AN: So this is part of the heatwave prompt and is more Danny centred than about a ship. Pre S1. Don't know if it is any good but….

"What the fuck?!" Danny Galvez shouted as a water-bomb smashed into his forehead and drenched him in water.

Carrie couldn't help but laugh even though she had missed her intended target.

"Sorry." She said whilst giggling and attempting to avoid the water filled missiles heading in her direction.

It was a boiling hot July day and Carrie had organized an intelligence officer vs analyst water fight in Langley's car park. Somehow, word had got out and now it was intelligence vs legal vs, well she couldn't actually remember who was versing who; it might as well be a free for all.

Danny took in the sight of his friend stood before him, a bucket of full water bombs at her feet, water guns strapped to her body and the fact she was soaked from head to toe, all with a huge smile on her face.

She walked over to him and handed him one of her guns.

"We are filling up from the fire hydrant," She explained, "Someone found a hose that attaches to it and I think James from legal is manning it so nobody can use it as a weapon."

"Teams?" Danny asked, wondering who he should avoid.

"I think it's a free-for-all now," Carrie replied. She let out a shriek as a water bomb hit her lower back, "Oh this is war bitch, good luck." And with that she ran after her new target whilst laughing and cursing.

Danny felt someone squirt him with water and ducked for cover behind a silver sedan.

He took a deep breath and stood up, squirting the person who just happened to be walking past.

"GALVEZ WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING DOING?" Estes' screamed as he was covered in water.

"Shit." He mumbled whilst looking at his soaked boss. He was so going to get fired for this.