With her head held high and a strut to her walk, the newly promoted Lieutenant marched through the department towards the office ahead – her new office.

"Good morning, Lieutenant Forbes."

"Good morning, Sergeant Salvatore," She greeted, continuing past the man. She smirked. Oh, it felt great to finally be the higher rank over none other than Damon Salvatore. Her rival. Nemesis. Take your pick. She and him had been at each other's throats, fighting over the vulnerable position for months. Now, she was his superior.

She stepped into her new office and took in the empty, open space. Despite the large and beautiful window overlooking the interstate behind the desk - not to mention the size of the desk - the office was in some serious need of re-decoration. She set down her box full of items she had been hauling around on her desk. She carefully began gathering objects out of the box, placing them accordingly on her desk.

This was her new home.

"Well, how does it feel, Care?" A man asked at the door, causing her to turn around. His eyes were on the new name plate plastered above the door.

She grinned, leaning back on the desk. "It feels incredible, Stefan – I mean, Detective."

Stefan, who was one of Caroline's closest friends within the department, and also her rival's younger brother, had been recently promoted to detective himself.

He crossed his arms and rested his shoulder against the door frame. "It better, you sure as hell deserved it after the Passwater Brother's case."

Caroline coughed, hiding the painful flicker her body felt after hearing those words. She pushed the unwanted memories away from that particular case. "Yes, well, I'm just relieved that it's finally out of our hair and dealt with. But, congrats to you!" She praised, changing the subject.

"Thanks. Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I'll see you around." He tapped the door frame and left.

Caroline finished unpacking the rest of her box, looking around the room. She'd have to add more to the office over time, but it'll do for now. Caroline opened the window blinds to her office, allowing her to see the whole of her department floor. Both Salvatore brother's desk were immediately outside her office, and behind them were the rolls of other officers in her department.

Now satisfied, Caroline had one last order of business to take care of. She sat down in the chair behind the large desk. She let the cushion of the chair take her in as she rested her hands comfortably in her lap.

Yes, she thought. She could get used to this.


As the morning went on, Caroline received her first call as lieutenant. There was a dead body found in an alley's dumpster behind a bar. Usually, in her old role, Caroline was the officer reporting to the scene of the crime. However, now in her new role, Caroline was the one sending officers to the crime scenes. With this call, Caroline had to ignore the sudden reflex to head out immediately. She had to send someone else, and she knew just who to send.

"What's up, Blondie?" Damon walked into her office, plopping himself down on the couch besides her desk. Caroline wasn't surprised that he wouldn't regard her any differently now that she was his supervisor, so to speak.

She rolled her eyes. "A bartender from Hawkeye's called about a body found in a dumpster. I want you to take a team to check it out. Stefan can partner with you, if you prefer, but I also want to get the newbies, Tyler and Matt, out there as well."

"Look at you, all high and mighty now." He smirked. "It suites you."

Caroline kept her unfaltering eyes on him, not giving in to his game. In the past, they would always bicker about these types of things.

Damon groaned. "Fine, fine. I'll take the kiddies out to play. But know that I'm not responsible if they magically get lost."

She, for one of the first times, was utterly shocked that he did not continue to protest or mock her. It was so un-Damon like to do so.

"Damon…I know that it can be difficult for you to take orders, especially when you believe that you should be giving them, and I really appreciate your professionalism." She mustered out.

He's eyes widened for a moment and he cleared his throat. "Thanks, Blondie." He looked around the room while he now narrowed his eyes. "Seems a little out of your style, doesn't it?" And his old self was back in an instant.

"Don't worry about it, I'll have plenty time to decorate my way." She paused for a second, reaching for a stack of paperwork that needed to be completed soon. "But, be sure to let me know when you find out about that body."

Damon nodded and walked out of her office. "All right, children. Everyone gather around me. Now." He announced as he closed Caroline's door behind him.

For the remainder of her shift, Caroline only received minimal cases that were cleaned up in the day's work. Being able to leave early at the end of the day would be a rare occasion in her future, not to mention being on call 24/7.

As part of her normal routine, Caroline went to the gym after work, ordered takeout when she was finished, and headed home to her apartment to catch up on her shows.

She woke early the next morning, feeling proud of her accomplishments. Lieutenant, she smiled to herself. The name was still sinking in. Before leaving for work, her morning routine consisted of breakfast and coffee with the news on. However, the story that was being reported on the news channel caused her to stop sipping her coffee. She turned the volume up.

