Chapter 28:

Percy sighed as he walked up and down the destroyed front portion of his flat. He looked at the three guilty party now sitting on his couch. Gina looked down in shame, while Daren looked at Percy with a smile on his face. Christoph on the other hand just looked outside the window choosing to ignore them all.

Percy sighed and then turned around looking at the two most important women in his life. Sitting by the dining table was Artemis and his mother, Sally. Artemis was presently checking up on Sally's pregnancy, being the goddess of childbirth and all.

"You alright mom?" Percy asked smiling at the sight of his girlfriend and his mother getting along.

"I am Percy," Sally responded smiling, "but how is that young man? Is he alright?"

"I healed his injuries and set him in the spare room," Percy said motioning to the room with his head, "he should be waking up anytime soon."

"You should probably talk to him," Artemis said as she went to the kitchen to check up on dinner, "he will probably have a lot of questions."

Percy nodded, "yes but we still have them to take care of," Percy said turning to the three in question.

Percy dragged a chair and set it in front of the them and sat down. He adjusted his glasses and stared at them, slowly one by one, even Christoph, started sweating under Percy's gaze, "so….which one is going to tell me what happened?"

"It wasn't our fault! HejustsuddenlystartedfollowingusandthenthenextthingweknewChristophsaidhesawsomeonewhereingaredhoodoutsidethroughthe window!Andthenhedissapearedandthen-" Gina suddenly stopped as Percy raised his hand.

"-Deep breaths Gina," he said as Gina recovered from her rant, "alright now, continue."

"Okay, Daren and I were at the convenience store, the one you said was safe from monsters and the like. There Daren froze this guys milk carton and after that we ran out of their. He followed us I think. When we came here Christoph said he saw someone with a red hood hide in the bushes across the street. Then as we were looking the guy disappeared. We started to panic and the Christoph said someone was at the door and so Darren sent a snowball at him. The guys some how dodged that, and he came for us. And then….and then everything just went out of control so fast."

Percy nodded, "my mother also said she heard the sound of bullets, anything to say on that, Christoph?" Percy asked turning to the russian.

"Why do you think it was me?" asked the hitman as he looked at Percy for the first time.

"You are the only one with a gun, and the short sightedness to fire said gun, in a residential complex I might add."

Christoph shrugged his shoulders, "I did what I had to do, if you do not agree than fine."

Percy sighed, "you are no longer a one man team Christoph, you have other people to think about now, you cannot just jump in guns blazing."

"I do what I have to Jackson," Christoph said in english and then whispered in russian, asshole.

Percy raised an eyebrow and spoke, this time also in russian, I may be an asshole but at least I did not try to shoot at an innocent child.

Christoph's eyes widened in shock as Percy turned away from them and walked to the door, "and yes I do speak russian," Percy then turned to Artemis, "Arty give them a talking to will you, I think our guest is probably awake right now."

Artemis smiled and nodded. She walked towards the three in question as Percy entered the guest room. Artemis smiled, and immediately all three started sweating on the spot, "now then," Artemis said in a sweet voice, "let's get to the punishment shall we?"

Percy closed the door just as a shiver went up his spine, 'remind me never to ask Artemis to disciple our kids,' Percy thought.

Percy saw the kid sleeping on the bed. All his wounds were healed but his clothes were still torn. Percy snapped his fingers and sent a spell around the boys body making the clothes repair themselves, a little bit of druid magic that Percy picked up.

Slowly the boy started to wake up, his eyes opening, and his body stretching. the kid yawned stretching out his body, he got up with a sleepy look on his face and then looked around.

"Awake are we?" Percy asked as he stepped out of the shadows.

The boy snapped his head to Percy, his eyes filled with fear as suddenly the impossible happened. Percy saw with his own eyes the boy suddenly moving in a haze of lighting as he went to the bookshelf in the room and started throwing all the book at Percy.

Percy without blinking an eye started gathering up all the books and then neatly stacked them next to him in one single stack.

The boy stopped, now surprised at what he had seen, "y-y-you can do what I do?"

Percy smiled, "actually, you can do what I do."

"I-I don't understand."

"You will, but first what's your name kid?"

"Ajay, call me AJ."

Percy nodded as he brought one of the chairs in the room to the front of the bed, "alright AJ, why don't you sit down, this is going to be a long story to tell you."


"So the greek gods are alive?" AJ asked.


"And you're one of them?"

"No, no I am as beyond gods as they are beyond humans, wow that sounds evil."

"Haha, yeah….but what are you?"

"I am a lord of the force."

"And that means?"

"I control the speed force, the thing you use to go so fast."

"Like in the flash comic series?"

"Yeah exactly! Why didn't I just start of from their?"

