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The flames were high in the sky by the time Dean's engine pulled up to the scene, the sirens of the first fire truck filling the air. They had received the go-ahead to begin pumping, that the house was clear, but a woman in the street caught his attention.

"He's still in there! My brother is in there, please!" A red-haired girl was being held back by one of his co-workers.

"Ma'am we've been through the house, there's no one. You need to stay back." He tried to speak to her calmly, but she was hysterical.

She locked eyes with Dean as he unraveled the hose in a hurry and something about the look in her eyes struck him. "Take over here." He grabbed the nearest man and passed off the task of prepping the hose.

He patted the burly man on the back and he let the girl go, moving on to help the other firefighters. "Please, I swear he's in there, I was just on the phone with him. He was expecting me." He could barely understand her frantic words.

"Where could he be?" It was something in the way that she was shaking and couldn't speak, Dean knew that she was telling the truth as far as she knew, but his team wouldn't have missed him unless he was somewhere unexpected.

"I don't know!" She held her head, scared for her brother and frustrated that no one was going to help him. "The basement! He might... I don't know, he might have been down there still..."

Maybe it was his instinct as an older brother, or the fact that she reminded him of someone that he cares a lot about, but he needed to help her. "If he's in there, I'll find him. Stay here." She nodded at him, wringing her hands trying to contain herself.

As he approached the front of the house, pulling his helmet down, he heard a shout from the Chief. "Winchester, I swear to God!"

"Give me 5 minutes, Bobby!" He didn't hesitate, walking through the already kicked-in door. Being the second truck on the scene, the fire had already been raging long enough that he knew it was dangerous for him to go in, much more so down to the basement.

The risk of the entire house collapsing and trapping him was very real, but Dean didn't have it in him to leave anyone behind. Not since he lost his own mother in a house fire when he was 4 years old. Ever since that day when he carried his baby brother to safety, he knew what he wanted to do with his life, and to date he had saved 27 people and 1 cat.

He quickly found his way to the basement, lucky that the stairs had held up so far. In the basement, it was clear that the concrete floor had a decent bit to do with the fact that the entire bottom of the house hadn't yet caught fire.

He shouted over the crackle of the fire, trying to locate the missing brother before everything came down on top of him. He kicked over the debris as he walked, hoping that if he uncovered someone that they'd still be breathing. As he searched, he noticed that the basement was covered in large canvases, most of them in flames, but the few that hadn't caught on yet were beautiful.

Moving past a stack of burning easels, Dean finally found what he was looking for. He could barely make out the vague shape of a person with all of the smoke coming down from the ceiling, but it was enough.

As he bent down to pick the man up, the ceiling above them cracked, beams falling over them. He followed his first instinct, putting his body across the unconscious man's until the damage was done. He howled as one of the beams crashed down across his leg. He could hear the snap, but it fell away without pinning him.

When the dust settled, he looked around and cursed. The stairs were no longer an option for their exit. He quickly located the nearest window- fairly large for a basement window, but unsurprising for an art studio's main ventilation option.

He lifted the limp body over his shoulder, ignoring the pain in his leg as he opened the window, sliding the man through before following himself. Once they were outside, he dragged them both to the far side of the yard, out of harm's way.

Finally clear of the collapsing walls and raging flames, he ripped his helmet and gloves off, checking for signs of life. The man's breathing was shallow, but was steady and he breathed a sigh of relief for it.

Having made sure that the man didn't need immediate resuscitation, he picked him up again and headed for the front of the house where the ambulance was waiting. He did his best to hide the pain in his leg, but couldn't keep from limping before his fellow firefighters took the man from him, offering him a helping hand.

"You Goddamned idjit!" The Chief came running up to him, giving him a rough smack to the shoulder. "How many times do I have to tell you, you can't just go running in on your own trying to play hero, boy! How bad is it?"

"It's nothing. I'm fine, Bobby." Dean tried to blow it off, but the Chief could see in the way that he was leaning that he was lying.

"Get in the ambulance." It was clear that it wasn't a request. Dean almost tried to make an excuse, but decided that it wasn't worth it. There was no one else in the house and the other guys could handle the fire part without him just this once.

He sat off to the side in the back of the ambulance, trying to stay out of the way of the EMTs as they took care of the mystery man from the basement. When they tried to look at his leg, he was hesitant to let them, but knew that Bobby would kick his ass if he put up a fight about it. He even kept his mouth shut when they cut his favorite new pair of jeans; the boys would be so proud of him.