"This just in, a couple made a horrifying discovery late last night when they reported yells and screams to the police once passing an unusual house. By the time the police arrived, the loud noises from within the house ceased. Upon entering the house, the authorities reported a horrendous smell to which they discovered dead bodies within the building and have located at least 14 bodies so far. Around the clock salvage efforts are still under way."

Caroline set down her cup of coffee, giving her full attention to the news station as she watched body bag after body bag being carried out of the large house.

"So far, the authorities have no clue as to who that criminal might be as most bodies have been deemed unidentifiable from multiple mutilations done to them."

Caroline had tuned everything out at this time, until the sound of her phone going off broke her connection with the TV.

"Hello?" Caroline answered, seeing Elena's name on her phone's screen.

"Caroline, I'm sure you've already heard the news…" Elena sounded out of breath.

"Yeah, I'm watching it right now…Wait, where are you?"

"I'm down there. It's beyond crazy...I can't even explain."

"I can only imagine." Caroline huffed, knowing the full extent of Elena's job being a journalist. "I haven't received a call yet, so I'm thinking the other departments are trying to handle it."

Elena seemed to sigh with relief. "Look, Care, if you get dragged into this…I just want you to know that I'm here for you. It wasn't that long ago with that other case…"

"Thanks, Elena." Caroline quickly cut her off before she could speak any more about it. "But I have to get going, I'm sure it's just going to be crazy wild at the station today."

"Good luck." Elena bid and hung up.

Caroline hung up and turned the TV off, leaving her half cup of warm coffee on the counter. She quickly left her apartment and made her way down to the station.

Luckily, her department wasn't needed in the investigation of house bodies yet. She went about her normal day and dealt with all the call ins.

However, two of Caroline's lab techs, Bonnie and Jeremy, were both called to the case as the other department's forensics were swamped with the same case. Caroline finished her day's work with what seemed to be a blur.

The next day, Caroline arrived at the station to be greeted with various mummers of rumors. She stood by the Salvatore brother's desks, collecting some paperwork from both men.

"The buzz in the halls is that the feds are coming in on the death house killer case." Stefan revealed to Caroline as she picked up a stack of papers.

"Death House Killer?" Caroline repeated, "Seriously? Isn't it a little lurid?"

"Not only that, but they found an additional four bodies with five confirmed." Tyler spoke from his desk in the front of the office. "Even found some in the damn walls."

"Pipe down, you hound. When I say speak, you speak." Damon muttered to Tyler and brought his attention back to his brother. "Any idea who the FBI is sending in, Stef?"

Stefan looked up, as if searching the air for his answer. "I forgot…Wait, something Mikaelson?"

Damon's eyes shot open, now sitting up in his chair. "'Mikaelson', as in the Klaus Mikaelson? You're not telling me you don't know who he is?"

Stefan shrugged in his chair. Damon threw his hands up in the air with disbelief.

"The dude's pretty much a fucking celebrity!" Tyler yelled.

Damon glared back at Tyler. Tyler held up his hands and turned his chair back around to his desk.

"He has a perfect record," Matt said, sitting behind his desk across from Tyler. "He's broken every single case that he's been given."

Caroline rolled her eyes, knowing exactly who this Klaus Mikaelson was. "Whatever. Just some excuse to make us look bad. We can so handle this case on our own."

"Not according to the chief." Damon amusingly pointed out.

"We'll see about that." She stacked the rest of the papers and took them into her office and continued on with her work.

Much later in the day, Stefan came walking through the floor and got everyone's attention. "Capt's coming up with that FBI guy. And he's got one hell of an entourage."

Caroline watched as the chief deputy soon entered into the homicide unit's doors, ordering everyone around him. Caroline stood up and walked to her office door to listen.

Caroline looked to the windowed hallway behind the chief and there he was, none other than Klaus Mikaelson, dressed in a black suite with a black tie, looking slick as ever. He walked to the opposite end of the hallway as a group of men followed behind. He and the group disappeared into the conference room at the end of the hall.

Caroline noted that Klaus Mikaelson definitely looked much better in person, compared to the pictures in the magazine and online articles she's read about him.

"Okay, everyone, listen up." The chief deputy spoke, catching everyone's attention as the celebrity figure had passed. "Briefing room in five minutes for story time. Bring your baby bottles and snacks because this is going to be a long one." He turned around and walked back out into the hallway.

"Thanks, Captain Saltzman." Caroline muttered, snatching a notepad and pen from her desk.

