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After lunch, everyone went about their business. Hitsuguya and Yoruichi were sent to patrol around the castle in search of humans in their original forms since a stray cat or random wolf in the woods wasn't exactly something that just screamed 'MONSTER.' Ichigo returned to his room in hopes of getting more sleep but found that Grimmjow wouldn't let that happen. "Oi, Ichigo! Get up off your lazy ass and stop sleeping all day." Ichigo grunted in annoyance and pushed the annoying blue-haired boy off the bed. "Damn cat, stay off my bed." "But why do you get a big bed when all I get is a little pet bed. It's no fair." "You're the one who asked for it." Grimmjow growled and climbed back in Ichigo's bed. Ichigo got up and left the room, not wanting to waste time on the cat. Ichigo found a sunny spot near a window that was left without being boarded up just for the reptiles and cats. Ichigo laid down in the sunny spot and stretched out on the carpeted floor. Ichigo soon fell asleep, his wings and scales showing along with his tail. Rukia walked up to the sleeping boy with an annoyed look on her face. "Oi, wake up." Ichigo groggily sat up and rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?" Rukia rolled her eyes, "Your wings, scales, and tail are all showing. Jeez." Ichigo nodded sleepily and willed them to disappear. "Good, we've got a human alert." "Ichigo was standing in an instant, fully awake. "Why couldn't you say that earlier?" Rukia just shrugged and followed Ichigo as he ran downstairs to confirm what she just said. In the entrance hall of the mansion stood a human. She was holding a black cat and stroking it's fur. That's when Hitsuguya walked in, luckily in human form, and noticed the girl. There, all looking at the girl in surprise, were the 20 chosen and the Captain-Commander. He walked up to the girl slowly, "Hello, I see you've found our cat. Come, Yoruichi." The cat jumped from the girl's arms and sat next to the Captain-Commander. "I am curious as to why you're here, may you tell us?" The girl nodded, " I was playing in the forest when I saw this castle and I got curious. This kitty was playing tag with me so I caught it and brought it with me. I didn't know people lived here." The Captain-Commander nodded, "Well the woods are a very dangerous place for little girls to play so please, try to refrain from making it a habit." The little girl flashed them all a smile. "But I'm no average little girl, Captain-Commander." She then shifted into a tall red-head with startling red eyes. She wore a long black dress and a simple silver chain around her neck. Captain-Commander bowed to her, "Maki-sama, it has been a truly long time." Everyone sighed in relief at the revelation that she was not a human girl but the mistress of the mansion. "Has it really been that long? I fear living for six thousand years really throws someone's sense of time off slightly." Everyone smiled at her, she was always helplessly lost at keeping track of time. The shape-shifter was the oldest of everyone there. Ichigo walked down the steps all the way and bowed to her with Rukia and everyone else in the room. That night they had a celebratory feast in honor of her return after 5 years. Everyone in the mansion gathered for it and there was chaos and noise everywhere from the rowdy bunch of creatures. Many of them wound up passed out, drunk, by the end of the night. Training was temporarily forgotten for the evening, after all their 'Queen,' as many referred to her as, had returned.

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