Alternate ending to 'Rose and the Human Timelord' where The Doctor was given a bet by Rose that he had to stay Human for 3 months and she told the Tardis to make him a famous actor called Jonathan Smyth (who I based on the wonderful amazing David Tennant because I loved him even more with his long hair) who had just got a part in a play and Rose worked in the theatre and they fall in love. The entire world, including the Doctor is under the illusion, except for Rose (who is supposed to have a crush on him prior to her supposed meeting at the theatre and getting the job of looking after him for three months) that he is a real actor and Rose was meant to get him to open the fob watch containing all of his Timelord essence at the end of the three months but something went wrong and he never opened it after the closing night of the play and they go on to get married and John wants to start a family until Rose feels guilty and visits the Tardis for advice.

Disclaimer! Any similarity between The Doctor's and David Tennant's persona is purely coincidently and takes place only in my mind just because I was obsessed with him when he had long hair and people and the press were mean to him! Read into it what you will, no intrusion into anyone's personal life is intended and any references are to the Doctor in his assumed identity.

**The story doesn't make much sense unless you read the other one first!** This story takes place just after Jon (The Doctor) has proposed on stage to Rose. It is one year before Rose was destined to meet her first Doctor in the basement of Henrick's department store (Yeah, the Doctor's timing always was a little off) The story won't make much sense unless the other story is read, 'Rose and the Human Timelord' and this is just an alternate ending.

Rose had finally given herself to Jon, she could hold out no longer or she would have lost him, he would have thought she wasn't interested in him and it was so close to him going back to being the Doctor again, she couldn't risk him going off with someone else. Then he had finally done it, he had got her on stage on closing night after everyone but a handful of people who were in on his little surprise had gone upstairs to the party and he had proposed to her and thinking it would be their last night together, she had said yes, especially after her dream last week where he had already done it and he was already turned back into a Timelord but then she had woken up and found it wasn't real but this was, the ring on her finger. He had told her when he got her on the stage that she wasn't dreaming this, it was real.

Now he was driving them home for the last time in the rural town where Rose was supposed to have lived during her employment at the theatre and which she had shared with Jon for almost the last three months and everything was packed apart from what they needed and she had put the fob watch in a safe place to show him when they got back or in the morning, have one last wonderful night together before she destroyed it all by letting it go too far and he would be mad at her even when he had said he wouldn't be, that he would remember it all. It had been a risk she had been willing to take to keep him with her for three months and she had fallen in love with him and convinced herself he was the same person, which he was really.

They got back and Jon really didn't want to waste any more time, they were already late getting back and he just lifted her up and took her into their bedroom and they made love, just like every night since they had fully been together now Rose was finally able to commit herself to him. She was meant to remove his hair extension the next morning but hoped it would disappear on its own once he changed back. Rose woke the next morning and slipped out of bed. Jon was still asleep and she planned on getting the watch out and getting him to open it but it wasn't meant to be. Jon had other ideas. Rose came out of the bathroom and he was getting dressed, smiling when he saw her.

"Morning my beautiful Rose," he said, walking towards her in just his unbuttoned jeans, his arms outstretched to pull her close. "Why don't you wash my hair then take this extension out or take it out then wash my hair, does it matter which?"

She was supposed to know all this, it being her profession. She went with the latter. "Let me get dressed then I'll take it out for you." she replied, pointing to her cami-top and knickers she had pulled on hastily.

He went behind her, putting his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "Oh I don't know, it could be rather fun if you were to do it just dressed like that," he said, pulling the strap of her top down and kissing her shoulder.

She thought it would be better he opened the watch before this went any further because if she let his long hair loose, she would turn to jelly like she always did and they would get absolutely nowhere but if he opened the watch now, they may be deposited in the Tardis dressed like this or worse, appear in the middle of the street. Rose still didn't know what was real, if her apartment was real and she was moving out or if their apartment near London was real but had figured he would have made provisions for himself and maybe her to have somewhere to stay if he wasn't going to change back.

