"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. North-Pines." the guests all toasted as the happy couple made their way through the reception hall. Pacifica North-Pines was wearing a gorgeous white bridal dress with white ribbons decorated to look like flowers, with a sparkly tiara on her head with a silk veil. Walking right next to her, Dipper in a simple and rather worn out looking old tuxedo. Definitely a perfect metaphor of mismatch couple that pretty much symbolizes their entire relationship. While Dipper could have easily gotten or even rented a far better suit for this special occasion; that tux is the one that his Grunkle Stan wore for his wedding. Even though Stan's marriage ended rather badly, he still requested that Dipper wear his tux for his wedding, wanting to contribute something for this special day that wouldn't cost him any money. Being the pushover that he is, Dipper couldn't refuse his Grunkle's wish. Even though he and everybody else wanted to. Following close behind them children; Amelia wearing a beautiful pink flower girl dress, Tyrone wearing his best butler's uniform (even after a year he's still being punished for his involvement of nearly murdering his new stepmother), but most surprising of all was the little stroller that Tyrone was pushing. Inside it had a cute little baby girl. The very child that the tabloids say is the reason Pacifica is being forced to marrying Dipper, and to be honest, they are not too far off. This is the entire North-Pines family.

"Woo-Hoo! Congrats Bro-bro and Sis-sis!" Mabel cheered pointing a party cannon at the two. Yanking on the trigger string, the cannon blasted not confetti but rice all over the happy couple. Who now are less than happy after being pelted with rice. "You can't imagine how long I wanted to call you that," Mabel giggled as she hugged Pacifica.

"Please don't call me that," Pacifica cringed struggling to get free.

"Mabel, what are you doing?" Dipper spat trying to get the rice out of his mouth.

"Come on Dipper it's tradition. You're suppose to throw rice on the couple. Not really sure why, since it's not good to waste food." Mabel pondered.

"It's to wish the happy couple lots of babies," Dipper explained brushing the rice off of his new wife. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. "Seriously, rice was symbol of the God of Fertility. So they would give the newly weds rice to bless them with children. Of course traditionally they were also suppose to eat the rice, but I think we can skip that bit." Dipper gagged looking at all the rice on the floor.

"Don't worry Broseph, I'll make sure that your baby making rice dish is perfect." Mabel promised as she started sweeping up all the rice, causing Dipper and Pacifica to slowly back away from her. Though it baffled everyone where Mabel got the broom and dustpan from so quickly.

"Ugh, Mabel. Did we really had to invite her?" Pacifica mumbled trying to walk away from her new sister-in-law as fast as she could in her wedding dress.

"Come on Pacifica, you two were getting along great before. What happened?" Dipper asked his new bride.

"Three words: Princess Sparkly Bubbles!" Pacifica hissed.

"Oh right," Dipper said with more than a little annoyance looking at his new born daughter. A few months ago during Pacifica's baby shower, she accidentally made a bet with Mabel, and lost. What Mabel asked for was the right to name the new baby. Which Pacifica reluctantly agreed. Looking around the room and more specifically the presents that the other guests brought in, Mabel took her three favorite things: a Princess theme doll house, a Sparkly dress, and a bottle of imported Bubble bath. Thus naming her new niece Princess Sparkly Bubbles. Naturally Pacifica was less than thrilled about her baby's new name, and could have easily called off the bet, but she is a woman of her word and agreed to name her new daughter as such. Mostly because she didn't want to cause a rift between her and Dipper again. Dipper of course didn't approve of the name either, but never been one to contradict his twin sister so he silently put up with it. "Well at least she never tried to get one of us killed," Dipper joked while not really joking. "Speaking of which," he growled seeing who was approaching them.

"Pacifica Elise Northwest. Or is it North-Pines now." Preston said with a rather disapproving tone.

"Father, you made it." Pacifica said grinding her teeth, revealing her less than enthusiastic joy of seeing him again.

"Yes I was quite surprise to receive your invitation on the same day of the wedding." Preston accused.

"Really, I mailed those out weeks ago." Pacifica pretending to be shocked. "Well in the post office's defense, you and mom are living on a private island. I guess it takes awhile to deliver mail that far out." Pacifica chuckled recalling how she chose the cheapest delivery system to send the invite to her parents. That way they couldn't accuse her of not inviting them.

"Oh like you didn't know we have wi-fi," Preston shot back. Truthfully he's been keeping tabs on his daughter, which is how he found out about his new granddaughter and this wedding. "Still I am rather disappointed in you. I thought that after you agreed to marry James you finally matured out of this true love phase."

