Light Gone Forever

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Yugi Motou sat at the desk in his room. He was currently doing his English homework. This week in school they were learning about Helen Keller so it only made sense to the teacher that they all had to learn Braille. Yugi was a quick learner and was almost done, his pencil jerked as soon as he heard a door slam.

"Oh and I was almost done," he said, he would never be able to finish it now!

He heard the front door slam and footsteps coming towards his room. He was scared, though he tried to hide it.

He got into his bed and tried to go to sleep, it had worked once before but lately he had just been dragging him out of bed to do it.

He heard the door slam open, he shivered, and he was so scared.

"Brat don't try and fool me, I may be drunk but I know you are in here. Come out and I will make it less painful then normal," he said.

Yugi was tempted by what he said but held his ground under the bed. All of a sudden the bed was turned over and Yugi was sent flying with it.

"There you are brat, now you are going to get it," he said, he picked Yugi up by the back of his shirt, the fabric choking the smaller boy.

"I will teach you not to hide form me," he said and punched Yugi in the stomach. Yugi hit the floor, he didn't want to get up, and he knew what was going to happen.

Tonight however he was more violent, like he really wanted to hurt him badly. Out of no where he started to hit Yugi in his head over and over again. Yugi knew he was bleeding and his vision was starting to get blurry. The last thing he saw before he was engulfed in darkness was his fathers murderous face.


A week later Yugi was walking up to a house. He wasn't sure what it looked like exactly but from what he had been told by the guy that dropped him off it was a very nice house. His new friends Faye helped him up to the door. He put down his suitcase and knocked on the door.

He heard footsteps and then the door opened.

"Hello Yugi my boy," the man said hugging Yugi. When Yugi felt a body against his own he tried to push away. The old man saw this and let go. "I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. Welcome to my home Yugi, my name is Solomon and I am your grandpa," he said.

Yugi didn't say a work instead he raised his hand up to his face to feel his features. He could feel that this man had many wrinkles and he wore glasses. He got a nice mental picture.

After this he finally said, "My name is Yugi and this is Faye," he pointed to his companion that stood obediently at his feet.

"Nice to meet you both, do you want me to help you to your room?" Solomon asked.

"Please, just tell me where it is, I can find it myself," Yugi said, he wanted to be alone, he didn't like all of this attention.

"Yes of course, it is the first door up the stairs, are you sure you will be okay," he asked.

"I will be fine," Yugi said and he and Faye moved to go to his new room.

For the next few days Yugi stayed in his room, only letting Faye out once and a while. His Grandpa brought all of his meals up to his room and then came back for the dishes. He was getting worried about him.

He finally got an idea. He coaxed Yugi down the stairs with Faye's help of course.

"Yugi I have a few things for you," he said taking out some neatly wrapped boxes. It was a shame that Yugi couldn't see the colors. Faye led him to the couch and he sat down. He gave Faye the command that she could go off on her own and he would call for her if he needed her.

Solomon gave Yugi one of the packages. Yugi opened it with some difficulties. He ran his hands over the letters and smiled.

"Thank you for the puzzle," he said finally, he fingered the pieces; this was going to take a while to do this one. The next package was a computer; it was made especially for him. His hands once again ran over the latter his grandpa had attached and he laughed.

"Thanks so much, I don't know how to thank you," he said, then he called for Faye, she came and he brought his packages back to his room.

Solomon smiled; he hoped by giving Yugi those gifts he would open up a bit to him.

In his room Yugi took out the puzzle, he started to piece the little pieces in their places.

~*~One month later~*~

Yugi trudged home from school, it had been a bore. Faye led him around the curves of the street and finally to his home. He fingered the keys and finally got them into the key hole.

He went straight to his room, he had a lot of homework but that wasn't what he went there for. He went to his room and pulled the almost finished puzzle out. He clicked away his smile growing. He wished he could see how it looked, but he knew that wasn't going to happen.

Finally he found the last piece in the box, he took it out, and acting like it was gold. He placed it into place with a satisfied smile. He had done it, it took him a month but it was done. He felt a loop at the top on the three dimensional puzzle. He walked over to his draw and pulled out a string, he tied it and then placed it over his head.

He felt an odd warmth from it, it made him feel whole as to when he didn't have it he felt like there was something missing.

All of a sudden he could sense another presents in the room. Faye was at his side as soon as he gave the sign. She got into an attacking position and growled at the new person in the room.


Yami looked around the room; there were two people in it. A boy, he looked exactly like himself, and a dog, this dog was growling, obviously protecting the boy.

He was surprised the boy hadn't made any comment on how they looked a like.

He got close to the boy and the dog snapped at him.

"I know you are there, tell me who you are, I know you are not my grandpa," Yugi said, he felt for the harness on Faye, when he found it he hoisted himself to his feet.

"My name is Yami, what is yours little boy?" Yami asked.

"My name is Yugi, this is Faye, down," Yugi commanded.

Yami looked at the boys face and noticed that his eyes were looking right pass him and to an empty wall. This boy couldn't see him, not now, and not ever!


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