Then she wondered about the poor Tardis, what would happen to the ship? Would he really abandon her after all they had been through together? It was literally all he had left apart from herself, would he knowingly leave her behind? Surely he would not just leave her parked behind the apartment hiding in the bushes, he would get her to move to wherever he ended up, in this case just outside London. Rose pulled herself together, she had to get this over with. She wormed her way out of his embrace and blew a kiss at him to let him know she had just put this on hold and not abandoning it and slipped on clean underwear, a t-shirt she had left out and her jeans and noticed thankfully he had at least fastened his jeans and forgone his morning of keeping her in bed for as long as possible resulting in him letting his hair loose and making love to her, twice if he got the chance.

They had got much more intense since she gave in to him, they could hardly keep their hands or anything else off each other and this was not a good time to start anything. If he wanted to continue this when he became himself again then she was more than willing but if not, they would have at least experienced each other and put it behind them and moved on. She'd had so-called boyfriends for less time than three months in the past so she could count him as one of those but she had given herself to him freely, she had never done that with any other boy or man before and it had been the most wonderful experience of her life and she would never forget it and if they both moved on and she found someone else, which she now sincerely doubted there would be anyone who could compare to him either as Jon or the Doctor then it would be something she may regret but would have to deal with if it actually happened.

Right, might as well get this over with, she was thinking as Jon came towards her and they went into the bathroom for her to take out his hair extension. Had she fallen so deeply in love with him because she found him so sexy when he let his hair fall loose or had she loved him this much all along? She realised that if he stayed as Jon, he could only remain as him for another year because his old self would turn up in the basement of the department store when she was supposed to meet him and she would have to keep a very close eye on the date, it would be dangerous to let it go beyond that point because she wouldn't be there to save him from the Nestene Consciousness and who knows what would have happened or will still happen? No, this had to end today, didn't it? She was certainly in no hurry to see his long hair gone but it wasn't fair on him, he had not exactly asked for this, well except accept her challenge and throw himself into it like he always did, he never did do things by half.

Rose sat him by the bathroom sink and looked at him one last time. He saw how sad she looked and sat her down on his lap and kissed her and then slowly she began parting his own hair from the extension, someone had done a really good job on it and she was almost out of her depth as the extension slowly came away, bits were now all over the floor and she was hoping none of it was his own hair until the last of it came away in her hand and she dropped it into the sink. Jon couldn't see himself in the mirror but put his hand to the back of his head, feeling his own hair had grown quite long and looked up and smiled at her. He got up and looked in the mirror.

"Never thought I'd ever grow my hair this long Rose, can you cut it for me or do you think I should leave it like this a bit longer?" he asked as he put his arms around her neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

She was letting him stall her and she knew it. She had to go get the watch and get him to open it and couldn't risk putting it off much longer. They would be preparing to leave in the morning and they were supposed to go out tonight with Kay and her man. Jon let go of her.

"Come on Sweetheart, are you going to cut my hair?"

Rose didn't have clue how he normally had it. Sure, she had seen plenty of photos and even had posters on her bedroom door (she had found to her embarrassment when she had taken him to her mum's flat and had hurriedly taken them down before he had seen them) but knew nothing much about his personal life, he was very private, which was probably just as well, it would cover the things she didn't know about him until she could get him back into the bedroom and get him to open that watch. She had made a big mistake though, she would have to find an excuse to show him it to get him interested in it to want to open it. She was certain her dream was going to come true and he'd either surprise her saying he'd already opened it and he didn't care or now that he wouldn't want to open it and stay as he was. She couldn't force him to open it and he had changed so much of her original plan, even the Tardis was on his side, she didn't stand a chance between the two of them. Just how much of it had he changed? Maybe he had extended the period to coincide with her meeting his former self but he wouldn't intentionally put the Earth in danger just to live out his life as a Human, would he?

