

"Yup. We all work for him, especially you four," Harry said, smiling at Freddy.

"Four?" Freddy once again asked. Harry noticed that Freddy's voice was beginning to emulate Mr. Fazbach's eloquence.

"Yeah. Don't worry, this'll all be cleared up when Mr. Fazbach addresses the rest of our staff in a few minutes," Harry said encouragingly.

In 20 minutes exactly, Mr. Fazbach returned to the show stage, where four animatronics, a bear, rabbit, chicken, and fox, were standing in line next to each other along the stage itself. Mr. Fazbach straightened his tie. In the time leading up to Fazbach's inspection, Freddy and the other robots made awkward introductions, and found themselves compulsively wanting to work together. "All a part of your programming," Harry assured the puzzled 'bots. Mr. Fazbach stopped in front of the stage and closely gave Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie a once-over. He stopped in front of Foxy, who looked back in confusion.

"Hrm… Harold, why did this one get sharp teeth and a hook?" Mr. Fazbach asked, turning to face the mechanic.

"The developers thought it made him look tough. He is a pirate, after all," Harry replied.

"I am?" Foxy asked, "What's a pirate?"

"He does not sound much like a pirate," Mr. Fazbear mused.

"We'll get their character programming installed tonight," Harry explained.

"Ah, well, that will do nicely. Now, tell me, why are they so… big? I don't want the children to be scared, you see," Mr. Fazbach said.

"Their endoskeletons are extremely complex, in order to give them as human like gestures as possible. Couple that with their computers, power supply, servos, and motors, even with our advanced technology we still had to go big to fit everything. And the suits don't help, but we had to do it so none of their metal bits show," Harry told Fazbach.

"I see. Well, I see no reason for tomorrow to be cancelled, call in the rest of the staff, please, Harold," Mr. Fazbach politely ordered.

"Yessir," Harry said, before exiting into the hallways. Once the staff that would be working tomorrow arrived, Mr. Fazbach cleared his throat loudly to silence the muttering and draw their attention away from Freddy and the others.

"As you can see, you all shall be working with the most advanced animatronics our company can construct," Mr. Fazbach told the assembled crowd, "I need you to respect the technology here, they are not mindless, and can think for themselves quite well. That being said, their intelligence is just starting to grow, so try and be good role models, yes? Treat them like you would a younger child, and help them through their first day."

"Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica here," Mr. Fazbach continued, pointing to each animatronic in turn, "Are a band, and perform right here. Foxy there is the animatronic for the 'Pirate's Cove' show, showcasing an animatronic's ability to interact with the audience on a very individual scale. After each of their performances, they will roam around the restaurant, under guidance, to again showcase their intelligence."

The crowd once again began murmuring, uncertain about the idea of roaming metal animals. Fazbach raised his hands, and the crowd was silenced.

"I understand there are some concerns over this idea, and they are not unfounded. These are machines, albeit smart ones, and accidents can happen. So, I ask each and every one of you to make sure that these accidents don't pose a threat to our customers. Now, you all know your jobs, I'll see you all here at 11:30 to prepare for our grand opening. After that, you shall arrive here at 6:00 to relieve the night guard and prepare for the next business day. That is all, have a good night's rest, everyone, you may need it!"

With that, Mr. Fazbach collected his hat from an assistant, tipped it to the crowd, and exited out of the Backstage exit. Freddy grinned at the gesture, and replicated it with his own hat. He like Mr. Fazbach.

The next day, at 11:30 exactly, Mr. Fazbach arrived to oversee the staff setting up. He would wander back and forth, stopping staff and asking them several questions before shaking the worker's hand and continuing on his way. Many of the staff liked Fazbach's politeness and willingness to learn about the goings on in his new restaurant. Once 12:00 rolled around, Freddy received his microphone, Bonnie her guitar, and Chica her cupcake figurine. Foxy waited behind his curtains, pirate personality in full swing as he sat waiting for Harry to finish tuning him up.

"Arr, I do likes me new manner o' speech," Foxy commented.

"You should, we programmed it that way," Harry replied, chuckling, "Do you remember what to do?"

"O'course! Cut an 'ol sea dog some slack, I can handle the lil' mateys," Foxy replied, jaw opening in a wide smile. Harry shuddered slightly despite himself.

"Well, don't do that for one. We really shouldn't have made your teeth so sharp…" Harry told him, watching Fox shrug indifferently. They really were learning. Harry removed his hands from Foxy's internals and shut the access hatch on his back, locking it back in place.

"There ya go, all tuned up for today. Good luck, I guess." Harry said, grabbing his tools.

"Aye, and tha same ta you as well," Foxy replied, before standing up and holding the curtain open for Harry.

Outside, they could hear Mr. Fazbach address the crowd, thanking them for coming, and explaining the goal of the pizzeria.

"It is my hope that you will all leave here with a better understanding of how technology has changed, as well as have some delightful memories with your children. Now then, I hereby decree Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to be opened for business!" Mr. Fazbach finished, and the doors swung open, letting in the curious crowd. Both the curtain for the main stage and Pirate's Cove were shut, and the managers urged the guests to try out the food. Behind the main stage curtain, Bonnie fidgeted uncertainly.

"That sure sounds like a lot of people," Bonnie observed.

"Yeah," agreed Chica excitedly, "There must be, like, a hundred!"

"A hundred ?" Bonnie asked, eyes wide in shock.

"Oh c'mon," Chica teased, "Don't tell me you're scared."

"Well… no, not scared… just… I don't know…" Bonnie replied, uncertain of her emotions. They had all had basic ones, happiness, fear, sadness (but not anger) installed more for acting in the show than anything else, but the more subtle ones were lost on the 'bots.