He spent most of the ride zoning out, trying to ignore the pain in his leg. As much as he wanted to blow it off, he knew that it was bad enough that he wouldn't be back on the job for a while. The worst part about that would be being stuck at home with nothing to do and with no one to keep him company.

Once the pain killers kicked in, Dean let himself relax a bit, waiting for the inevitable. Having already been a couple of hours, he was sure that his only visitor would be dropping by at any moment.

As if on cue, a peppy redhead waltzed in, plopping down at the end of his bed, seemingly without care for his discomfort. "Sup?"

"Just a scratch, nothing to write home about." Dean pretended to be annoyed, but they both knew better.

"Then why are they making you stay until Tuesday?" She propped her feet up on the chair that sat empty next to the bed. "Also, you're scheduled for surgery in an hour..."

Dean would ask how she knew about his stay time, but he knew better about that as well. "Didn't you say you were gonna stop hacking?"

"But it's so much fun..." She groaned, unable to hide her cheeky smile. "I'll ask again. 'Sup?'" She raised her eyebrows for emphasis.

"They're just gonna put a few screws in me, no big deal." Dean was always one to downplay his own problems, typically in exchange for taking care of someone else.

"For the record, a few months ago when I told you that you needed a good screw, this was not what I was talking about." She had been present when Dean's last long-term relationship went south and had been recently insisting that he get back on the proverbial horse, especially now that he had his place to himself.

"Oh shut up." He hit her with one of his overly fluffed pillows. "Think you can sneak me in a burger? I'm starving."

She got up, giving him a big hug before heading out. "I'll see what I can manage once you're out of surgery."

"Thanks, Charlie." Of all the people that had come and gone from his life, few were as important to him as her. At first, he didn't think that they had a lot in common, but they were having a beer one night at the bar and Dean noticed her checking out their waitress. They shared a look and laughed and were inseparable after that night.

She was the only person that Dean could be 100% honest with about everything without worrying about judgment. She was the first person that Dean came out to and she was the one that helped him come out to everyone else. He knew that his brother would accept him with time and most of his friends, but he really struggled with telling the guys at the station.

With her help, he worked through it and now, the people that truly cared about him are closer than they've ever been. He owed her so much happiness that he wished he could pay her back for.

When he came out of surgery, his head was foggy, but he saw red and smelled beef, so he did his best to shake it off. Just when he thought he was getting his bearings, he was seeing double. He rubbed his eye, trying to clear his vision. "Charlie, why's there two of you?"

She laughed at his slurred speech. "I bet you wish there were two of me." She waited for his vision to straighten out before attempting to explain. "This is Anna, she wanted to see you."

As his sight clarified, he could tell the difference between the two of them, recognizing the other woman from the street earlier. "Hi." He meant to say more, but was still working on getting all of his functions back under control.

"I'm sorry for bothering you, I just wanted to say thank you." Dean could tell by the sound of her voice that she was barely holding back her tears. "No one would listen to me, they were just going to leave him in there... If you hadn't gone in..." She didn't have it in her to finish her sentence.

"You're welcome, Anna." He always felt weird being praised for doing his job. To him 'you're welcome' seemed like he had done someone a favor, as if saving someone's life was something optional that he could have just not done. He had learned quickly, though, that the 'thank you's weren't about him or how he felt, so he went with it and always let people say their peace.

"I'm so sorry that you got hurt." She sat in the chair next to his bed and placed her hand on his arm.

"It's nothing, really. How is your brother doing?" Dean never did like people doting on him, so he was quick to change the subject.

"He's going to be fine. They're keeping him overnight to make sure that there's no damage to his lungs, but they're not expecting any complications." She smiled through her tears as she spoke.

"Glad to hear it." Dean couldn't help but smile back at her sincerely. "Really, I am."

Much to Dean's surprise, Charlie stayed quiet the entire time, letting the two have their moment. But, it was only a moment. "I wonder if her brother's as hot as she is..." She dropped the greasy paper bag on the bedside table and got comfortable.

"A little egotistical, don't you think? She could be your twin." He'd been trying to avoid the subject of his love life for a long while and Charlie's enthusiasm for the subject has only been growing.