"So how do you want you hair?" she asked as she picked up her hairdressing scissors, hoping he would help her out. "Maybe you want to try a new style, you know, all spiked up or a lot shorter or slicked back? Help me out here," she laughed as she put her arms around his neck and kissed his shoulder.

"Whatever you think, maybe my usual?"

That did not help, she had to improvise. "Well that helps a lot Jon since you always keep to yourself when you're not working or giving an interview. Honestly, how do you expect me to know? You could have sideburns or grow a beard when you're on your time off. Oh please say you don't have a beard when you're not working," she joked.

Seriously, how would she cope with him if he had a beard? Maybe he would look even sexier with a beard? "No, stop it Rose, it's not going to go that far," she told herself.

He came to her rescue. "Sorry, I know you didn't know me before we met in the theatre and you have no reason to know how I had my hair." He took hold of her again and pulled her onto his lap. "Just trim it Rose and I'll grow my sideburns back and comb it back, I'll probably change it for the next play. Oh and I accepted that comedy and I've got almost two months off before I start rehearsals so we've plenty of time for a holiday Sweetheart so I'll book us some nice resort and surprise you."

Little did Rose know just how much of a surprise it was going to turn out to be.

So Rose trimmed his hair getting back into some sort of style, thinking he would do whatever he normally did to his hair when he changed back and Rose went back into the bedroom and was just about to get the watch out of its hiding place when he called her.

"Rose, can you come here Sweetheart? We need to get some things sorted before we leave in the morning."

He proceeded to go through a list of things to do, there was no furniture to move, Kay was taking care of that in the morning much to Rose's relief and the fridge and cupboards were almost empty and drawers had been cleared, there was only their bedroom and the bathroom to take care of. Rose was having a hard time getting used to him with short hair again, a bit like his old self minus the sideburns but still just as gorgeous. Try as she may, she couldn't get back into the bedroom, well not without him following her and come lunchtime, was over her estimated time of getting him to open it, he suggested they went out to lunch to which she had to agree, going for one last time to the caf across from the theatre, the banners had been removed and replaced with a 'Coming Soon' one of the next production, Rose wasn't taking much notice of what it was, they were leaving one way or another.

He dragged her around the shops wanting to buy her a present for getting engaged, Rose saying the ring was enough but he insisted and bought her a delicate silver bracelet with two hearts which Rose thought was rather ironic since she wanted the Timelord back but supposed Jon meant it as their two hearts together. Rose decided he wasn't getting away with it and chose an identity bracelet and they had her name engraved on it, not wanting to put his name on it and just getting away with it. They drove back to the apartment and Rose realised they were meant to meet Kay at seven and it was already after three and she had to find a way to end all this and get him to open the watch but Jon had other ideas.

He backed her into the bedroom when they got back and began pulling his t-shirt off and tugged at her jeans.

"Come on Rosie, we missed out this morning and you blew me a kiss which means you still owe me," he said, pulling at her jeans zip and nipping at her lips.

She knew she should resist but was always turned immediately on when he went for her like that, it was his way of saying he wanted her in or on top of the bed pronto. Well one last time wouldn't hurt, would it? She had already crossed the line and she knew it and he would too when he changed back hopefully so just one last time before she maybe lost him forever.

She responded by going for his jeans, something he wore so sexily and she hoped he'd stop wearing that stuffy old suit of his in the Tardis, if they were still even on speaking terms after all this so when he bent over the Tardis console like he tended to do she would get a better view. Before either of them knew it they were on top of the bed both loosing their jeans and underwear and were too much in a hurry for Rose to lose her t-shirt as he wrapped her legs around him, Rose holding onto him and digging her fingers in his back. They reached their climax and Jon moved onto his back, taking her with him as they continued kissing and he was pressing himself into her, making her moan softly at his touch.

Rose turned onto her side, Jon facing her. "I love you Jon," she whispered as he traced his finger along her hip and down her leg and he went to kiss her again. "Why does this have to end?" she thought as she put her hand on his chest right below his heart, his one heart.

