Chepter 1

"Class, plese settler down, especially you Rin!" Yukio shouted as Run was in yet another argument with Bonbon over some stupid ass shit. "We have hte new student johning us at the True Cross Academy! She's a transferal student from United States of Eagleland, please welcome Ivory Cisdong!" Yukio introduked the new student who was wearing the True Cross uniform of very few colors.

The entire class was taken aback by Ivory's vast amounts of physical beauty radiating from her body.

"Hello everyone, it's nic to meet you and I can't w8 to be friends!" Ivory vocalized utilizing her lungs in perfect Japanese.

Konekomaru was the first to notice Ivory's demon tail becase he is so pathetic that he was trying to look undernath her impractically skimpy japanese schoolgirl skirt from the front which he knew wood be more or less physically impossible without a mirror or something underneath her but he did it anyway.

"Uh, huh, uh huh, hey bebe, you have a demon tal. Huh, huh, that's cool." Koneko said in a voice reminiscent of a nasaly Texan Nazi

The entire class gasped collactively making a sound nut unlike a Canadian moose being hit by a truck.

"Oh!" Ivory noticd her fuckin tail "Sorry, I was going to tell you guys, but my father is Lucifer."

Everyone in the class immediately forgave her and accepted her because she's hot as shit and because it's only OK to discriminate agenst people who are born from Satan.

Everyone ecept for Kamiki because she's a snobby bitch with dumb ass eyebrows.

"What the fuck guys, are you retards, she's a demon, she shouldn't be allowed in here!" an enraged Kamiki the mega bitch addressed the class

Shima, already beginning to white knight in the hopes of getting into Ebony's skirt replied "Kamiki, you can't say that! She's done nothing wrong!"

"I hope she didn't hurt your feelings, m'lady." Shima said to Ivory in this greasy creep voice as he tipped his fedora forward approximately 2.73 inches, roughly speaking.

But Ivory was demonically pissed off and Yukio could see it. Yugioh immediately grabbed both Ivory and Kamiki and sent them to a private room to work out their differences before Ivory lost it and pulled a Rin Okumura and burned the school down or some shit.

"Kamiki, apologize now." Ivory whispered aggressively directly into the ear of the female spot eyebrow student.

"No, you're a faggot and I-" Kamiki got no further as chains appeared out of nowhere, restraining her slender arms and legs as well as a ballgag, which put an abrupt stop to her annoying bitching.

Ivory laughed and it was like the sweet sound of a self important COD player winning one too many times. "Yes, I am a faggot." She conveyed in a seductive tone before using her demonic power to undress herself and the Kamiki.

Kamiki screamed for some kind of assistance with her best efforts through the ballgag of silencing but it was no use as the gag was properly manufactured in Gehenna. As Ivory moved towards her helpless victim, her genital started transforming into a horsecock.

The fear and panic turned into pain and even more fear and panic as Ivory shoved her massive Cisdong up into Kamiki's virgin olive oil sourpuss. The donging intensified as Ebony thrusted faster and harder into Kamiki and her pain and even more fear and panic turned into pleasure. Ivory moaned as she picked up speed and used her tail to penetrate Kamiki's postterior. Her anus was not prepared. The pleasure turned back into pain and fear and panic as Ivory smirked at the condescending bitch who has had the tables turned on her.

Gradually Kamiki adjusted and she had never felt better. The tail kept slipping in and out and spreading Kamiki's rectum as Ivory began to lose control and they both screamed, one muffled, one unrestrained, simultaneously as Ivory pushed her tail in as far as it would go and unloaded the cumming of the demon.

Now Kamiki is an annoying bitch and at this point an anime slut but she still has some amount of pride and intelligence because she isn't a filthy mudblood. With quick thinking, she used her blood on the floor originating from her rekt hymen to summon her two asshole wolf familiars.

"Let me throw you guys a bone!" Ivory to the wolves as her crotch transformed from the Cisdong to her regular less freakish female genitals.

With their super pheromone smelling powers, the wolves realized the slightly used opportunity in front of them. One of them stuck their doggy cucumbers into Kamiki's mouth while the other contented himself with lapping up her estrogen laced fluids along with Ivory's huge Shrek level cum shot.

Ivory's smirk continued to grow "I guess you really are a..."

"Bitch." she said as the wolves dongs erupted and they disappeared

You could almost hear the exclamations and sounds of quickscoping, cash and weed of how Kamiki just got massively mlg told back in Gehenna as Lucifer told literally every demon in existence how his daughter just burned Kamiki.

An hour later, Ivory and Kamiki came back to class. Kamiki looked kind of crushed nd wouldn't look at Ivory and strangly did not seem to be able to sit down properly. Ivory however, looked quite happy and satisfied, so the class didn't give a goblin shit.

Koneko, as the most patetic teenager in the world who has spent the moist time jerking it out of everyone in said classroom was the fist to notice something odd.

"Uh, uh huh, I think it, eheh, smells like cum in here. Uh huh, this sucks."

To bee cuntinued.