"But that's fiction. Right?"

"Dude you can break the sound barrier, how fictional are you?"

"I see, but does that mean there are more like me? Like with this speed?"

"So far? I think just you. Maybe more, but I'm not sure. We haven't found a way to track them all yet so I can't really give you an idea."

"But I mean you are the lord of the speed force right? Can't you sense when people are using it?"

"You see the amount of energy you take is insignificant to the amount of energy I have to control, so doing so would be next to impossible. Haha, wow kid you pick this up quite fast, pretty smart aren't you?."

"Yeah my parents are scientist. But you said there were others people with different powers, are the guys I met before… you know, one of them? Like me?"

"Yes they are kido, and don't worry I talked to them and set them straight, or at least Artemis is doing that. I am sorry for what they did, they were just trying to defend their home."

"One of them tried to shoot me."

"Yeah but-"

"With bullets."

"Yes I know-"

"Three times."

"Haha, yeah. He's russian so you know, kind of shoot first and if the person is alive ask questions then, kind of guy."

"And I ….. oh my god I punched his teeth loose. Oh shit."

"Na, don't worry about it, they grew back."


"Yeah they all grew back, he has a healing factor. You know like that x-men, ah what's his name, wolverine."

"Holy shot I just realised this is totally like the x-men. Like people getting powers and stuff, wouldn't that make you prof. X?"

"I am not shaving my hair. And yeah that did come up a couple of times, but no we don't call ourselves the X-men."

"Then what do you call yourselves?"

"I don't know, didn't really have time to think of a name, to busy."

"So what am I?"

"You are, in simple terms, a power storage device. My powers, bits and pieces at least, went into you and now they are stuck inside of you. Kind of cool if you think about it."

"So why are you telling me all this?" AJ asked finally getting to the main thoughts in his head, "what do you want from me."

Percy smiled, "the question is, what do you want from us?"


"You see AJ the reason I am looking for people like you is because it is my duty to train them. They have these powers because of me, because of what I did to defeat Kronos. I help them figure out their powers, and their roles in life. Then if they want they can do anything they want with that power. As long as they don't reveal our world, because they are still technically part of the world of the greek gods."

"And so where do I come into this?"

Percy sighed getting up and walked to the window, his tone of voice changing from friendly to serious, "honestly kiddo I don't know. Your powers is pretty specific. And from what I see you have a pretty good handle on it. The others, well they have issues or a reason to stay here. But you seem to have it all under control, as far as I can see the only reason you and I should ever meet again is if you some how compromise the security of the mythical world. Wow I sound like an asshole."

"I-I see, so you don't want me to stay?"

Percy shrugged, "it's your choice kiddo, but to be honest with you, the world is a big place, and people with powers need to stick together, to keep each other in line. I'll tell you what, you come over once in a while, and if you like it stay, if not you can leave."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that. The only reason I even want you here is to keep an eye on you. Your powers are dangerous, and in the wrong hands, deadly."

"I am not a bad person," AJ said standing up angry Percy would even imply that.

"I hope so," Percy turned with a sad smile on his face, "honestly I hate to even think like this bud, I used to be quite relaxed, a laid back kind of guy. But lately I have to be certain, my personal opinion doesn't matter."

AJ sighed, "do I have to?"

"Don't pretend like you don't want to atleast try. After all you could find you best friend in one of these kids."

AJ looked away, embarrassed that he was caught thinking the very same thoughts, "a-and if I say no?"

Percy smiled back, "if you actually did, then I would be forced to make sure you did good things with your powers, and that means I'm going to spy on you once or twice for the rest of your life. But since I'm pretty sure you won't..."

"How are you so sure?"

"Because you came to this flat hoping to find some one else like you, answers to your many questions, a meaning to your life, and now that you have, I'm sure that you wouldn't just throw that away."

AJ and Percy looked at each other and finally AJ nodded and Percy smiled. They both walked out of the guest room.

Outside AJ saw the red headed woman with Sally Jackson chatting away, while the three people that had attacked him were cleaning up the damaged apartment. The strange thing was that directly behind them was a silver boot.

Every time they slowed down their efforts or stopped the boot would kick them over and over again until they started again, "come one little ones! Hurry up!" Artemis called out smiling at them.

"Is that your girlfriend?" AJ whispered to Percy.

"Yup, Artemis, and yes I know she is very scary when she wants to be."

"Wait wasn't Artemis the goddess of virginity?"

"A lot has happened since then AJ, a lot."

"Ah you're awake," Sally Jackson called out as she saw Percy and AJ walk out of the room, "how are you feeling?"

Only then did AJ realise that his ribs and other injuries he had suffered was now gone, "I-I am feeling alright I think, strange."