Minutes later, everyone gathered in the conference room as ordered. Caroline was one of the last to enter. She stayed in the back, leaning against the side wall besides a few fellow officers. Although she was vital, her division was actually the aim of the meeting as they all sat in the chairs in front of the captain.

Captain Saltzman commenced his presentation once everyone had gathered. "All right, the Death House Killer case will now and hence forth be dealt with us here," He said, pacing around the front. "The FBI has been very generous enough to send in their top man, special agent Niklaus Mikealson, to assist us in solving this appalling crime."

Klaus clasped his hands behind his back while he eagerly waited for the captain to hand the reins over. A slight smirk made its way on his face.

The captain continued. "As of now, we have no leads on who the suspect may be since the house was checked out to an older couple. It seems our killer used the house to dispose of the bodies, sadly including the old couple. Now, this will not be a jurisdictional standoff. This will be a radiating example of two great agencies working together for the public good. Agent Mikaelson, they're all yours."

"Thank you, Alaric. Hello, everyone." Klaus smoothly spoke.

Caroline had never heard him speak before, and never would have guessed he had an accent. She crossed her arms over her chest, while holding onto her notepad, watching from the side of the room as he took the spotlight. It was hard not to get drawn into his discussion with his stunning accent.

She listened as he went over the basics of desiring to get everyone in every department on board and caught up to speed so that he can form a task force and find the criminal.

The rest of the conference consisted of going over findings and clues in the field. Caroline was becoming bored as she had been secretly keeping up with the case in her spare time, and this was all old news to her. She brought her notepad out and began to scribble out random pictures.

In the meantime, she debated leaving and preparing herself for tomorrow. She didn't even want to think about the craziness tomorrow would be creating. The department would be flooded with families from the area who've had relatives go missing in the past few years since the body count of the Death House had now reached 18. Not to mention all the reporters that will be stalking about the station. Why did such a major case have to come up so soon?

She mentally sighed as the conference seemed to be drawing to an end and she could return to her office and continue on with the rest of her day.

As soon as the presentation ended and the lights were turned back on, Caroline left the meeting room and walked back through her department and into her office. She had a warrant to review and sign for Stefan.

Minutes after she left, everyone emerged out of the conference room and resumed their daily work. Caroline quickly finished assessing the warrant. She stood up and walked out to Stefan's desk and placed it on top of his file organizer.

"Thanks, Care," He said without looking up at her, eyes on his computer.


Caroline turned around only to lock eyes with none other than Klaus. He was standing in her doorway, apparently awaiting her. She was startled for a brief moment but quickly recovered her composure as she approached him.

"Niklaus, is it?" She asked once she was close enough.

"Please, call me Klaus."

"Certainly, Klaus. Can I help you?" She sharply asked.

He crossed his arms and did not answer back right away. Caroline was growing rather impatient.

"I'm here for the files of your force." He simply specified, "As I had previously stated in my meeting, of course."

Caroline's face slightly flushed, knowing he must have declared that when she was off in her own mind, not bothering to pay much attention to him. How delightful. Already setting a bad impression on the freakin' FBI of all people!

She quickly shook her head and let out a small chuckle. "Right, of course. Let me grab those for you."

He moved out of her way and followed in the office after her. She quickly unlocked the file cabinet and dug through the files until she found what he required.

"Here they all are." She handed the stack over.

His dark gaze never bothered to check the files, only kept his sights on her. "Much appreciated, love. Now, what was your name again?"

"It's Caroline."

"I look forward to working with you, Caroline." With that, he turned on his heel and walked out to his recently set up office down the windowed hall.

Caroline walked to the back of her desk and let out a breath she had been holding for some time. She only looked back up to see Damon walking in.

"So, is he not freakin' amazing or what?" Damon asked, after making sure Klaus was out of earshot.

Caroline scoffed, "He seems all right. Although, slightly cocky. I can see why you look up to him so much."

"Please. I can out-cocky any son of a bitch any day."

"Mhmm, right." She laughed.

Stefan suddenly peeked his head in Caroline's office. "Hey, boss, are you joining us tonight at Cheryl's Pub?"

"I'll see." Her voice fell flat. If she went out, that meant no time to catch up on her shows. On the other hand, a few drinks before tomorrow's sure to be busy day would be much welcomed.

"Blondie, what other plans could you possibly have besides Chinese takeout and sweating your ass off every damn night?" Damon mocked.

She wanted to protest, but going up against both brothers would only end badly for her. "Ughh. What time?"

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