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Carols of the bells in Labyrinthia.

It was a very special time in Labyrinthia, in which the Winter was in its depths and everything was covered in snow.

Professor Hershel Layton and his apprentice, Luke Triton, both strolled happily down the snowy pathway as they headed to Patty Eclaire's bakery. They both had planned to spend this holiday in the town of Labyrinthia and neither gentleman could wait until they got there and saw all of their old friends again and spread some Christmas cheer. The plan was to spend the whole week there with a few more friends joining them and, with the company of these extra friends, hopefully this shall be a great Christmas holiday!

But the streets were pretty quiet and empty.

Apart from the fridge cold whistling howls of the wind, it was deathly silent.

The only sound was the sound of snow crunching between their feet.

The Professor pulled at the tails of his scarf, tightening it around his neck as he swallowed uncomfortably when a small shudder got to him. He tightened his jaw and shuddered inwardly whilst he hugged himself in hopes to keep himself warm whilst he walked alongside his very cheery apprentice. He was quite excited but, being a true gentleman, he didn't let his excitement get the better of him.


The Professor blinked, taking his focus off himself for a minute, and looked down at the young boy dressed in blue. He smiled gently and he could feel his chest become warm enough to melt the snow with total endearment as he looked down at Luke, whom had started to hum the tune of "Jingle bells" beneath his breath as he closed his eyes and broke into a little jog of merriment.

"Yes, my boy?"

Luke stopped humming for a moment and tilted his head to one side in confusion.

"Why are we bringing extra gifts?"

The lad was referring to the extra Christmas presents (which would otherwise be unnecessary) that the Professor was carrying in a stack in his arms. The top hat-wearing-gentleman would sometimes have a rather difficult time carrying the lot but he somehow managed to balance both his steps and the boxes wrapped up in festive wrapping-paper so he couldn't drop either of them.

He glanced at Luke, dot-like eyes gentle, as he said, "It's a surprise, Luke."

Luke was a confused. A surprise? He hadn't been aware of any surprises but he could feel excitement brewing within him as he continued to canter alongside the gentleman wearing the top hat.

But then a voice from a distance caught his ears.

"Heeeey! Professor Layton! Luke!"

Luke paused, freezing on the spot.

He recognised that voice. He didn't think he'd ever forget it since there was only one woman he knew who had that sort of American accent with such a lovely tone of voice.

THe boy looked far ahead and saw two figures walking towards them, one was purple and the other was blue with black atop his head, the purple blur of a spectre raising their arms into the air and waving them around as though trying to catch his attention.

He instantly recognised who they were despite the far distance between them.

The shocked young apprentice glanced up at his mentor and gawked at him with wide eyes. He hadn't guessed that a certain blue-suited lawyer and his friend would be joining them in this festive time of year, he couldn't help but feel his heart swell hugely in his chest when he connected the dots as to what the previously mentioned surprise was. He couldn't help but beam when he figured it out.

"Maya and Mr. Wright are joining us?!"

The professor chuckled warmly at the boy's excitement and he nodded his head without saying a word.

Luke smiled widely when he heard that.

He couldn't help but feel that this Christmas was now going to be absolutely grand!

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Merry Christmas!