"Just try and relax, Bonnie, it'll be fine," Freddy comforted. Already the group had unofficially selected him as their "leader" of sorts.

Suddenly the lights in the Dining Hall dimmed, cheerful music began to play, and the curtains on the main stage opened to reveal to the robots a room packed with faces, some in awe, some just amused. Freddy began the show,

"Welcome to my pizzeria, ladies and gentleman!" he announced, programmed phrases rolled out as if he'd said them hundreds of times. "I really hope you're having a good time, right Bonnie?"

"That's right Freddy! What about you, Chica?" Bonnie asked, script rattling off in all of their heads.

"You bet!" Chica exclaimed. It was curious how the show didn't match their non-show developing personalities. "I'm so happy, I think we should sing a song!"

"I was thinking the same thing! Hit it, gang!" Freddy exclaimed, and then the first of a series of pre-loaded songs was sung by the trio. Freddy wasn't exactly sure what a gang was. The show progressed much the same way, with happy songs about friendship, fun, and pizza, along with some parodied popular songs. About pizza.

Boy, all this talk about pizza… Chica thought, Wonder if I should visit the Kitchen? And just like that, the show concluded, but instead of shutting down, like the guests thought, they were surprised when Bonnie took off her guitar, Freddy put his mic on its stand, and the three stepped off stage. Mr. Fazbach appeared, and addressed the crowd.

"That little show was fun, wasn't it?" he addressed the crowd, smiling when the children cheered, "but that's not what's special about Freddy Fazbear and his band. They'll actually talk to you! Watch. Excuse me, Freddy?"

"Yes, Mr. Fazbach?" Freddy asked. The crowd inhaled.

"Do you see that young man right there?" Fazbach asked, pointing to a child in the front.

"The young man in the red sweater?" Freddy asked, also pointing with his paw. The crowd gasped.

"No, no, that young man, with the splendid ball cap," Fazbach said, leaning over his podium to indicate more clearly.

"Yes, I do!" Freddy proudly announced, waving.

"Go and ask him about your show!" Fazbach encouraged.

"Certainly!" Freddy said, and walked over to the table, a staff member at his side with a microphone. "Pleased to meet you, my name is Freddy! What's your name?"

The child blushed shyly, since all the attention was on him, before replying, "Marvin"

"Welcome to my pizzeria, Marvin! Are you having a good time?" Freddy asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Marvin replied quietly.

"Wonderful! I'm gonna go now, okay?" Freddy said.

"Ok," Marvin again replied.

"Have a good day," Freddy told him, before tipping his top hat and returning to the others.

The crowd broke out into applause, and Mr. Fazbach let them go on for several moments before quieting them.

"As you can see, they interact perfectly. Now, I feel like I'm forgetting someone…" Fazbach feigned forgetfulness.

"Right ye are, matey! Wha' abou' ol' Foxy?" a deep, pirate voice called out. The lights dimmed, and spotlights shone onto the other curtain as it rose to show a set of a pirate ship at port, with seats lining the extra large fake dock. Standing on the ship was another animatronic, hook and arm on his hips, and wearing an eye patch over one eye.

"Oh yes, of course. Why don't you introduce yourself, Foxy?" Fazbach beamed at the crowd's awe.

"Aye. As I said befar', me name's Foxy, and I'm the cap'n of this ship, the Red Fox, the fines' pirate ship ever ta sail the Seven Seas," Foxy explained to the crowd, before addressing the children specifically, "And I be needin' a crew. Do ye landlubbers think ye can be pirates?" Foxy asked. The children remained quiet, awestruck. Foxy crossed his arms.

"Tha' not be the way pirates speak. I said, do ye think ye can be pirates?" Foxy repeated. This time the children cheered loudly, before quieting down again. Foxy nodded his approval, before turning back to Mr. Fazbach.

"Ye were sayin'?" Foxy asked, giving Fazbach control of the crowd again. Unknown to the crowd, Fazbach had a faint frown. Foxy seemed… unpredictable. That might need to change. He immediately buried his concerns, and once again addressed the crowd.

"Well, it appears we've all met the crew here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. I suppose I'll leave it to you, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy. Have a good day everyone!" Fazbear concluded, and left the stage to a large applause. Then, the robots began their rounds, a routine that would continue for 5 more years. Mr. Fazbach, thankfully, didn't live long enough to see the fruits of his labor rot away, nor have to witness the tragedies that would befall it.

A/N: Alright, everyone say it with me, just get it out of your system: "Daww, they're so cute!" Yeah, I know, I write happy people. Hello again. Welcome to Night Two, circa 1982, since I wanted to put a prologue and give more of a background on how this version of the pizzeria began. Yes, it's long, and yes, It's certainly not the most original, nor one of the best, but I feel like it'd be neat to see how it began. Since it's a real ball buster to just leave a story with just a prologue right off the bat, Chapter 1 (or as FanFiction calls it, "Chapter 2") will be uploaded along with this, so the real story can start. Expect more flashbacks to different events hinted at in the game, as well as a few of my own creations, in this series, all in an attempt to both stall for precious time and provide a bit of "lore," so to speak. Oh, and this story might be darker just because of what event transpires in this installment, but since we're comparing it to the last one, still pretty light for FNAF. Also, a casual observation by yours truly: This category just friggin' EXPLODED, didn't it? I'm not taking the credit or anything, but it seems a jump in story count happened after I started writing… -cough-. But seriously, welcome back, or welcome in general, happy this fandom is growing. As always, any and all criticisms are encouraged. I like to know what I'm doing wrong, get some ideas, then steal them. Jeez, this thing is getting long, so if you skipped my ramblings, cool beans, you didn't miss anything important. I'm also well aware of the irony between my personality and the niceness in my stories. Tootles.