Magnus and Alec ran out of the Institute's front doors in laughter. Alec almost falls to the ground but Magnus steadies him as they run down the steps in loud laughter. Clary and Jace storm out of the institute after them in complete anger. But it is impossible to take them seriously. They are both pink from head to toe. They both storm down the steps and stand in front of Magnus and Alec, furious.

"Alec! Magnus!" Jace and Clary yell at them.

"Does this even come off?!" Clary yells in question.

"It will eventually." Magnus breaks in laughter.

"This is not funny!" Jace yells at them and his face would be turning red if it weren't for the hot pink dye that Magnus and Alec covered them in. "Did you forget about the event for Maryse that is today?"

"Oh…" Alec stops laughing but can't manage to hold in his laughter. They looked ridiculous.

"Yeah, Oh…" Jace spit at him. "I'm getting really sick of your guys' pranks!"

"But they are so funny." Alec keeps laughing at them.

"No! It's not! I'm still washing glitter out of my hair and Jace is still being affected from that duck prank you gave us a week ago!" Jace shivers thinking back on the moment.

"That's exactly why their funny!" Magnus calms his laughter.

"Whatever, now instead of spending an hour with Izzy getting me ready, we need to spend an hour trying to get this dye off. Come on Jace!" Clary takes his hand and they both storm off back into the institute.

Clary scrubs repeatedly on her arms, face, and neck trying to get the dye off. She only managed to get most of the dye off of her face but there was still some on her cheeks. It wasn't coming off her arms, legs, or neck.

"I can't believe them…" Izzy says as she grabs makeup off her dresser and applies it on the spots were the dye isn't coming off her face.

"I know… We need to do something about them." Clary says in frustration.

"Well I can cover up the dye on your face but since it's not coming off you neck or arms you will have to wear one of these dresses from my closet. Here" she says grabbing a long dark blue dress from her closet and tossing it to Clary.

The dress was so long she almost tripped on it when she walked. It had long sleeves that flared out near the bottom. Clary managed to get some of the dye off her neck but not enough. Luckily this dress had a turtle neck on it that covered it up. She wasn't able to get the dye off of her hands and wrists so she tried her best not to be noticed. The dress was loose near the bottom that flowed when she walked. There was a black lace design on the whole dress that went well with it. Since Clary couldn't get the dye off of her scalp, so she just wore her hair down.

After an hour of Izzy applying makeup and helping Clary with the dress, they were done. Clary didn't recognize herself when she looked in the mirror. She felt like she had a million coats of makeup covering her face. Eventually Jace walked in not doing too good with the dye. He was wearing black jeans and a white button up, long sleeve shirt. Almost all of the dye was gone from his face and his hands, but there was still pink dye on his neck and his once beautiful golden hair now had an abundance of pink dye in it to. Since Jace has blond hair, his hair was dyed along with his skin.

"Guys! What am I going to do?" He asks in panic. "The dye isn't coming out of my hair!"

"Calm down. We can dye it but I don't know about getting it out and you still have dye all over your neck." Izzy says trying, but not doing a good job, to calm him.

"Yeah I know!" he raises his voice, startling Izzy. "But I want it out, Iz!"

"Come on then." Izzy pulls Jace and Clary into the bathroom, in a final attempt to get the dye out. Izzy lathered a million hair products in his hair, before digging her nails into his scalp like talons.

Izzy got all of the dye out of Jace's hair by scrubbing at his scalp viciously, with all the shampoo and conditioner product she had. Clary got some of the dye off of his neck but he has to wear his collar up so no one could see it.

They all headed down the steps and there are many people waiting downstairs talking with each other. They expected Maryse when they came down the steps, because everyone turned their heads towards them and some even began to clap their hands.

"Wrong people." Snickered Jace.

"So what's this big gathering thing about?" asks Clary.

"It's just a small celebration for our mother." Izzy sighs and they walk down the rest of the steps. "Wait, Shit! I knew I forgot something!" Izzy panics.

"What Iz?" Clary asks her.

"It's mom's birthday and I left her gift at your house!" Izzy whines.

"Why is it at my house?" Clary asks.

"I needed to hide it somewhere!" Izzy complains.

"…Okay?" Clary says confused. "What is it, exactly?"

"I got her the most beautiful diamond earrings I could find!" Izzy squeals. "I was in the mall with you after about an hour of convincing you to come shopping for new clothes. While we were shopping we passed the jewelry store and they had the most 'beautiful' earrings on display. I was going to buy them for myself then I realized that it would be the perfect gift to give mom for her birthday!" Izzy has a big grin plastered on her face now. "And mom can be really sneaky and I wasn't risking it so I left them at your house.

"Well then let's go to my house and get the earrings for your mom then!" Clary says.

"I don't see what the big deal is…" Jace whines.

"Nobody feels like dealing with you now Jace!" Izzy defends.

"Well you can be nice to me or I won't drive you two to go get the gift. You know, since I am the only one out of us that has a license" Jace smirks.

"Who said we were going to ask you!" Izzy points a finger at Jace.

"Well, it just seemed logical…" Jace grinned leaning against the wall in the hallway.

"Well." Izzy mocks Jace. "You know I can just call Simon and ask him to bring them here for me, right?"

"No…" Jace whines. "Don't invite the Vampire here. Besides we live on holy ground. He can't place one foot on this property!"

