AN: Here it is, the first chapter of the sequel! This story with have a different feel compared to the prequel (I hope), and will be a little more comedic. We all know Harry could annihilate Voldemort with ease, but where's the fun in simply writing a one chapter curb-stomp 'story'? This story will be less about fighting, and more about character actions and knock on effects. It's also been brought to my attention that HP is supposed to be around the same time as the Fourth Grail War (It's what I was told, don't quote me on that), so should Harry get involved with Fate/Zero or what? Now that this is out, I'll probably devote some time to getting my Reinforced Series back on track, while also trying to get Touhou 12.3 working properly..

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Chapter 1 - Summoned

In the Great Hall of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, on September first, there was the fairly usual event of the sorting going on. Every year, new students would place the Sorting Hat on their heads, the magical artefact would rummage around for a bit, maybe argue with the one wearing it a little, and then call out what house they belonged in.

That was a completely normal affair.

This year's sorting, however, was not quite normal. It was September Nineteen Ninety-Five, and while the students were being sorted, the usually nervous yet slightly boisterous atmosphere was not present. Instead, things were very quiet and subdued.

The reason for this was an event that had happened at the end of the previous school year. Harry Potter, the beloved eldest child of Lily and James Potter, had been killed. It was not an accident, it was premeditated murder done by one Tom Marvolo Riddle, or as he was better known to the Wizarding World in general, Lord Voldemort.

Perhaps some history of the past decade and a half might be better than random trivia?

Things all started when Dumbledore was interviewing a certain someone for the post of Divination. Like in so many other parallel worlds, she gave a prophecy that a child born 'as the seventh month dies' would be the one to stop a Dark Lord with 'the power he knows not'.

Of course, this sort of thing couldn't be simple and private, and it just so happened that said prophecy was overhead by one of the referenced Dark Lord's subordinates. Fortunately, or perhaps not, the Death Eater had only heard part of the prophecy before he was thrown out, but that was sufficient for Voldemort to start hunting down those that could possibly be candidates for it.

Two particular babies were being targeted by Voldemort, one of them being Neville Longbottom, and the other being Harry Potter. Well, Neville Longbottom was a little debatable, as he had been born the day before the last day of the month, whereas Harry Potter had been born on the evening, mere minutes before midnight.

Both of these families went into hiding, using the seemingly awesome but actually really flawed Fidelius charm. Seriously, how is that charm so great? If someone kills the secret keeper, everyone who knows the secret becomes a secret keeper, so one assassination and then pretty much anyone in the know could spread the secret out.

Anyway, the Potters went into hiding using Peter Pettigrew as their secret keeper, though it was spread about that Sirius Black was actually the secret keeper, as a sort of smokescreen to keep Peter – and therefore the secret – safer. The Longbottoms went into hiding using Brian Mckinnon as their secret keeper.

Both couples thought they would be safe, both thought that they had trusted trustworthy people. As it turned out, only one couple had.

On Halloween night Nineteen Eighty-One, Voldemort attacked the Potters' home in Godric Hollow. Peter Pettigrew had turned out to be a traitor, a Death Eater, and had willingly given up the secret of the Potters' location to the Dark Lord Voldemort, and due to the prophecy, he had tried to wipe out the threat himself.

No one really knew what had actually happened that night. The DMLE, when they investigated the scene, found that three killing curses had been cast using Voldemort's magical signature, yet only Harry Potter, the one year old child, had traces of the curse on his body. Voldemort himself was nowhere to be seen.

Lily and James Potter, revealed in a medical exam they'd taken, had apparently been dead for half a minute each, though there was no evidence as to what had caused this. All either of them had remembered was a soft golden light, and an unpleasant twisting in their gut. A man who was walking his dog that night had thought he'd heard a female voice mutter 'let's see how this changes things', but he was dismissed as a crazy.

It was that night that signalled the end of the civil war amongst wizards. Their numbers, never being particular high beforehand, had been decimated to roughly a third of what they had been before. With their leader gone, no longer giving them instructions, the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord's supporters quickly fell apart.

Unfortunately, not that many were incarcerated in prison. A sizeable percentage managed to keep themselves out of trouble with substantial bribes and favours from the right people. It was a sad truth that corruption was rife amongst the influential people in the Wizarding World, and it was also a sad truth that most of the power was held by purebloods who were at least neutral towards the Dark Lord's ideology.

Anyway, after that Halloween night, the Potters became an internationally known family. Well, more accurately Harry Potter became internationally known as being the sole known survivor of the killing curse. The Wizarding World put the fifteen month old baby up on a pedestal, and his parents really didn't know what to do with all of the attention.

With her every action being on the front page of the Daily Prophet, Lily Potter had to become more and more careful about her every decision, acting more and more like a high-class lady. This was difficult for her, as she had come from a lower middle-class family, and she had the fiery temper that was stereotypical of redheads.

