3rd Person's POV

The next morning Rhydian and Maddy had a bit of a lie in. The lesson started at 11 so they were OK for the time. They woke up at 10 had a quick shower, changed and munched on bacon sandwiches as they rode to school. As they were walking through the doors Mick called out behind them.

Mick:"hey Maddy, hey Rhydian." Rhydian paused.

Mads:"hey Mick." Mick looked expectantly at Rhydian. "Answer him." She said through their mind bond. Rhydian mentally shook himself.

Rhyds:"hey Mick. How you doing?"

Mick:"doing good. Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out on the weekend. We could do running together?" Rhydian wasn't sure how to answer. But this was his brother, in fact, his twin. He wanted to get to know him.

Rhyds:"that sounds cool. I'd love to. We can meet at my house or at Anubis house."

Mick:"yeah cool. But we'll just meet at yours. There's something weird going on at Anubis house."

Mads:"really? How do you mean weird?"

Mick:"they're all like talking in code and stuff and whispering then going quiet. It's weird." Hmmmm Maddy thought to herself. She had to talk to Shannon about this.

Before they knew it the three of them had reached the art classroom. They sat together on the back table. Mick sat on the seat to Rhydian's left. As he placed his jacket on the back of his chair it brushed Rhydian's arm. Rhydian froze although Mick didn't seem to notice. Maddy felt his wolf rush forward through their bond and turned towards him. His eyes were turning golden yellow. She grabbed his arm and yanked on it. He didn't move. She used all her strength to pull him up and pull him out of the classroom.

Mick:"Hey Maddy. Rhydian! Where are you going?" He shouted. But he got no reply.

Maddy pulled Rhydian into an empty classroom and shut the door.

She shook him physically and he snapped out of his daze.

Mads:"what's wrong with you Rhydian? You were wolfing out in front of Mick." When he didn't answer she looked at his slumped shoulders and took on a gentler tone. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Rhydian answered, speaking barely above a whisper, but Maddy heard every word. "I saw it Maddy. I saw it all. Everything that happened."

Mads:"what do you mean Rhydian? What did you see?" He raised his head and she saw through his eyes how heartbroken he was. He was dejected and hurt and betrayed. She could see all these emotions clearly in his eyes. She held his hands.

Rhyds:"she left us there. She thought he was dead and he wasn't. She heard the hunters and left him there. She didn't even take him back to give him a proper burial. The humans found him. He was so weak. They took him to the hospital and only just saved his life. They tried to find the parents. She could have gone. She left me in a cave. She didn't even take me. Someone from social services found me. They took me home and put me into the care system. How could she? And she never once told me or admitted her mistakes."

Mads:"you just saw all that?" He nodded halfheartedly.

Rhyds:"his arm brushed mine and I kind of went into Ansion mode. Do you reckon he knows?"

Mads:"knows what?"

Rhyds:"that he's a wolfblood."

Mads:"I don't know. But I get the feeling that he doesn't know. Rhydian. Are you ok?"

Rhyds:"I'll be fine. I wasn't expecting to see my history this morning. It kinda took me by surprise. But I have you. So I know I'll be fine."

Mads:"I love you." She whispered. Tilting her head up and allowing him to rest his forehead against hers.

Rhyds:"I love you too." He whispered, before closing his eyes and meeting her lips for a chaste kiss.

Mads:"let's go back to class." He just nodded and allowed Maddy to lead him.

The rest of the class went smoothly with no problems and Rhydian was glad to leave. They walked to the cafeteria where they met with the rest of the group.

Rhyds: - "guys. We have to talk."

Shan: - "I have some news to share too."

Ava: - "Well, since we have a free period after lunch why don't we just eat at home and discuss everything then?"

They all agreed, so headed towards Rhydian's home.

Rhyds: - "Hola mamá. Estoy en casa para el almuerzo y los chicos están conmigo. Tenemos que hablar. ¿Eso esta bien? (Hey Mom. I am home for lunch and the guys are with me. We have to talk. Is that ok?)" Rhydian said as he unlocked the door and walked towards the kitchen.

Mia: - "Sí bebé que está bien. Pero por favor dime que no estás en problemas. (Yes, baby that is fine. But please tell me your not in trouble.)"