"Come on, have you seen me? You're the only one that doesn't want a piece of this." She started to work on her own burger, letting him out of the conversation only because she felt a little sorry for him. Surely that would wear off soon enough.

With a continued source of pain medication and a full stomach, Dean slept right through the night, even with the uncomfortable bed and a streetlight shining in directly into his eyes. The clock on the wall read just past 10, but he was already hoping that Charlie would save him from the hospital food with an early lunch.

He sorted through the channels on the television, frustrated when he made it back to the beginning without having found anything remotely tolerable. He clicked it off when he heard a knock at the door, not caring who it was, just glad for the distraction.

He expected Charlie or a staff member, maybe even Anna again, but what he didn't expect was messy curls and the brightest pair of sapphire eyes he's ever seen. "Are you Dean?" His voice was gruff and it echoed through Dean's ears.

"Yeah. Can I help you?" He tried to not stare, but he found himself unable to look away.

"You already have. I'm Anna's brother. You saved my life yesterday." He moved to the side of the bed, sitting on the edge of the chair. "I feel like saying 'thank you' doesn't really cover it, but thank you."

Dean nodded, sitting up a little straighter, licking his lips subconsciously. "What's your name?"


"Castiel." Dean repeated it, just to hear how it would sound rolling off his tongue. "Are you on your way home then?"

"Well... Not exactly."

"Right, sorry... I didn't mean-" Dean was so distracted by Castiel's lips as he spoke, he wasn't thinking about the words he was saying.

"It's fine, I know what you meant." Castiel smiled a little. "I have some legal business and then I have to find a place to stay. It will be a long day."

"Not staying with your sister?" It didn't even occur to Dean that he may be overstepping his bounds by getting into Castiel's personal life.

"She's from out of town. So are the rest of my friends and family. What about you? I'm guessing you're not going to be working for a while. Will you be okay?" The concern in Castiel's rough voice is an obvious sign that he was feeling guilty about what happened to Dean.

"Oh yeah, I'll be fine. The department has insurance for these kinds of things..." Dean normally would hate someone worrying over him, but the way Castiel looked at him was something that he could get used to.

"Are you sure? If there's anything I can do for you, Dean, please let me know." The sincerity was a breath of fresh air for Dean.

"Of course." Not wanting their conversation to be over so quickly, Dean jumped back to his earlier line of questioning. "So, where are you going to stay if not with family or friends?"

"A motel? I hadn't really thought about it. There's just so much going on, you know?" He breathed a deep sigh that quickly turned into a rough cough.

Dean leaned over, putting a hand on Castiel's shoulder as he waved his hand, insisting that he was fine. "You okay?" He offered the man a bottle of water that had been left for him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you." The took a few small sips, clearing his throat. "The doctor said that I might have a few coughing fits over the next couple of weeks, but they shouldn't be too bad."

"Those fits can get serious, you really shouldn't stay in a motel alone until you're better." The mother hen in Dean was coming out quickly. "You should stay at my place."

"I should what?" Castiel was caught off guard by the suggestion, his response coming out a little more harshly than he'd meant it.

"Sorry, that was a weird way of saying it... I have a recently vacated bedroom if you need a place to stay temporarily." Dean stumbled over his words, worried that he's upset Castiel with his request.

"Thank you, but I think I've caused you enough problems..."

"Honestly, you would be doing me a favor. It's going to be tough for me to get around for a while and I'm gonna go nuts in an empty house by myself until this cast comes off." Dean surprised himself with his honesty. It's almost unthinkable for him to admit his weakness to someone without being pressed about it.

Dean smiled at him a little, trying to talk him into it with his eyes. "Plus, I went through all the trouble of saving you, I would be offended if you coughed yourself to death in some dingy motel room."

Castiel smirked back at him, knowing he had to agree but not at all upset by it. "I guess it's the least I can do."

"Stop by after you're done with your errands. I'll have a friend bring my keys by and she can show you around."

"You won't be there?" Castiel couldn't hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Unfortunately, I'm stuck here until tomorrow morning at the earliest." Dean didn't even try to hide his disappointment. "If Anna wants to stay with you, there's plenty of room. I would feel a lot better knowing you weren't alone."

"I'll let her know." Castiel stood to leave, a quiet smile in place. "Thank you again, Dean."

Dean smiled brightly at him. "See you later, Cas."

- TBC -