I was walking onto the gangplank when I heard someone call my name. Turning around, I pulled my hood back slightly to scan the crowd. "Over here!" called a voice and I saw an arm wave. I walked toward them cautiously.

"Come. We can't talk here. It isn't safe,'' they said taking my arm. I ripped my arm from their grip, "I will do no such thing, unless I know who you are and how you know me." I hissed. I could tell the person was female. She sighed, "I thought you would ask. It's me, Antoinette, remember? I saved you from the-" I cut her off," I know, I know. Now what do you want? I'm going to miss the boat." I replied. "Meg was Selected, but she can't go. She's too ill. I sent a letter to the King and Queen of Ilea. They said I could choose another to take Meg's place." She said hastily. "Why are you telling me this?" I said through gritted teeth, getting a little frustrated.

"I'm telling you because I choose you." She replied. My eyes widened, my jaw fell, I stood there in shock," M-me? Why me?" I stuttered. She laughed then got very serious. "You know why. You need this. Do you accept?" She explained. "I accept!" I exclaimed. I hadn't thought of even trying to enter the Selection. I am of age, and it could be a great opportunity for me.

"We should get you some new clothes, gloves especially, and I'll buy you some sheet music!" She rushed through her words as she walked with me to her house. "Antoinette, slow down! Why is this so rushed?" I asked.

"Because this is your Redemption"


There three stories involved in this. Once I finish The Redemption, the second one will come out. R&R please.