Rhyds: - "No mamá. Pero se trata de Rhino y Cerri. ¿Donde esta papa? De hecho creo que todos deberían escuchar esto. (No mama. But it is about Rhion and Cerri. Where is Dad? In fact, I think you should all hear this.)

Mia looked worried once more. In fact Rhydian noticed she looked a little ill too. He felt guilty for putting her through this. But who else could he turn to. She noticed him watching her and grabbed his arm to move him away from the group before furiously whispering to him.

Mia: - "No se atreva a sentirse culpable o pensar en manejar esto por su cuenta. Estoy bien mi cachorro de lobo. Lo prometo. Si no puedo ayudar a mis propios hijos a quienes ayudo. Yo y tu papá tenemos algo que decirte a ti ya Jack más tarde. ¿Okay? Ahora deja de preocuparte. (Don't you dare feel guilty or think about handling this on your own. I am fine my wolf cub. I promise. If I cannot help my own children who will I help. Me and your dad have something to tell you and Jack later on. Ok? Now stop worrying.)

Rhyds: - "Vale, mamá. Siempre y cuando estés bien. Te quiero madre Lobo. (Ok mom. As long as you are ok. I love you Mother Wolf.)" He joked. He gave her a hug and then they went back into the dining room where the rest had gathered.

Dom: - "So what's up little nephew?"

Rhyds: - "Where's dad?"

Mia: - "He's upstairs resting. He was in pain so I gave him some sleeping pills." Rhydian was hit with another pang of guilt, but Mia's hand gently squeezing his, allowed him to shake off the melancholy.

Rhyds: - "First things first. We need to piece together everything we know about Cerri and Rhion."

Mads: - "Ok, so from what you've told me and what you've seen Rhion and you were abandoned by Cerri at birth. Cerri thought Rhion was dead, so left him, but took you only to leave you when they had to abandon camp."

Rhyds: - "Yes. And also it was humans who found Rhion and took him to a hospital, saving his life."

Shan: - "Also, because he was born when the moon and sun aligned he's isn't fully wolfblood. He only has slight powers. And his scent is different."

Ava: - "And as far as we know he isn't even aware he's wolfblood or related to Rhydian for that matter. And he's probably never met Cerri either."

Han: - "Now I'm guessing this is where the problem occurs?"

Rhyds: - "Yes. Because I think he needs to know. He is affected in some ways and he deserves to know. Also, I've seen Cerri hanging around. Rhion is coming over on the weekend but maybe I can call him sooner. I feel it may be better if we tell him rather than Cerri. And I know Cerri. Now she knows she won't rest until he knows. And mum, I'm thinking we will have to get his parents involved, but I guess that's his choice."

Mia: - "You leave Cerri to the guys. They can hold her off for 2 days. Keep to the original plan of him coming here on the weekend. We will tell him then and then if he wants his parents to know then we'll support him."

Rhyds: - "Mom. I know I'm asking too much, but even though Rhion has his own family can we take him in if he needs us? He's my twin. I have a twin and I never knew. And I just don't want him to ever feel abandoned. I can't let him feel that." Rhydian almost choked. Mia was quick to hold him in her arms.

Mia: - "Hey. Shush now. You know we will do all we can. We will never abandon him ok. You have nothing to worry about."

Harry: - "And Rhydian, even though he doesn't know it yet Rhion is part of our pack now. He'll never be alone."

Rhyds: - "You're right." He turned to Dom. " Uncle Dom will you be ok with Cerri." Dom just smiled.

Dom: - "Of course I will. I've taken enough bullets and lived so what's a wolf? And it's not like I'm going to be on my own. But I think it's best to leave your dad out of this one."

Rhyds: - "Yeah. Dad needs to rest. He doesn't need to be part of the physical side no matter how much he wants to."

Mia: - "Ok, so we're sorted then. Rhydian and you guys just keep an eye on Rhion and these guys will handle Cerri. And then we'll tell Rhion on the weekend.

It's done. I know a lot of you may be wishing me dead because I'm so horrible for not updating, but I promise I'm going to try and be more frequent in my updates. Thank you for sticking by me even though I haven't been consistent. Love you guys.