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Elena and Caroline walked out of autumn's cool air and into the warm bar, only be met by the crowd of people only seen on a Saturday night. It seemed like everyone from work was also there. The second building of the bar was lit up with flashing lights and loud music for the dance floor, which was full with people.

Caroline decided to go with a less flashy outfit for the evening. She was wearing her short, black leather jacket with a side zip. Under that was a dark blue tank top with hidden red flowers scattered about. She then had on dark blue skinny jeans with high black boots.

Both girls made their way over to the bar area where two seats had just opened up. They ordered their drinks.

"There you two are." Stefan wrapped his arms around both girl's shoulders and pecked Elena on the cheek. "We have a tall table on the other side. Meet us over there when you get your drinks."

"Will do." Elena chuckled and playfully pushed him away.

After the girls were given their drinks, they headed over to Stefan. He had an open seat next to him, obviously for Elena, and the others were filled by nearly everyone in Caroline's department, besides those who were probably working. Damon was on the other side of Stefan and going down the line was Matt, Tyler, Jeremy, Bonnie and other officers or detectives. The other seat that was open was the one next to Elena on the end.

Caroline hopped up on the seat next to Elena and placed her drink down on the table.

"Barbie, you're here!" Damon saluted. "Everyone who said she wouldn't show, drink!" He ordered. Caroline was surprised that his words were met with many groans from the others, but they obliged and took a drink.

"The party has arrived!" Caroline laughed, raising her glass and taking a drink with them.

She glanced around her 'team' and noticed Matt had his back to the table. It appeared he was conversing with some attractive blonde who Caroline's never seen here before. Which was highly probable since it was a busy Saturday night in Chicago.

Someone unexpectedly tapped on Caroline's shoulder causing her to turn around. He was younger, yet tall and lean. She's also never seen him around here before. His ruffled, brown hair and dark brown eyes quickly seized her attention, although Caroline felt an ominous firmness about him once he spoke.

"Hello, darling. I couldn't help but notice you. You stick out from the rest of your friends here." He nodded to the loud and rowdy table behind her. Caroline laughed to herself, he had an accent similar to Klaus. She wondered…

"What do you say, let me buy you a drink?" He charmingly asked, leaning in close to her face. She had to back away. The smell of alcohol on him was disturbing, not to mention the personal space he was invading.

"Um, no thanks. I already have one." She stated and affirmed by raising her glass. Why did all the attractive men have to be creeps?

"Suite yourself." His eyes then seem to light up in a way that Caroline dared not to deduct upon. "You don't happen to be the Caroline Forbes?"

She hesitated for a moment. "I am."

Caroline looked to the others at her table for some form of rescue, but they all seemed to be in deeply engulfed in their own conversations. This stranger was exceedingly attractive and noticeably athletic, however, Caroline felt a hazardous warning roll off this bad boy facade he was presenting.

"Where are my manners?" He reached for her hand and placed a wet kiss on the back. "My name is Kol, and I'm your biggest fan. I had seen your lovely face on the news the other day."

"I didn't realize I had fans," She mumbled, taking back her hand from his, secretly rubbing the back of her hand on her pants.

"Of course, sweetheart. I've also heard many stories from -"

"Kol, what did I bloody say?" An aggravated voice called from behind Kol.

Caroline glanced over Kol's shoulder to find the owner of the voice. She froze. And there he was, the superstar agent himself making his way over to her table.

Klaus's eyes widened in dismay when he caught sight of Kol's prey and instantly threw his hand on Kol's shoulder, pulling him away from her.

"Hands off, Nik. I saw her first." Kol protested. Klaus rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth.

"Well look who's here." Caroline proclaimed. She then recalled Damon's comment the other day about him being here.

She firstly noticed how casually dressed he was, wearing nothing but dark jeans, a henley top with a black leather jacket to cover. His shirt's top buttons were undone to reveal a necklace Caroline's never seen him wear before. If he looked stunning in suits, he also looked stunning wearing casual clothes.

Caroline wanted to slap herself, what was going on with her mind?

"In the flesh." Klaus snapped, tightening his grip on Kol.

Without having to be explained and ignoring her other thoughts, Caroline made the connection immediately. This was no acquaintance of Klaus. This must have been one of his siblings. Then it made perfect sense. The young man, Kol, did in fact seem like a younger version of Klaus, yet he was not as refined and orderly as his older brother.

Klaus spoke with a low growl to his voice, "You'll have to forgive me, love. My brother seems to have lost his head." His hostile eyes locked onto Kol's.

"No harm done." Caroline assured as she was becoming more entertained to Klaus's apprehension of his brother.

"Not yet, darling." Kol winked to Caroline who cringed back with repulsion.

"Would you get out of here and go pester someone else before I tear out your liver?" Klaus snarled and released Kol.

Kol shrugged this off as a threat of no consequences. "At least share her after you're finished." He backed away and quickly caught sight of a group of girls dancing in the next room and was gone. Clearly there was something of more importance on his mind.

Klaus watched him depart in irritation and brought his attention back to Caroline.

If that was one of his siblings, Caroline wasn't sure she wanted to meet the rest. Kol alone seemed as though he would be a hand full.

"Well, it's a pleasant surprise to see you out," Klaus spoke, his rage seeming to disappear as quickly as Kol had.

"And I'm surprised to see you here...out of all the other bars in Chicago." Caroline scowled. Although, she did know he was going to be here, she could still give him shit about it. This was their bar, after all.

Before Klaus could come up with an explanation, Damon just so happened to interrupt.

"Klaus, glad to see you made it!" Damon exclaimed behind Caroline. He immediately came to shake hands with Klaus.

Of course, she should have known it was Damon who invited Klaus. Caroline could see Damon's game. Getting himself on the good side of Klaus was sure to earn him appraisal from Alaric in the department. Yet, she didn't feel threatened from it.

"Take a seat." Damon gestured next to Klaus. Caroline turned to see that Stefan and Elena were both missing. She had to admit that she wasn't surprised. Yet, Elena was her ride home...

"Thanks, mate. Although, I'm afraid I can't abandon my family."

Damon waved his hand in dismissal. "We'll make room! Have them come over. The more the merrier, I always like to say."

Caroline quickly finished her drink. If Kol was going to be coming back over, she would desperately need another drink. And what was the idiot Damon doing inviting Klaus's family over? It was bad enough that he invited Klaus out in the first place. But was it all that bad? It was Klaus's suggestion in the first place that she got out more.

She decided she could still be annoyed at Damon, either way.

"I see my sister, Rebekah, is already getting acquainted with the former quarterback." Klaus crossly eyed Matt and the blonde who he was still chatting with.

"That's your sister?" Damon mouthed in disbelief.

Klaus raised a questionable eyebrow. "Is there a problem?"

Damon looked from Rebekah back to Klaus a few times. "I just don't see the family resemblance. That's all."

If Caroline knew Damon like she did, she would have bet that he planned on making some move on her later in the evening once Matt was away. However, knowing she was Klaus's sister made things a bit of a challenge. And Caroline loved to see Damon squirm.

But Rebekah and Klaus looked nothing alike. Come to think of it, Kol also did not bear a resemblance to Klaus as much as a brother would, either. Caroline shrugged, some siblings just stick out from the rest.

"Back in a tick." Klaus muttered and left them.

Her anger at Damon returning, Caroline quickly hit him on the shoulder once Klaus was out of view. "What are you doing?!"

"What? Can't we all just pretend to be friends once in awhile?" He smirked.

"No," Caroline answered. "I'm going to need another drink." She leapt down from her seat and headed in the direction of the bar.

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