"Yes well I found marrying for money really isn't very fulfilling." Pacifica countered.

"And now you allow yourself to get knocked up by this commoner, which forces you to marry him!" Preston sneered glaring at Dipper.

"What's wrong Preston? Still upset that your little scheme of having me killed by the Troll Cartel failed?" Dipper mocked.

"You still think that was me?" Preston chuckled with amusement. "Boy if I wanted you dead I wouldn't have resorted to cheap theatrics; and believe me you wouldn't have been able to survive it. Which of course may still happen." Preston threatened.

"Then I guess you didn't know about the Troll's diamond smuggling?" Dipper challenged.

"Diamonds?" Preston's interested perked up.

"Yes, the Troll Cartel had control of a blue diamond mine somewhere in the Congo guarded by some crazy apes. Since Cartel never legally claimed the mine I was able to. Which just got approved. All I had to do was claim I found it." Dipper said proudly showing him the deed.

"Wait, you're saying that you own a mine of rare blue diamonds?" Preston choked. Both Dipper and Pacifica had a rather smug look on their faces. "Well it seems that maybe you're not a complete waste of humanity." Preston said as he nervously adjusted his tie. "Anyway, welcome to the family." Preston nodded politely before walking off.

"He took that rather well," Pacifica smirked.

"I guess you were right, money does solve everything." Dipper joked.

Moving along, Dipper and Pacifica decided to see how their kids were doing. They found their kids back with their other 'special guests'. For those who knew the bride and groom, it came as no surprise that they would invite some of their monster friends to the wedding. While some of the more ignorant guest were shocked and terrified to see real monsters, most merely assumed that the monsters were just weird looking people. "Cheers to the newly weds," the monster guests toasted.

"Thank you, I hope you're all enjoying yourselves." Dipper said.

"Yes sir. Thanks for inviting us." one of the monsters said. "By the way, why did you invite us?" the monsters asked.

"Well first off you are all our friends," Dipper stressed. "Also just like how this is a new start for me and Pacifica, I was hoping that maybe this can also be a new start for monster and human relationship."

"I think you're a little late on that Mr. Pines...I mean dad." Amelia said showing her smart phone with a video about a live press conference at DC.

"This is NNN live at Washington as Ambassador Stacy Wintergrin Spudinski has sign a landmark peace treaty bringing mythical monsters out into the open. Let's watch." the TV camera moved from the reporter to the podium in front of the capital. There they saw Stacy along with Spud and the President shaking hands with an elder Dragon and other members of the magical races.

"My fellow Americans, for the past 10 years now I have been working with the President to bring magic back into the world. Now I know that this will be a big adjustment for all of us. That many of you are afraid. I understand. I was scared too of monsters in my closet after finding out they are real. But for thousands of years, monsters have lived hidden from the world. Always in hiding, always seemingly apart from the real world. I believe that this should not be. We all live on the same planet. There's no reason why we can't coexist peacefully."

"I can't believe it. She stole our thunder! We were going to use our wedding to announce the existence of monsters to the world and she beat us to it." Pacifica ranted. "Man if she wasn't the master's wife I swear I'd burn her eyebrows off!"

"Master's wife?" Tyrone and Amelia questioned.

"Yeah that man there," Dipper pointing to Spud in the video. "That's the guy that taught me and Pacifica magic."

"Yeah right," Tyrone and Amelia laughed not really believing them.

"Oh and just a little shout out to my dear friends Pacifica and Dipper in Gravity Falls." They heard Stacy speaking in the video. "Congratulations on your wedding day and let me just say; it's about time you two." Stacy then blew a kiss to the camera.

"Well I guess I can forgive her just this once," Pacifica blushed. After all how can she be mad at someone that just gave them a shout out on national TV.

The Party continued without a hitch, with everyone enjoying the festivities. Especially the throwing of the bouquet, which every eligible bachelorette was present for, except Mabel. Mabel was busy in the kitchen still trying to cook the rice for her brother and sister-in-law. She couldn't decide on stir fry or pilaf. Which was kind of moot since she didn't know how to cook either. She finally decided on plain white rice, which Dipper and Pacifica reluctantly ate only because they appreciated the gesture. Also because Mabel was crying about missing the bouquet toss and they didn't want to upset her further.

