An Indirect Rejection (Kise Ryouta)

"Kyaaa~! Kise-kun look over here!"

Ryuu Konihara let out a breath of annoyance as she sullenly took in the horde of girls blocking the classroom door. It was currently lunchtime and she was in desperate need of her favourite curry bread from the cafeteria. Unfortunately, much to her dismay, she wasn't quick enough to avoid the swarm of rabid fan girls that were now blocking any chance of entering or exiting the classroom. Crestfallen, Ryuu dejectedly shuffled back to her desk grumbling under her breath.

The object of all the melodramatic squealing was none other than the ever so popular and shining idol, Kise Ryouta. Ryuu rolled her eyes at the pitiful mass of girls. It isn't as though Ryuu thought the blonde model was unattractive in any sense, she just didn't understand what set Kise apart from any other famous celebrity. All of the big names in the entertainment industry were never particularly interesting, they just blended into one big heap blinding attention.

Besides that point, there was no gain in gathering around an idol in the first place. It wasn't as if they would decide to date you anyways even after all your mindless following. How could you expect someone who spent half of his or her time around models, to even pay attention to a fan that followed them around like a lost puppy? Ryuu mentally sighed, maybe she just hated Kise. He was awfully loud and obnoxious once you get passed his looks.

A sudden voice knocked Ryuu out of her thoughts.


It seemed that in the midst of the crowd, the situation had gotten more intense. Or as intense as fan girls can get. Basically, a lost puppy or "fan" had been shoved into Ryuu's desk. Though no real damage was done to the owner of the desk, the poor girl was unconscious. Looking down at the now unconscious fangirl, Ryuu stiffly looked up to realize that almost the entire population in the immediate area was staring at her. A grumble was heard. The source? Ryuu's stomach. Awkward.

After the events that took place, Ryuu along with Kise, much to the distress of the rest of his fan club, had to carry the unnamed fangirl to the nurse.

"Sorry for the trouble, Ryuu-chan~," sing-songed Kise, his hands clasped in front of his face in an apologetic manner.

Standing outside the entrance of the nurse's office, said girl contently devoured a melon bun, a peace offering given to her by the yellow-haired male. Ryuu let out a satisfied hum.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," replied the raven-haired girl, having accepted the melon bread as an apology. "You had no control over the situation." Even though you really should be able to control those fans of yours, it's like they're a cult.

"Ah, but I still feel guilty Ryuu-chan~, how about I treat you to some snacks after school?" offered Kise, smiling.

Ryuu stared. "Could you please stop smiling like that?"


"I'm leaving now," turning on her heel, Ryuu walked back in the direction of the classroom, finding no more interest in the situation at hand.

Kise stood in the hallway gawking at her retreating form, dumbfounded over her remark and indirect rejection.