Because of Vanilla Body Wash (Kuroko Tetsuya)

Honestly, Ryuu had no idea how she managed to get into the situation. It didn't make any logical sense. Ryuu Konihara, with a total height of 5'3", was somehow enabling Kagami Taiga, a total height of 6'3", completely frozen with fear. As much as Ryuu would've liked to believe she was the source of his terror, she realized that Kagami was, in fact, cowering in fear from the dog that was resting on her head.

"Are you serious? You're scared of a little dog?"

Regaining some dignity, Kagami mustered up a weak glare, though it loses any effect of intimidation when you're shivering from a cute, fluffy puppy.

"S-Shut up!"

"Honestly, you could crush this dog easily," Ryuu stated, unimpressed. "Look, I kind of want to get to this new bakery opening soon, so if you could return this dog to Kuroko, that would be much appreciated." Quickly thrusting the pet into Kagami's arms, Ryuu turned to walk away.


Ignoring the loud red-head, Ryuu continued walking, thinking about the possible baked goods she would be able to buy. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Ryuu clearly underestimated the fear Kagami possessed for small cuddly creatures. To stop her from leaving, the giant decided to pick her up, throw her over his shoulder, and parade her down the street to look for Kuroko with the dog in her arms. Giving up, the black-haired lay limply, looking back at what she did prior to this moment to deserve this.

It all happened because of vanilla scented body wash. No seriously though. Apparently, the scent of vanilla attracts dogs. And Kuroko. Ryuu was just minding her own business, running a few errands, and a fluff ball came out of nowhere and jumped onto her head.

Carefully removing the ball off her head, Ryuu was greeted with the face of a dog, a really cute dog. She kind of wanted to hug it, which was strange because Ryuu Konihara doesn't like hugs. Originally she was neutral on the social conduct between close friends, however it now reminded her of an annoying yellow ball of sunshine that recently started bothering her. Staring down at the cute thing in her arms, a voice spoke behind her.

"Excuse me,"

Turning around, Ryuu met eyes with the human version of the tiny dog. Though she couldn't really talk about size considering she was below average height for her gender.

"Ah," Ryuu spoke in an emotionless tone. "You scared me."

Raising his eyebrow, Kuroko replied in an equivalent tone of voice, "I can feel the fear in your voice Konihara-san."

To explain how Ryuu knew Kuroko, they met at Magi Burger. All the tables were full, and although most people overlooked Kuroko, Ryuu was extremely aware of people, especially in crowds. Looking at Kuroko, she decided that he looked the least troublesome in the immediate area and promptly asked if she could sit down. Needless to say, this sparked some surprise in the usually expressionless phantom. They then quickly became acquainted with each other, having surprisingly compatible natures.

"I think he really likes the way you smell."


"You smell like vanilla."

"You're being creepy."

"Oh, my apologies."

"You don't sound the slightest bit sorry."

"KUROKO!" Breaking them out of their conversation, a wild tiger barged in tackling into Kuroko.

Just kidding, it was Kagami Taiga.

"Where did you go?!"

"Ah, sorry Kagami, I chased after Nigou," muffled out Kuroko. "Konihara-san meet Kagami. He's very loud."

"I can see that."

"Hah?! Who are you?"

"Anyways, I have to go, see you around Kuroko."

Ryuu then quickly placed Nigou on Kagami's head and left.


That brings us back to the situation at hand. Mentally making a note to change her body wash, Ryuu swept her eyes over the crowd searching for Kuroko. Surely, if he were here he would have noticed a tall, red idiot carrying her poor, pitiful self over his shoulder with a dog on her head. Sure enough, after some time Ryuu noticed Kuroko on the edge of the crowd walking towards them.

"Kagami-san, Kuroko is over there," Ryuu said, pointing over his shoulder.


"Stop moving and put me down," ordered the girl that was essentially half Kagami's size. "Softly."

Plopping on the ground, Ryuu turned and placed Nigou back into Kuroko's hands who by now had made his way towards them.

Staring into Kuroko's eyes with a sympathetic expression, Ryuu spoke," I pity you."

Kuroko stared back with equally remorseful eyes," Me too."

Quickly saying their farewells and completely ignoring the loud red-head's yells and protests, Ryuu turned back onto her original goal – the bakery. Having her fill of human interaction today, Ryuu prayed no more would go wrong.