He smiled at her and whispered, "Again Rosie, I want you again" as he moved closer and took her leg and draped it over his hip, moving his fingers to her intimate area and his other hand to her bum to move her onto him and began to move against her.

Rose just whimpered, there were no two ways about this, she loved him as he slowly began to enter her again and he whispered her name. She was hopelessly in love with him and he with her and she had to end it all so very soon. He moved again as Rose gasped for breath and then he moved away slowly, leaving her wanting more but he loved nothing better than to tease her and leave her begging him to come back, he knew it kept her on the edge and made her more willing to let him come back whenever he wanted and she would willing to let him.

Rose could still feel the aftermath as he moved away, she knew he did it on purpose, to make her more willing to be ready for more when he wanted to and it drove her mad. She was giggling to herself softly, she knew he loved to hear and watch her come down from her high and he always smiled at her, loving to see her face light up. Jon got up, deliberately showing himself to her as he did, he knew that drove her mad too and he threw her knickers to her after making sure she had seen him. Rose really didn't know how she was ever going to get over this once it was all over and they were back in the Tardis. This side of the Doctor was now without any of the inhibitions he once had, even when they first met in the theatre, he had been a little shy, although Rose was certain he had worn those skimpy shorts on purpose the first time he had stayed overnight in the spare room before he had wormed his way into her bedroom.

It was time to get ready to go out and Rose knew it was now or never. Had she made a mistake having one last time? He had excelled himself this time, they never did it three times even on a morning it was only twice and some fooling around since they had been together properly but she supposed she'd never given him chance before to go for a third time, they always had to get to the theatre and she'd had to wash his hair for him and a dozen other valid reasons and even on Sunday's at the other apartment but now he would take it as a sign she wanted to do this every morning and she did he just couldn't do it with him being Jon again.

She got up and went to get dressed, they had left some clothes out after packing everything they didn't need and it was all in the spare bedroom and she went to the drawer containing the fob watch and fingered it, feeling a slight vibration coming from it and supposed it was because it was overdue being opened and was wanting him to do so. She dropped it suddenly as he came up behind her, kissing her neck and about to take a bite out of it until she dodged at the exact same time and twisted herself around and kissed him, pushing the drawer closed with her hand as she did so.

"I love you Rosie," he whispered in her ear and held her tightly and began kissing her.

How could she make him give all this up? He was completely in love with her and she was going to spoil the illusion, would he hate her for breaking it or hate her for keeping up the pretence when he should have opened the watch? He might even hate her for letting it get this far but he had only said not to let him get married, he said nothing about getting engaged, did he? She really didn't know since he had made a few 'changes' to her original instructions to the Tardis afterwards and the ship was not giving up any information on what he had actually changed them to, that ship was so going to get it from her when they got back.

She managed to break free, kissing his neck. "Jon, we have to go out soon but before we do, I have something I want to show you." This was her one and only chance to put an end to this, she had known this moment would come and had delayed it all day and now there was no getting out of it.

The watch was waiting to be opened, waiting for him to touch and hold it and speak to him, to tell him who he really was. She took Jon's hand and turned around to open the drawer and picked up the watch. She could still feel a slight vibration coming from it good.

"Jon, this watch belonged to my grand-father and it's very old and very unusual and I want to give it to you, to show my love for you." She held it out on the palm of her hand. Jon just stared at it, not even going to touch it but looking at the intricate design. He didn't even seem curious about it and that was very un-Doctor like, he always picked things up, sometimes very disgusting things up and this was a first for him.

"Rose, I can't take that if it's a family heirloom. Sweetheart, it belongs to you, to your family."

"But Jon, you are family now, oh and I suppose I'd better get around to telling my mum or she'll slap the both of us silly for not telling her. Please Jon, take a look at it, see the unusual design."

Jon took his arm from around her waist and she thought he was going to take it from her but he didn't, he just looked at it and folded her hand around it without even touching the watch itself.

