Video of conversation between SCP 682 and Dr. Beacon

NOTE: It's extremely rare to see SCP 682 in a conversation with a human since he has a hatred towards all things living, rarer to see him not eat the person he's talking to. Audio enhanced to listen closely to the conversation. Dr. Beacon under investigation, termination of SCP 682 is being pushed harder than ever. It is still unknown how SCP 682 was released from containment and was moved to a testing room. No video of that transaction anywhere.

Dr. Beacon: Hello there Lizard-thing, how are you today.

SCP 682: (silent) looks at the doctor enter the containment cell.

Dr. Beacon: You don't have to talk, but you will listen to me.

NOTE: Dr. Beacon takes a seat on a chair he brought in with him. He retrieves from his pocket a device to scan SCP 682. The device has been confiscated and is also being evaluated. The device does not activate for anyone else but Dr. Beacon. We are unsure what he was trying to do but the device is not of this world so could only label Dr. Beacon as a treat until the investigation is done.

SCP 682: Where did you get that?

Dr. Beacon: So it speaks, we'll I would tell you how I got it but you still haven't told me how you're doing today?

SCP 682: (profanity)

Dr. Beacon: Well you know what I'm doing, but how long until you feel It.?

SCP 682: Fine, I'll speak to you.

Dr. Beacon: Ok, so how are you feeling?

SCP 682: Angry, vengeful, destructive, and very hungry.

Dr. Beacon: Good, alright let me take a look.

NOTE: Dr. Beacon continues to look at the device. SCP 682 seems to react to the device's activation. For five minutes, SCP 682 roars and thrashes but never breaks his restraints. Dr. Beacon is notably smiling and giggling at the results of the scan.

SCP 682: (profanity) I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill all of you.

Dr. Beacon: It's only me here 682, you owe us and I'm here to collect.

SCP 682: What did you take? I felt you inside, you took something.

Dr. Beacon: I took what I needed 682, you debt is done. Your time here has given you so many advanced organs, they've must have been working you good my friend.

NOTE: Dr. Beach leaves the testing room. Was retrieved ten days later with the device in his possession. The device has a transaction log. The only visible screen on the device since Dr. Beacon last interacted with it. SCP 682 has went through multiple termination attempts. Majority of the termination logs explain how SCP 682 adapted to the other SCPs or weapons used on him. The log on the device shows all adaptive organs remove, which we believed gone due to regeneration to original mass. Includes removed organs that were unknown to the foundation.

Log of all Organs removed

Armored Carapace (Adaptive Eye lids)Mirrored Finish (Adaptive Skin)(Adaptive Tongue)Sub-dermal tissue (Adaptive bioluminescent skin)Neutron degenerate matter(Adaptive Body Tissue)Quantum Form (Adaptive Energy State)Decay resistant Bone (Adaptive Bone Structure)Sub-list of other OrgansSecondary Vocal Organ (Adaptive Sonic frequency organ)Collection of extra limbsInternal Gills (Adaptive Underwater breathing)Spinal structure with Wings (Adaptive flight)309 pairs of eyes (Believed that each pair could view in different dimensions)Diamond layering (Adaptive Heart Protection)

NOTE: SCP 682 is believed to have undergone past experiments by Dr. Beacon and whoever he was here working for. While investigations are still undergoing, we have reason to believe that Dr. Beacon is working with the Chaos Insurgency or another splinter cell group unknown to us.