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Summary: Aster was never one to believe in fairies and trolls, at least not until he met the drop dead sexy Fury, a guy with the ability of flight, shape shifting, and control over lightning. Without warning or choice, he's thrown into a world of psycho family members, danger, magic, and love.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Chapter 1

"I'm telling you it's legit!" Jack said, grinning from ear to ear as the older male sighed while he turned the lock to close up his store for the night.

"For the last time Jack," Aster muttered as he pocketed the keys and turned back to face his little brother, "that stuff is a bunch of hogwash, none of it is real."

"Aw come on Aster!" Jack nearly whined as he waved his hands in the air in an over dramatic fashion of exasperation. "Where's your sense of magic and mystery?"

"It died along with my sense of humor." The older male grumbled as he threw an arm around the boy's neck before he started dragging him away from the store front. "Now come on, I need to get you home in time for bed. You've still got school in the morning."

"Oh wait! Wait!" Jack exclaimed while he squirmed out of his brothers hold before folding his hands together as if he was about to get down on his knees and prey. "Can I please just go back and say good night to Hiccup?"

"Hiccup?" Aster repeated while he stared down at the boy who just seemed to be glowing while he nodded his head so quickly Aster was surprised that his head didn't fall off. Not without giving a long sigh did Aster even bother glancing at the store that was only a few doors down from his own and just passed one of his favorite clothing shops. Turning his attention back to Jack he rolled his eyes when he noticed the boy had pulled out his infamous puppy dog lock and waved him off.

"Sure, just make it quick."

Jack didn't even seem to waste a second before he had turned on his heels and dashed down the short street and threw the door open. He was gone before Aster could blink and for some reason or another he couldn't stop himself from chuckling as he took his time in getting to the store.

As much as Jack bugged and annoyed the hell out of him, he wouldn't trade his little brother for anyone else or anything else. Still though, as he drew closer to the store he couldn't help but frown upon staring at the covered windows and thick wooden door. He'd always thought that this store front was one of the oddest ones, it was old and in need of being remodeled for years, and until just two weeks ago it had been completely empty. It seemed like these people had shown up out of nowhere and their shop had been bought, set up, and opened in record time. Their opening day had been yesterday, and Aster had been floored over the fact of how many people he knew both personally and customer wise who fell for the cheap antics and voodoo nonsense. He'd tried forbidding Jack from going, but the boy was stubborn and, as it was made obvious with his bleached white hair, in a rebellious stage. Jack had slipped out when Aster had ducked into the back for two seconds to grab a costumer's order and then hadn't returned for hours.

Staring up at the heavy drapes that filled the windows and blocked off the view of the inside Aster couldn't help the hairs on the back of his neck from standing on end as he glared at the deep purple fabric. He almost couldn't shake the feeling that even if this place was another fake hippy dippy store, there was something about it that just didn't feel right. Something that he couldn't seem to shake no matter how many time he had passed this place in the past and still seemed to stay with it even when occupied. His eyes glanced over to the glowing neon sign, rereading over the words like he had so many times since it had opened just the day before. He wondered how they still managed to get people to come in as he read over the roughly scripted writing that was colored pure black and a matching deep purple like the drapes.

House of Lies

They were admitting to their fraud right out in the open, and instead of ignoring it as the trick that it was, people had the mouth on them to call it 'cute' and 'clever'.

Aster couldn't stop himself from jumping when the door was opened again, this time, instead of Jack walking out, it was a large man he didn't recognize.

The man was tall, taller than Aster, with broad shoulders and short blond hair with bright red at the tips. His sharp yellow eyes glanced over at the other shop owner through a hooded gaze before he reached into the pocket of his leather jack and pulled out both a lighter and a fresh cigarette. Turning his attention solely to the objects in his hands he lit the white stick before pocketing his lighter and leaning against the wall almost lazily. It was only than that he turned his attention to Aster as he gave him a half smirk while taking a long drag.

"You debating on going in?"

Wrinkling his noes up at the very thought Aster narrowed his gaze as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"No. I run the deli and bakery next door, I have no time for you voodoo nonsense."

The man simply shrugged though, turning back to his cig for a moment before blowing the smoke out in the others direction.

"Then why wait out here? You're scaring customers off with that ugly mug of yours." He chuckled, leaving Aster fuming in place.

"And I'm sure you attract them in hordes hm?" He snapped as the guy just chuckled again, his shoulders shaking slightly with the movement as he shook his head.

"Nah, I leave that to Fury to draw them in." He said simply, taking in another breath and filling his lungs easily with the poisonous smoke.

Aster raised a brow at that as he shifted his weight over to one foot, wondering briefly what was taking Jack so long before his curiosity got the best of him.


"He's the owner." The man supplied, turning his gaze towards the dying light and letting the smoke slip passed his lips. "Surprised he hasn't stopped by and introduced himself yet. I'm sure he's going to be one of your regulars. The guys a sucker for his little brother and Hic sure loves his sweets. Probably doesn't help that you guys are rumored to have the best cod sandwiches either."

Blocking out almost all of the information he was just told Aster held onto the bit that interested him the most.

"Hic? Is that short for Hiccup by any chance?" He asked, tilting his head forward slightly as the man's eyes narrowed in on him.

As he pushed himself away from the wall Aster suddenly realized just how much bigger the smoker was than him as his body seemed to fill up the whole doorway. He refused to take a step back however, standing still as the man advanced toward him.

"And how would you know?"

His voice came out in a low hiss and Aster found his shoulders hunching as he shifted one of his feet behind him, getting ready to fight if worse came to worse.

"Jack was talking about saying goodbye to some kid named Hiccup. I just thought..."

"Jack!" The man suddenly shouted, a smile blooming over his face as he let out a burst of laughter.