"Oh, yeah I healed you up when you were sleeping, you were pretty beaten up." Percy said as he approached Artemis kissing her on the cheeks.

"Wait, you can heal people?"

"Yeah, where do you think Christoph gets it from?" at that the russian grinned at Percy only to get another kick from the silver boot following him.

"I see…. this is just to freaky," AJ said as he took a seat next to Sally Jackson.

"Yes you'll get used to it, I think," Sally replied patting AJ on the back.

"Yeah it took Gina like a week to get used to this," Percy said as he started setting out the table for dinner.

"And the russian took only a day to adjust," Artemis said.

"And speaking of troublesome kids, how about we let them off this time?" Percy said pointing to the kids, "we'll make them clean the rest of this up later." The three in question all looked at Percy in hope now.

"No Percy," Artemis replied, "they deserve to be punished. They could have seriously hurt Sally here. And besides if you let them get off on a lot of things they are going to be jumping over everyone's heads."

Percy nodded, "alright then, sorry guys."

"Hey!" Gina shouted at Percy as suddenly her silver boot kicked her forcing her to get back to work.

"Hey sorry but I'm not about to risk Arty's wrath for you guys, you are on your own."

"Hehe," AJ laughed, "it's okay I'll help them out." Suddenly the younger speedster dashed away and a storm of lightning filled the room. Soon everything was set aside, and the broken pieces of the wall was simply left by the side, all in all everything was clean and the room looked like new, well except the two giant holes in the wall and a broken window.

"Well that was quick," Percy said smiling.

"Great another speedster," Artemis said rolling her eyes, "now we get double the 'back in a flash' puns."

"Alright then everyone let's all sit down and have dinner alright?" Sally asked as she motioned everyone around the table.

AJ sat near the end with Gina on his left and Sally on his right, opposite him was Christoph, Darren and Artemis at the head was Percy, and the chair at the end was empty.

"Where's uncle Paul aunt Sally?" Gina asked.

"Oh that man," Sally said getting off her seat and leaving the apartment, "I swear he takes more time to get ready then I do."

After Sally left the entire room became dead silent as AJ looked down and Gina, Daren and Chirstoph all started at AJ, while Artemis and Percy where just looking at the scene trying not to laugh.

"So… we all have powers huh?" AJ asked trying to break the ice, no pun intended towards Daren.

"Yeah," Gina responded, "and ah….sorry about throwing you through the wall, twice."

"It's okay I guess, just ah don't do it again, it really pains."

"And I'm sorry I tried to bury you in snow!" Darren said suddenly jumping on his chair smiling, "I thought you were a bad guy!"

"It's okay," AJ said slowly rubbing his head. Slowly everyone turned to Christoph as the russian simply sighed.

"And I'm sorry for shooting you." he finally said.

"I'm not sure how I feel about that," AJ replied.

"I do not understand why this is a big deal, they did not even hit you."

"Yeah because I could go super fast, if I couldn't I would be dead."

"I aimed at your stomach, you wouldn't have died. Plus if you were injured I could simply heal you back to normal."

"That's not the point!"

"Oh man up!"

"Shut it bullet brain!"

"Make me lighting frats!"

"Did you guys plan this or did you just make this up as you all went along?" Gina said.

"Stay out of this!" they both told her as they started staring each other down.

"Oh I know you just did not tell me off!" Gina said as an aura of red surrounded her. Gina got up with clenched fist ready to pummel them both to the ground.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Daren simple yelled as he clapped his hands.

"ENOUGH!" Percy yelled out stopping everyone in their tracks. Slowly Gina cooled off and AJ and Christoph sat back in their seats and looked away, Daren simply frowned as he entertaiment was cut short.

"Oh gods since when have you become the strict one?" Artemis asked smirking.

"Oh come on Arty can you please let me be cool? Once? Like just once?" Percy asked slowly sitting back down, "look obviously we all still have issues to work out, that is why we need this. Together we can do great things, but that is if only we can learn to work together, agreed?"

"No screw this!" AJ said, "what great reason do we have to work together? We have a guy with super speed that some how got the shit beat out of him by his 'team', in like a second! A real life Elsa over here," AJ pointed at Daren, "the hulk," Gina, "and what deadpool would be if he was russian and less funny! Why would we ever be a team?!"

Just then the far wall of the apartment exploded inwards sending dust and bricks everywhere. AJ and Percy spun into action reacting faster than the others. They gathered the rest and quickly brought them away from danger.

Slowly out of the dust stepped out a giant three legged machine with green lines along it's black body. It's three legs lead to the main head which was large and square shaped and in the center was a giant jewel that had a green trident on it. "Target:Poseidon, proceeding to acquire." Came a robotic voice.