*Epilogue 5 Years Later*

The North-Pines family arrived in San Francisco to see Tyrone and Amelia off to college. "There it is. I can't wait to start my classes." Amelia said admiring her new school. Amelia graduated High School valedictorian and is now going to a special college Ford Pines set up to study and understand monsters. Ever since Stacy announced to the world that monsters are real, there have been increased interest in studying them. Especially in Gravity Falls since they were among the first to integrate monsters into their community and schools.

"Mommy, why is Tie-ro and Ame leaving? Can I go too?" Princess Sparkly Bubbles asked.

"Look Bubbles, we've been over this." Pacifica tried to explain to her daughter.

"I'm not Bubbles," her youngest daughter laughed pointing to her My Little Pony T-shirt of unicorn Twilight Sparkle.

"Oh I'm sorry Princess." Pacifica corrected herself, recalling how Twilight is a pony princess, but her daughter just laughed at her mistake. Much to Pacifica's chagrin, her youngest seems to have inherited Mabel's brand of crazy especially when it came to her names.

After learning that she has three names, Princess Sparkly Bubbles made a game of it by shuffling her names, only using one name per a day. The only problem is that her selection process is completely random and the only clue to which name she's using is in the clothes she wears. Like wearing a Sparkly shoes one day for Sparkly, or a Powerpuff girls backpack for Bubbles, or a tiara for Princess. Sometimes she likes to mess with people by wear misleading clues, like wearing a shirt of unicorn Twilight when most people tend to forget that it is alicorn Twilight that is a princess. Hence her name in that instance is Sparkly from the name Twilight Sparkle.

"But Sparkly if you leave too then your mother and I will be very lonely." Dipper putting on a sad face. Being a natural detective that he is, Dipper always manages to figure out his daughter's name. Sometimes without even using the right clue.

"Okay I'll stay," Sparkly smiled believing that she's making choice to keep her parents happy.

"Speaking of Tie-ro, where is your brother?" Dipper asked looking for his son.

"You mean my butler? Where else, with his many admirers." Amelia said with a hint of jealousy. Even after five years, Amelia refuses to acknowledge Tyrone as her stepbrother and insist on keeping him as her personal butler. Often using the 'you almost killed my mother' card to keep him in line. Surprisingly Tyrone seemed to put up with Amelia's attitude and kept being her butler, even though both Dipper and Pacifica told him that he no longer had to be one.

Speaking of which, they saw Tyrone with a large group of monster girls. All of seemed rather sad that he's going off to college. "Don't worry my darlings, I promise I will return soon." Tyrone said giving each and everyone of them a kiss. Due to his trauma of Tracy's betrayal, and abuse by Amelia and Jane, Tyrone developed a phobia towards human girls. So during his High School career, he's only been dating monster girls. By the time he graduated Tyrone ended up being betroth to 27 monster princesses, earning him the nickname Finn the Man. There were rumors that Tyrone was having an illicit relationship with his stepsister, mainly because Amelia is the only human girl he interacts with on a regular bases. Naturally there was no proof of this but that didn't stop the tabloids from publishing the rumors.

"Hey Tee-Player, you better hurry or else we'll leave without you!" Jane warned. While Jane didn't make the cut, she begged her aunt Wendy to help her get in, and of course Wendy managed to sweet talked Dipper into pulling a few strings for her so now Jane is on a special scholarship. Truthfully Dipper might have done that anyway since he'd sleep better knowing that someone like Jane is watching his children's back the way Wendy used to watch his and Mabel's. Dipper even got Ramirez a job as a handyman if only to complete the next generation set.

"Alrighty then let us be off. 'We have kingdoms to save and women to love'." Tyrone quoting his and Dipper's favorite movie of all time.

"Speak for yourself," Jane and Amelia retorted as the three of them climbed onto a large cruise ship. Yup special school that Ford created is a ship that will sail around the world looking for and studying monsters all over. Or as Jane would put it, the adventure of a lifetime.

On the shore Dipper, Pacifica, and Sparkly waved goodbye as the ship started to cast off. They stood there until the ship disappeared over the horizon. "Well there go our kids," Pacifica cried.

"Yeah," Dipper gulped trying desperately to hold back his tears.

"Don't tell me you're jealous that they're doing what you always dreamed of doing but never gotten around to?" Pacifica teased hoping to lighten the mood.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't; but I'm also proud of them. After all it's a child's duty to surpass their parents." Dipper smiled. Pacifica gave her husband a light kiss on the cheek before they headed off back home to their own future.