James Potter was more used to attention. His parents were wealthy and came from influential families, both of them belonging to the upper class of the Wizarding World. He had also been rather spoilt as a child, given everything he could have ever wanted.

This resulted in the family trying to be something they weren't. Lily Potter was a stay at home mother, who raised her son Harry, and the two children that followed him. Rose and Blake Potter, twin sisters, grew up together, doing everything with one another, and weren't the most sociable of people, relying heavily on only their twin.

Things stayed this way for ten years, and then in Nineteen Ninety-One, Harry Potter attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a first year. He made an instant enemy of Draco Malfoy, but aside from that, he managed to gain quite the strong following.

Harry was a popular kid, and very good at magic, though Severus Snape claimed that was purely because James Potter had taught his son for several years before said boy attended school. Not that there was anything unusual about that, it was a pretty common amongst pureblood, and some mixed-blood, families.

Over the year, several interesting events happened that should perhaps be highlighted. An argument with Draco Malfoy resulted in the pair racing each other, despite Madam Hooch's shouted protests. This resulted in Harry, after his display of exceptional skill, joining the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

On Halloween later that year, Harry went to the rescue of one Hermione Granger. It turned out that Ronald Weasley had insulted the girl earlier that day, leading to the girl crying on the bathroom. Of course, that just had to have been the same time a troll was loose in the castle, one which ended up inside the same girls' bathroom that the Granger girl was crying in.

Aside from a small incident involving a dragon that Hagrid was trying to raise, the final event of major note was when Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom all went to the forbidden floor corridor, passed through the traps in place, and Harry confronted Professor Quirrel, who was trying to steal the philosopher's stone for his master, an actually not fully dead Voldemort.

In second year, things kicked off during the summer, before Harry Potter had even arrived at Hogwarts. A house elf, Dobby by name, came to the Potters' residence and attempted to try and talk Harry into not going to Hogwarts that year. Naturally, it did not succeed.

All was normal for the first few months of the academic year, aside from some third years getting injured playing with the Whomping Willow, and it was not until Halloween that strange events began to happen once more. Mrs. Norris, the cat of Argus Filch, the caretaker, was found petrified outside of a girls' bathroom.

Throughout the year, there were several more incidents that resulted in the petrification of students, and even one ghost. Harry Potter, amongst others, believed that a member of Slytherin house was responsible for the attacks, having inherited his fathers strong distaste for all things 'dark' and Slytherin. Of course, with the whole thing apparently being done by a supposed 'heir of Slytherin', it made it fairly easy to blame Slytherin students.

Harry Potter, unlike in other worlds, was never a suspect in the attacks. When Draco Malfoy set a snake on him in the sole Duelling Club session they had, he blasted it with a curse instead of even thinking about trying to talk to it. Even if he had understood what it was saying, he wouldn't have paid it any attention, he really didn't like snakes.

Near to the end of the year, a student was actually kidnapped and taken to the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, with the not so helpful Gilderoy Lockhart, went down to the chamber, which was found via a combination of Hermione Granger's deduction and the story of Moaning Myrtle's death.

When they went down into the Chamber, Lockhart tried to erase the memories of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, just like how he'd 'achieved' all of his other accomplishments, but he was using Ron's broken wand, which back-fired on him, erasing his own memory, and causing a cave in which separated the two of them from Harry.

Anyone think Fate is dicking around with Harry here, or is this just a coincidence?

Anyway, moving rapidly on, Harry entered the Chamber of Secrets, chatted with a guy who claimed to be a memory sealed inside a diary for fifty years, killed a basilisk with the aid of a cool sword, a talking hat, and a burning bird, saved the damsel in distress, and brought everyone back up into the school proper.

You know the sort of thing, what any normal kid does at school, right? Though the scolding he got from his mother for not confiding in them was probably fairly ordinary at least.

Surprisingly, third year was rather quiet and boring. It was the year that Harry Potter twin sisters finally started school as first years, though they seemed to prefer each others' company over their classmates, and they also didn't spend much time with their brother either. Oh, they were both sorted into Hufflepuff, if anyone was wondering.

The only thing that might be worth mentioning is a certain rat, that had evaded capture for twelve years finally got desperate enough to seek out the one it served before. Not that anyone was really aware of this or anything, Wizards not really thinking about the multitude of muggle aeroplanes that an intelligent rat animagus might be able to sneak onto.

In Harry Potter's fourth year, things really started to go down the crapper, starting on Halloween! Is anyone seeing a pattern here? What, was Harry Potter's life a book written out by an author that really liked – or hated – Halloween or something? Anyway, regardless of that, his name came out of the Goblet of Fire, meaning he had to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, going up against three other, of age, students.

In the first task, he had to get past a dragon, which he did with minor injuries. In the second task, he had to retrieve a hostage from the mer-folk village at the bottom of the lake, one Ginny Weasley who he was apparently quite involved with. In the third, and final task, he had to navigate a maze filled with traps and magical creatures, which he did.

This is where things really go bad, for Harry Potter at least.