"Okay then," AJ said as he realised the robot was now jumping towards Percy. AJ and Percy recovered the quickest, as AJ charged and knocked the robot with a super speed kick, Percy flicked his wrist and out of it came cresentmoon in it's liquid shape. It changed into a sword and Percy pierced the robot's leg cutting one off and piercing the robot's main body.

Slowly everyone recovered and slowly walked to the now fallen robot, "what is that?" Gina asked.

"I have no clue," Percy said as he turned to the rest, "alright guys we need to get this thing out of here, AJ, Gina and I will take care of it and any other that come our way. Daren and Christoph you guys go and take care of my mother and Paul, make sure nothing is happening to them."

Artemis suddenly screamed, "Percy behind you!"

Just then one of the robot's legs grabbed Percy and swung him out of the open hole in the wall. It got up and in front of their eyes slowly started repairing itself.

"PERCY NO!" Gina yelled out in shock. She looked at the monster and in an instant her eyes turned red in rage. She charged ahead and grabbed robot by one of it's legs and then spun around and threw it into a wall breaking it.

Gina then jumped up and landed a punch right into it's main body. She kept hitting it repeatedly just then one of the robot's tentacles grabbed Gina and threw her off.

AJ ran and grabbed Gina before she hit the ground. He let her down and quickly looked around for a weapon. He saw a big knife in the kitchen and then grabbed it, "yo bullet brains cover me will you."

Christoph took out his guns and nodded. He started shooting the robot who was blocking them and slowly walked forward. AJ brought the knives in front and flashed away striking the robot in every area possible. AJ then smashed one of the knives in the giant jewel on the center before he was flung away by the robot.

"Gina now!" AJ shouted as Gina jumped into the air to and landed on the robot's head from behind. She raised a fist and punched the knife deeper inside the jewel.

"DANGER DANGER!" The robot cried out as it aimed one of it's arms at Gina who was still pulling into the robot's giant jewel head. But just before it could strike Gina a giant ice arrow impaled itself into the robot's arm.

AJ turned and saw Darren and behind him a giant crossbow made out of ice. Darren made another ice arrow and then fired at the robot again and again.

Suddenly the robot started shaking and sent out a green wave of energy knocking Gina off and everyone else of their feet.

AJ got up just in time to notice the robot leaving through the giant hole again limping due to it's broken parts. AJ turned and looked as Artemis was standing still and watched as it went, "why don't you stop it?!" AJ asked.

Artemis simply pointed at the robot. Just as it was about to escape Percy came up flying. He extended his right arm and out of it sent out pure white flames that burnt through the entire robot, slowly melting it until only the broken green jewel in the center remained.

Percy slowly flew into the flat and helped everyone up, and Artemis helped AJ to his feet.

"What was that?" Christoph asked as he checked his guns for any damage.

"I don't know," PErcy said, "But I think it wanted me."

"Why?" AJ asked.

"Because I'm the son of Poseidon, and it said that it detected Poseidon and it needed to acquire him."

"But why would it think you were uncle Poseidon?" Artemis asked.

"Maybe it got confused, I am his son so we could have the same energy that it detected, but what ever the case we need to call Olympus, they need to be informed."

"Wait what about us?" AJ asked.

"You all did good today, that was the reason neither Artemis nor I interfered with you fight."

"Wait, you let us fight it? What if we couldn't?"

"then we would have stepped in," Artemis said as she smiled at AJ, "we will always have your back kiddo, that's our job. Percy we have to go, now."

Percy nodded and snapped his fingers and suddenly he and Artemis disappeared. The remaining simply looked at each other and shrugged.

Suddenly Sally and Paul came in the house and saw the destruction done to the apartment along with the melted robot in the corner.

"Did we miss something?" Paul asked as Sally rolled her eyes.

"This is was happened if you take forever to dress up Paul!" Sally yelled.

Unknown coffee shop area,

A figure in black with bright grey eyes sat in the corner of a starbucks cafe sipping his white mocha frap as he looked over his laptop. On the screen were twelve green circle each having the names of the original twelve Olympians on them.

Suddenly the circle with Poseidon under it disappeared.

The figure smiled, he slowly brought out his phone and dialed a number, "yes it's me. drone Poseidon is down before the operation even started. It must have found him or one of his children before it could reach Olympus. If this is the case then we have grossly underestimated the gods powers despite them not being worshiped these days. Deploy the secondary unit and also send the razor droids out, we will destroy at the ever least one Olympian at the end of this night."

The figure the turned off his phone and packed his bag. He grabbed his coffee and exited Starbucks. Slowly the figure disappeared in the crowded New York streets.

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