His sudden mood change through Aster off guard, his mouth falling open while his brows drew together before an arm was thrown around his shoulders and he was pulled in tightly.

"You're that little hellions brother!?" The man grinned, not seeming to notice how close the burning end of his cig was getting to the man's face. "That kid is a load of laughs, Hiccup just adores him." He said with a chuckle as he finally let the other go so he could pull the stick from his mouth for a moment, never once breaking eye contact as he pointed his cigarette wielding hand at Aster, a smirk pulling at his lips, "Don't think Fury's to fond of him though, you should see the way he watches Jack when he's here. Keeps a sharp eye on those two every second of the day."

"Really?" Aster muttered, not sure what else he should say as he briefly wondered just how close these two were. Maybe he should be keeping an eye out too...

"Names Hookfang by the way." The stranger put in, shoving a hand out as he tilted his head to the side while he waited for Aster to take the offer. "You must be the pain in the ass older brother Aster that Jack is always going on about, unless there's another brother we don't know about."

"Nope," Aster sighed as he took the offer, not bothering to comment on the name as he shook Hookfang's hand, "that would be me."

It was nice to know that, that was how Jack introduced him to strangers, it made him feel all fuzzy inside and full of pride. Hookfang, Fury, and Hiccup though? Who was naming these people?

"Bye Hiccup! See ya tomorrow!"

Aster's eyes were drawn to the door once more as it was opened to reveal the one he was waiting for. Jack's smile was huge as he turned back to his brother with a light in his eyes that the older male had never seen before. Pressing his lips tightly together Aster couldn't help but wonder if he was going to have to scare the shit out of his little brother with the birds and the bees' conversation that he had skipped out on when the boy was younger and should have been told.

"Oh, hey Hookfang, you heading home?" Jack asked as he was pulled in to the bigger man's side easily when an arm was thrown over his shoulders, draping across them like a huge boa constrictor.

"Not yet kiddo, still have some stuff I've got to do before I leave." Hookfang grinned as he ruffled the boy's hair while Aster's eyes narrowed, not sure if the action was inappropriate or not.

When Jack just laughed though and slipped under his arm to join his brother he decided the man meant nothing by it was he went back to his smoke and turned his gaze up to the deep blue of the sky.

"See you've meet Bunny though, isn't he just like how I described?" Jack smirked while Aster gave him a whack to the back of his head, drawing back Hookfang's attention, a smirk pulling at his lips at the stupid nickname and making him chuckle.

"He's every bit the kill joy, stick in the mud, grump you said he was."

"Thanks." Aster deadpanned as he glared down at Jack who simply smiled back up at him. "You ready to go now Frostbite?" He asked while Jack nodded his head.

"Yup." He grinned, turning his attention back to Hookfang as he gave the giant male an overly enthusiastic wave. "See ya tomorrow Hook!" He called as they started to walk away.

Hookfang simply chuckled though, giving a much smaller wave as he dropped his cig to the ground, crushing it under his foot before he turned back into the store.

When they had walked down the street a little bit more Aster let out a long sigh before he shoved his hands deeply into the pockets of his jacket to hide them from the biting cold.

"I don't want you going back there Jack."

The boy seemed to come to a sudden halt as his mouth fell open and his head turned around so quickly to stare at Aster he was almost surprised his neck didn't snap. The older male grabbed the back of his hood though and yanked him forward so they could continue to walk down the street.

"Don't give me that look. You know how I feel about people like that. They're a bunch of freaks and lairs."

"No their not Aster." Jack huffed with a roll of his eyes as he too shoved his hands into the pouch of his hoodie. "They're really nice people if you would just get to know them."

"Ya, well I don't want to get to know them, and I don't want you to either, so stop hanging around with them. That's just trouble waiting to happen." Aster grumbled while Jack stuck out his tongue childishly.

"You can't stop me from going."

"You wanna bet?" Aster smirked as he glanced down at the smaller male who only glared back up.

After a moment Jack just turned back to the front, holding his head held high as he quickened his pace.

"Whatever, I'll just see Hic at school anyways. He's starting there tomorrow and I've already agreed to how him around and introduce him to some people I know. And who knows, maybe we'll hangout at his house and all of them will be there."

"Jack." His tone was warning but Jack simply shot him a side smirk before he turned his gaze forward once more, his nose lifting in the air in victory as he continued on his march home.

Knowing that he was fighting a losing battle Aster rubbed at his eyes tiredly before throwing his hands in the air while Jack snickered, already knowing what was going to happen.

"Fine. Have it your way than, but if you're going to be hanging out with this kid than I want to at least get to meet him."

"So, you're saying he can come over!?" Jack questioned, jumping in excitement as he grabbed a hold of Aster's arm and almost violently shook him. "For real!?"

Snatching the boy's hand and pulling him off Bunny nodded his head as he placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and forced him to calm down.

"Yes, besides, at the rate you're going with this kid I'm afraid I might have to set up a wedding or something." Aster said, watching as Jack's face lit up bright red, words dying on his tongue as he tried to force them out.

"I-I don't, pfft, what are you talking about?" He stuttered while a smirk worked its way over the man's face.

"Don't bother trying to hide it Frostbite. It's pretty obvious to see. I can see it clear as day and I haven't even see you two together."

Jack winched slightly as his hand moved up to rub at the back of his head in the most sheepish manner he could think of.

"Um, you don't think that maybe Fury noticed do you?"

"I think he'd have to be an idiot not to." Aster said, snickering at the horrified look that came across his brother's face.

"Oh god he's gonna kill me." The boy groaned as he dropped his head in his hands.

"Hey," Aster cooed as he gently nudged the boy with his elbow, "if he tries I'll get him first alright?"

"Thanks, that's comforting." Jack sassed, sneering at his older brother playfully before receiving another whack to the head.