"Rose, put it away, I can't take it from you, it's yours, it belongs to you."

Rose tried not to get upset. He should have at least have been curious about it to touch it, then he would have felt it and he would have had the impulse to open it but he didn't. Had he somehow altered the plan so that he would reject the watch if he was offered it? Why would he do that?

He knew it was impossible to stay like this when the time was up, he knew he couldn't delay changing back, in just a year the Earth would become a dangerous place to live on without him and now, well she didn't even know if the first version of him would ever come to the planet and stop the shop window dummies from coming to life and killing everyone. He was putting himself before the planet and that was something he would never willingly do unless?

She realised she was looking at him, still clutching the watch in her hand. "Please Jon, just take a look at it," she didn't want to appear too pushy in case he started asking her questions.

"Rose, why is it so important, if it pleases you I'll look at it when we've got moved tomorrow, just put it away for now and let's get going or we'll be late. We have a big day tomorrow and we still have some last minute packing to do. Now please Rose, put it somewhere safe where you won't forget it, I don't want you leaving it behind when we leave."

She had no choice, he was adamant he wasn't going to take it from her hand at least not until later. She just had to trust he had made all the provisions for moving and hope he would open it in the morning before they left. What about the Tardis though, she couldn't just leave without making sure it was ok, she would have to find an excuse in the morning to go and visit and try to find out what will happen if she couldn't get him to open the watch without too much fuss before they left. She thought about putting it in her purse and taking the watch with her but was frightened she may lose it.

Jon drove out to where they were meeting Kay and waited in the bar for them to arrive and they spent the evening with Kay apologising for being so mean to Rose over Jon and Rose getting sad she was leaving, even though in reality they had only known each other a few months, they had supposed to have met years ago. Kay had a surprise for her, we'll not exactly a surprise as they go but some good news for Rose.

"I was planning on telling you Rose but I thought I'd wait until it was official."

Rose wondered what it was, was Kay getting married or something?

"OK, surprise me," Rose said.

"Well, when you gave your notice in, well my name was still on the rental agreement and I went to the agents and said I'd talked it over with you, hope you don't mind but I explained I had moved out temporarily but after you handed the notice in, I talked it over with Mike and well, that apartment is bigger than the one we're already in and since I hadn't actually had my name taken off, I asked about taking it over and they agreed, since officially we should both have given notice. So we just gave notice on our place and we move in as soon as it's sorted. You can leave everything in the flat Rose but I'm not sure if some things are yours or mine."

Rose was pleased that she didn't have to sort things out on her own and it would give her the perfect excuse to go round and visit the Tardis in the morning and have a little talk with her.

They all left, Kay promising she would be round in the morning to sort her things out before they left and giving Rose one of her famous bear hugs and apologising to Jon for trying to break them up. Rose still hadn't called her mother but planned on putting that off since she was hoping this would all be over in the morning.

Rose was longing to just go to the drawer and take out the watch and thrust it into his hands and make him open it but it was late when they got back and he went straight to the bathroom, Rose was hoping to have chance to at least talk to him about it but instead they got ready for bed, resigning herself to having to wait until morning. She had seen Jon had shaved earlier but he had muttered something when she was saying about beards and hoped he hadn't meant it.

Rose woke the next morning hoping she had been dreaming it all again and she was in her old room in the Tardis and it was all over but it wasn't. She was draped over Jon as she had been for the past few months and knew she liked waking up this way. She glanced at the clock, it was almost seven and Kay was coming round at nine, she might just have time to sneak round and visit the Tardis beforehand on some pretence or other if he refused to touch the watch. If he just touched it and felt it, surely it would give him a message telling him to open it up? Hadn't he left a safeguard? That when the time came it let him know to open it or had he altered that too? The Doctor was playing by his own rules, deeming it funny to mess around with her arrangements with his ship and the ship had taken his side, naturally, after all she was only the companion and the ship and the Doctor had conspired against her to make her suffer the consequences.