AN: Thanks to my darling Indigovioletstargazer for this prompt where I have absolutely no fucking source material to work with. Cheers for that. ;)

This is the best I can come up with on a stomach bug and exhaustion.


Carrie was finding Max's crush on Fara to be highly adorable. It was so cute to her, seeing him get so tongue-tied around the young woman.

Quinn was also finding Max's crush to be amusing. He would never admit it but he was rooting for Max and Fara.

Right now the duo was watching Max trying to work up the courage to ask Fara to dance. It was Virgil's birthday and they had headed to a bar after work for a few drinks.

"10 bucks says he chickens out." Carrie said with a smile, whilst she loved Max like a baby brother, she had to admit that he was really suck-ish with women.

"I dunno Carrie," Quinn replied, "I think he will eventually ask her."

"Yeah, four weeks from now," Carrie mumbled sarcastically.

Quinn rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink, "Have a little faith in the guy, he looks nervous as hell."

"Not without a lot of help." Carrie downed the last of her drink and walked over to Max.

She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to where Fara was talking with Saul.

"Fara, Max has something he'd like to ask you." Carrie said before motioning to Saul to leave them to it.

Max looked around nervously, his palms were sweating and he swore his heart was going a mile a minute.

Fara looked at him expectantly, she had noticed that he became nervous around her and even more shy than usual and found it quite endearing.

"Umm…." Max began before looking around the room to find some escape.

"Oh come on!" Quinn said a bit too loudly from the bar, "Just ask her already!"

Fara giggled. She took pity on him and decided to make the first move otherwise they'd never get there.

"Dance with me?" She asked, holding out her hand.

As they walked onto the dance floor, they saw Quinn and Carrie smiling and high-fiving each other.