Wonder Woman's problem

Chapter 1 The wish.

Wonder Woman's pov

"Oh, Bruce, I wish that you would tell me if you love me like I love you," I thought, looking at his picture.

"Wonder Woman, we have a mission for you." J'onn told me, "Cheetah and Devastation are attacking the president. The only other member who isn't on vacation is Batman."

"He never takes a vacation." I said, "So basically two of my least favorite villains are attacking the president? I'm heading there now." I'm going to beat them into next week, I thought.

I looked at my laptop, specifically what was up at that point. Pictures of me kissing Batman, and vice versa. I knew it wasn't real, but I could hope. I closed it, vowing to forever remember the pictures. I exited my room and hurried to the transportation room.

"Send me down, J'onn." I said, "By the way, what's Batman doing?"

"Batman is searching for the Joker, otherwise I'd send him down with you." the martian replied. I nodded and stepped onto the closest circle, and J'onn sent me to protect the president.

"Cheetah, Devastation." I said, "Leave the president alone. Or else."

"Or else what?" Cheetah asked as both villains turned to me, "Devastation has the same powers you do, you can't take her on. Honestly, we only attacked the president to get your attention." I gritted my teeth, then smiled.

"I still have an advantage over her." I said, charging into battle.

Batman's pov

I landed on a rooftop with Robin just behind me, he watched Gordan, cautious. I exited the shadows, with Robin just behind me.

"Commissioner." I said, "What do you need us for?" The commissioner spun around, startled, then, upon seeing me and Robin, relaxed.

"Joker just busted Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy out of Arkham." I hid any emotion, but I was angry I hadn't thought of it sooner. Joker and Harley Quinn are in love, of course he'd go back for her.

"Men in love will do strange thing, Commissioner." I said, and decided to pretend I knew it'd happen all along. "With Harley Quinn he's more likely to mess up. Basically by freeing her he's slowed himself down and put himself at more risk." Gordan nodded, relaxing.

"You'll get them back in Arkham?" he asked.

"First you need to repair it." I said, "Too bad you haven't come up with a Joker-proof building yet."

"We're working on it." Gordan said, "We don't have the financial backing for it, though. You're friends with Bruce Wayne, right? Could you ask him to send us some money so we can actually get down to business?"

"Might as well consider it done." I said, turning and leaving with Robin not far behind.

Wonder Woman POV

I lassoed Cheetah and Devastation, pleased at my latest victory. I flew a few miles away to a jail where I'd have a little warning if they intend to attack the president again.

"Another victory, Wonder Woman?" one of the gaurds asked, and I nodded.

"Against Cheetah and Devastation." I told him. "Try to keep them in this time alright?" I managed to hide my fast breathing. He didn't need to know how close I'd come to losing. I turned and started to walk away, but then I felt something hit my head, and I fell, my vision going black.

Batman POV

"J'onn are you sure?" I asked, "Diana's hasn't come back from her mission? The news is saying she beat Cheetah and Devastation an hour ago."

I was glad J'onn didn't know about my feelings for Diana. I couldn't make any advancements, not ruining my reputation. As Bruce, girls came to me, not the other way around. As Batman, I had no heart, I couldn't have any emotions.

"She is still on earth." J'onn replied. "I'm not sure exactly where, but she's down there. Call her, Batman."

"Will do, J'onn." I said, "Bye." There was a pause as J'onn messed with something in the watchtower.

"Good luck, Batman." he said, "Goodbye." -click . Call over. I turned to the batcomputer and was about to hit a few keys when Joker's face appeared on the screen.

"Hello, Batsy." he said, and I narrowed my eyes. "While you were looking for me, I was looking for your beau."

"I don't like anyone, Joker." I said, remaining stone cold, "So, who do you think is my beau?" Joker laughed, then stepped aside, revealing his prisoner, who was coughing up blood.

"Wonder Woman?" I asked, startled, then turned to the madman. "What do you want, Joker?"