It turned out that the cup in the centre of the maze was a portkey, and it transported Harry Potter to a graveyard, where he was tied to a gravestone and had his blood forcibly used in a ritual to revive Voldemort. The Dark Lord then called his followers to him, casually tortured and belittled them a bit, and then duelled against Harry Potter.

During the time Harry was with Voldemort, the people back at Hogwarts had not been idle. Upon discovering a champion had been kidnapped, especially one as important as Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, Aurors were called and they began trying to trace where the portkey had gone, using the magical residue from its activation to pinpoint a location.

When they had gotten an approximate location of the portkey, a large group of Aurors, as well as several other people willing to assist, apparated and portkeyed into the area. They managed to find the nearest source of magic, and began to converge on where Harry Potter and Voldemort were duelling.

They arrived just in time to witness Harry Potter's death.

After a little mocking and grandstanding, Voldemort and his Death Eaters fled the scene of the crime, leaving everyone scared. Voldemort, the worst Dark Lord in history (or so he was claimed to be, despite Gellert Grindelwald being the magical Hitler, but whatever) had returned, and he had also killed Harry Potter, the one who had defeated him last time he had risen.

People panicked, and rightly so, but Dumbledore was concerned for a very different reason. The prophecy that is mentioned in the sixth actual paragraph of this story told Dumbledore that only Harry Potter could kill Voldemort, or that's how he chose to interpret it at least.

Of course, there was the problem of there no longer being a Harry Potter to fight against the Dark Lord, so he tried to find a replacement. The other potential prophecy candidate was out, there was no way that Neville Longbottom could stand up to Voldemort, and then Dumbledore got the 'bright' idea of summoning an alternate Harry Potter to do the deed for them.

Now, there was the master of the Kaleidoscope, Zelretch, who would undoubtedly be able to find the sort of boy that Dumbledore needed. This, however, wasn't an option. For one thing, Wizards and Magi tended not to get along too well. Wizards claimed this was because all Magi were immoral bastards who would do anything they could to reach their 'Akasha', no matter how reprehensible or depraved it was.

Magi would undoubtedly claim something different, but they were the enemy, so why would Wizards listen to their side of the story?

Another reason for not going to Zelretch, even if Wizards and Magi had been best buddies, was because the man was... somewhat unhinged, or at least had a damaged moral compass, perhaps he was lacking in sanity. No one could quite agree what actually was the matter with the man – maybe it was just his unconventional humour? - but he wasn't the most approachable of people even when he was in his home dimension, and not messing about with whichever poor schmuck had gotten his attention.

As it so happened, Dumbledore did find something. He believed that this was a sign that fate was shining on him – or is that Fate? And is she really favouring Dumbledore here? - and he went over the ritual he'd found multiple times, making sure it was what it said it was.

Dumbledore would have carried out said ritual then and there, if not for one thing, the ritual required an absolutely tremendous amount of power, power Dumbledore simply didn't have. So, instead of trying to gather together a group of people willing to help, Dumbledore was a bit sneaky.

He let people know that he had a ritual to summon an alternate Harry Potter to fight for them that he would perform at Hogwarts on September 1st, but what he didn't tell them was the power requirement. He slightly modified the ritual circle, so that everyone who was present when it was activated became a part of it, each one adding their magical reserves to the spell, and therefore fulfilling the power requirement for the ritual.

That meant the entire student body would be a part of it, as well as all of the staff. Ministry representatives would also be there, as would Lily and James Potter. Dumbledore had thought that it would be best to have them nearby when the alternate Harry Potter arrived, a means of keeping him nearby and more easily steered towards his destiny, and both parents had jumped at his offer, James becoming an assistant Transfiguration professor, and Lily becoming an assistant for Charms.

Now was the moment of truth, however. Dumbledore looked around the hall as he prepared to speak the necessary incantation for the ritual, the Elder Wand in his hand. This was it, right now he would be summoning a Harry Potter, one that had already defeated Voldemort, and so would be able to do so again!

There was a bright flash of light, and when everyone had blinked the spots out of their eyes, they looked towards the ritual circle, to see their saviour returned to them! They didn't get quite what they were expecting.

In front of the teachers' table, there was now a chaise longue, with three teenage girls laid on it. One of them seemed to have white angel wings coming out of her back, but that could easily be someone messing around with some human transfiguration, things like that happened after all, and he had heard of some fetishists who were into that sort of thing...

At the foot of the bed, dressed in casual muggle clothing, sat Sirius Black. He had a newspaper folded up in his hands, and he was looking around the Great Hall curiously, not seeming bothered by the three young females snuggled up together next to him, or the two cats laid atop them and the fairy by their heads.

There was silence for a few moments, and it just so happened that Professor Minerva Mcgonagall was the one to break it. It also seemed that she'd focused on something she found rather scandalous, as she shrieked at a volume and pitch that normally only Molly Weasley seemed able to manage.

"Sirius Black! What do you think you're doing with three teenage girls like that!?"