Dean stood silently, fidgeting with the sleeve of his black suit jacket, uncomfortable in such nice clothing. It was almost time and his emotions were starting to get the better of him. Anna stood in front of him, straightening his tie, not because it was crooked, but to give her hands something to do.

She finally pulled back, her fingers twiddling together nervously. "Oh, Dean..." She looked up at him with tears threatening to spill if she continued to speak.

"Don't." Dean looked away, blinking. "If you start crying again, I'm going to start crying again..." He took a few deep breaths as he tried to focus on something else to occupy his mind. "Where's Charlie?"

"She's with Gabe, I think. They're getting everyone settled in. Just a few more minutes now." She looked around the room, trying to find something else that she could do to pass the time. The waiting was going to kill the both of them. "I guess I'll go help them. Will you be okay alone?"

Dean nodded, eyes still closed as he wracked his brain for distractions of any kind. He really needed Charlie and her sarcasm right about now. Instead, he pulled out his phone and checked his messages, of which there were about a hundred.

The last week had been stressful for Dean to say the least. Most of the messages were of people that were sorry they wouldn't be able to make it and were sending their best wishes. It made Dean smile a little bit, thinking about all of the people that he had in his life that cared enough to do such a thing.

He'd needed that little thing to make him smile after the hectic week he'd had. His nerves had been on edge for days at that thought of having to go out there in front of everyone. He'd been thinking so hard about what he could possibly say that could express his feelings for Castiel, but his mind was just too mixed up to make it work.

He was pulled from his thoughts when the door opened, relieved at the sight of his brother. "Hey. You ready?" Sam pushed back his cuff to reveal his watch. "It's time."

Dean took one last deep breath before walking past his brother, placing a hand on his shoulder in a silent 'thank you'.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as he walked down the hallway. It almost stopped when he walked into the room, overwhelmed by how many people there were. He looked around, seeing a lot of familiar faces, but several that he didn't know as he walked past them to the front of the room.

All eyes were on him as he stood at the front of the room, Sam by his side with a warm hand on his shoulder. The room was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers framing them. They were lilies, Castiel's favorite.

Suddenly, the music began, soft and low, and Dean couldn't hold himself together anymore. He could feel the supportive hand on his shoulder tightening as Sam realized that Dean was losing it. Looking out to the crowd, memories floor him as the tears started running down his face only a moment before his hand moved to wipe them away.

As the gunshot rang out, Dean threw himself in front of Castiel, hoping to make it to him in time. They stood there for a moment in the silence that followed, Dean terrified to check if Castiel had been hit. His hands roamed across his upper body, gulping loudly when he realized that he was unharmed. If he hadn't gotten there in time to take the bullet, then Castiel...

He looked up into wide blue eyes, his hands running across Castiel's torso hurriedly in search of a wound. "I'm fine..." Castiel's voice was shaky and Dean almost didn't hear it, his mind so focused on making sure that Castiel was all right, that he almost couldn't believe that he was.

"Dean." Castiel's hand came up to his face, turning his head slightly, forcing his gaze to the side.

For a moment he was confused until he saw was Castiel was trying to show him. Luke stood staring at them, gun by his side as his empty hand groped at his chest. They could see blood spilling over his hand as he looked to Benny with confusion on his face before falling to the ground.

Castiel and Dean followed his gaze, both surprised to see a gun in their friend's hand, still aimed at Luke. Benny looked over at them, his face expressionless as he walked over to Luke, kicking Dean's gun out of his hand and a safe distance away.

Benny set his gun on the coffee table and pulled out his phone, dialing the Police. As he talked, explaining the situation, Dean turned his attention back to Castiel.

"I told you to stay at the station. What-" He took a deep breath. He wanted to yell at Castiel, scream at him for being so stupid to come to the house and put himself in danger, but he couldn't. He was so relieved that Castiel was okay that he couldn't stay mad. He leaned his forehead in to rest against Castiel's, his hands on either side of his face. "I can't lose you."

Castiel pulled Dean in close and kissed him softly. "I'm sorry... I couldn't leave you here alone." He kissed Dean again, this time deeper, with more need. "You're not the only one with something to lose."

That night was almost three years ago and it was only the beginning for Dean and Castiel. Since then, the guest bedroom had been emptied. Since then, Dean had said 'I love you' to Castiel every single day. Since then, every day had been leading up to one moment.

He had thought once before that he would get to marry the love of his life, but it hadn't worked out. As Dean watched Castiel walking towards him, he felt like he couldn't breathe. It was finally happening.

He smiled as Castiel walked up in front of him, his hand reaching out for Deans as the music quieted down. Sam stood between them, beginning to speak. Dean had insisted that if they were going to get married, Sam would be the one to do it.

Dean could feel Castiel's hands clenching his tighter as it came time for them to say their vows. "Dean..." He took a breath, trying to steady himself enough to make it through everything that he had to say. "I'm only standing here today because of you. Since the first day we met, you've been saving me... In every way. I love you more than I ever thought possible."

Dean smiled at him, his thumb caressing Castiel's hands as he listened to the kind words, nervous because he'd been having trouble with his own vows. "Cas... There was a time when I thought I had it all. I was in love, I was happy and then..." He cleared his throat a little. "I never thought that I would get another chance. I was ready to spend the rest of my life alone- Then I met you. I might have pulled you from a fire, but that day, I was the one that was saved. I love you, now and forever."

Within moments, they were sharing the first of many kisses as husbands. As they walked out, hand in hand, their friends and family cheered. As Dean looked around at all of the smiling faces and next to him, the most important one of all, he realized that after all of the pain and sacrifices he'd made, he finally had everything he'd ever wanted.