"I can go take them from him outside!" Izzy starts to yell causing a few weird looks from the guests. "Why do you have to be so difficult Jace?" Izzy pulls out her phone and dials Simon's number.

"Jace!" Clary says. "Don't be like that to Iz! She is doing something nice for your guy's mom and you are arguing with her!"

"What are you talking about Clary?" Jace smirks. "I argue with her all the time!"

"Yeah I know!" Clary says.

"Why not!" Izzy whines on the phone. "Please Simon?" Izzy pouts. "Jace is being an arrogant ass today because of one little prank, can you please?" Clary laughs at her remark of Jace. "Oh, okay… Well I will talk to you later…"

"Look what you did Jace!" Clary nudges his shoulder.

"Iz calls me an ass all the time Clare…" Jace says bored.

"Jace, get your damn keys. You're taking us to Clary's house." Izzy gives up and asks for Jace's help.

"Gladly." He fake smiles.

They all walk out the front of the institute and get into Jace's car. Jace gets in the driver's seat and starts up the car while Izzy and Clary sit in the back seat of the car.

"What?" Jace questionably says. "Nobody wants to sit by me?" he turns and looks back at them.

They both just stare at him with anger without saying anything.

"Ugh!" Jace complains. "Fine! I'm sorry for being an arrogant jackass that I normally am! Now would you stop looking at me like that?"

"Just get going so we can make it back in time." Izzy doesn't accept his apology but Clary feels bad for him.

Izzy, Clary, and Jace pull back up to the institute in silence, not saying much to each other. Izzy quickly gets out of the car with a small black box in her hand. Clary and Jace take their time getting out of the car and walk back up to the institute hand in hand. Nobody really said anything to each other on their way there and back.

When Jace and Clary enter the institute they already can't find Izzy. They look around the party for signs of Izzy but they can't find her. Eventually Jace just gives up and goes off to the party just standing around. Clary decides to go check upstairs in Isabelle's room and that's she finally found her.

"What Clary?" Izzy asks as she sits on her bed looking down at her hands.

"What's wrong?" Clary questions. "You haven't said much to me and especially Jace."

"I don't know." Izzy wipes away a stray tear that fell from her closed eyes.

Clary goes and sits next to her. "Iz… Something is obviously wrong. Please tell me. What made you so upset all of a sudden?"

"It's the same thing that's always made us all upset…" Izzy wipes her eyes with her gloved hands. "I can't stop thinking about Max… I can be having a great day like today. You and Jace came in to the institute with dyed pink skin that couldn't keep me from laughing." Izzy starts to smile. "I had my mind off of him for once… Then I had to call Simon, Jace started being an ass. Simon reminds me so much of Max. And Jace was being arrogant and a jerk. If Max was here then Jace wouldn't be like that… All of these thoughts kept crossing my mind and then I thought about how different we would all be if he was still here. If he was still here then maybe I would actually be a good person…"

"Iz what are you talking about, you are a great person." Clary places a hand on her shoulder. "But I get what you mean. I haven't really had anyone that means something to me die… But maybe you're right… Things could possibly be different if Max was here. But you guys are all good people and it wouldn't be any different if Max was still here."

"Thanks Clary…" Isabelle wipes a final tear from her eye and gets up along with Clary. They both walk out of her room and back out into the party. They both just walk around the party exchanging small talk. Then they realize that they haven't seen Jace in a while so they both start to look for him.

"Clary!" Isabelle yells when she finds Clary looking in the dining room for Jace. "Have you found him?"

"No…" Clary sighs.

"Damnit Jace!" Isabelle flusters.

"It's okay Izzy. We will find him and it's not like he can't take care of himself anyways…" Clary states.

"I know!" Izzy whines while she sits in one on the dining chairs. "He's just been such an ass lately I just don't feel like dealing with his crap right now!"

"I know…" Clary agrees sitting in the chair next to her laughing.

Their laughter stops when they hear a familiar voice call out to them. "Girl's, is that you in there?"


"Yes mom, it's just us." Isabelle says questionably.

Maryse walks in with a slight angered look on her face. "You know that you're not supposed to be out here yet…"

"Sorry Maryse." Clary speaks up this time. "We have been looking for Jace and we haven't found him."

"While he was down here he told me that he would possibly be going back to his room… Why don't you check there?" Maryse points out.

"Thanks mom, we'll go do that then." Isabelle gets up and walks out of the dining room with Clary following her. Both of the girls walk up the stairs to Jace's room and knock on his door.

"Oh, hey!" Jace says cheerfully opening the door

"Yeah hey? Where the hell have you been Jace?" Clary whines.

"I have only been in my room for like," he looks at his watch. "Like ten minutes…"

"Okay well then what are you doing up here?" Isabelle asks him frustrated.

"Is that any of your business?" Jace asks with a smirk.

"Jace," Clary glares at him. "Would you please do us all a damn favor and stop being an ass… Now tell us what the hell you are doing?"

Jace puts a hurt look on his face. "Well if you are going to be like that then I'm not going to tell you…" Jace turns and walks into his room. Isabelle and Clary follow him in his spotless room.

"What are you not going to tell us Jace?" Isabelle asks in frustration.

"Well… If Magnus and Alec are going to keep pranking us…" Jace puts and evil grin on his face. "I say that this is just the beginning of a Prank War."