So I have decided that this is the last chapter if you don't already know. I've finally figured out the ending and I hope you like it. I hope it turned out good, I have a feeling like it's not good enough and I don't know why! I hope you like it. I can't believe this has already come to an end. Thanks to everyone who has stuck through this whole story and who has been leaving great reviews. I made the chapter very long since I made you guys wait two whole weeks. Ughh, I'm so terribly sorry about that. But thanks to all of you for sticking through it and enjoying the story! Love you guys! Here we go…

Alec was shuffling through the books once again. For the past week that's all he has done. The only time he takes a break is when he is eating with Maryse and Tessa, consulting with Maryse and Tessa, using the bathroom, or dealing with a prank that Magnus leaves in the Institute.

So there he was again, sitting paranoid in the library with books circling and crowding the floor around him. Alec was beginning to find it cruel that Magnus was putting him in harm's way. He knew that Magnus knew Alec could handle himself and he fought demons more normally than anyone else. Magnus would normally have weak or not very harmful demons in the Institute so Alec had less of a chance of getting hurt. Alec let this thought slip away and paid more attention to the words on the page of the book his was reading through.

As the routine went. Alec searched through the books and finally came across something he thought was interesting. Little did he know, Magnus was going through the exact same thing…

Magnus jumped when he was flipping through TV shows on the television and was struck with an idea. He immediately picked up his phone and called Isabelle.

After three rings she finally picked up the phone to an anxious Magnus Bane.

"Hello?" Her voice spoke calmly from the other line of the phone.

"Izzy!" Magnus nearly yelled after he heard her from the other end of the phone. "I need you to do something for me!"

"And that thing would be… what exactly?" Isabelle spoke annoyed from the phone.

"Don't you get snippy with me darling." Magnus grew impatient. "This thing would happen to include pranking your brother."

"Really?" Her voice grew excitedly.

"Yup!" He was jumping up and down on his seat on the couch.

"So what do I have to do?" Isabelle spoke wickedly.

"Why don't you stop by my flat and I can discuss the plan with you…" Magnus grinned. "Oh! And bring Simon."

Isabelle pulled into the parking lot of the building she was assigned to meet at. The one building that held Magnus' flat. She got out of the car and Simon got out of the driver's side of the car. As they headed up the stairs to Magnus's door, they realized that everything was different. They didn't know how many teams were still in. And since when were Magnus and Alec on separate teams?

Isabelle knocked on the door and heard Magnus yell from inside for them to come in. Magnus was lounging on the couch in the living room and he jumped up from where he was sitting upon seeing it was Simon and Isabelle that were at the door.

Isabelle sat down on the couch Magnus had jumped up from so Magnus sat back down and hugged her in excitement. "I have such an amazing idea!" he squealed excitedly.

"I know!" Isabelle was grinning from ear to ear. "You better tell me what it is now or else the suspense is going to kill me! But first can you tell me where we are at right now in the war?"

"Well… Maryse and Tessa joined, you know that much decided to switch teams around since it was just us left. So Alec was on a team with Tess and I was with your mom." Isabelle nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Tessa and Maryse were beginning to have enough with the war and were terribly annoyed. So they quit and left Alec and I to be the only ones left."

"Wow…" Isabelle said in awe.

"I've never realized how far this stupid little game has come." Simon sighed, leaning back on the couch and put his arm around Isabelle.

"Hey!" Magnus and Isabelle said in unison.

"It's not stupid!" Magnus spoke with a huff and crossed his arms. "And it's not a game, it's a prank war…"

"Sorry." Simon put his hands up in surrender and sat up.

"But anyways, back to the plan." Magnus focused more on Isabelle. "I want you to deliver Alec some news."

Isabelle nodded. "What news?"

"Don't worry, the news is fake. At least it better be." Magnus assured her with a slight glare. "I just want you to tell him that you are pregnant and that it's Simon's."

Isabelle's mouth was agape and Simon's posture had stiffened and he looked at Magnus as if he were insane. "Well, I'm not actually pregnant. Don't worry." Isabelle spoke with a slight smile.

"You realize I'm probably going to die if she does that right?" Simon spoke trying to change Magnus' plan.

"And you do realize that you are already dead, right… Daylighter?" Magnus asked.

"I mean dead, dead." Simon rolled his eyes. "Like no longer moving or speaking."

"Yeah, yeah… I knew what you meant." Magnus waved away at him. "He won't kill you, don't worry… At least I don't think he will."

Simon let out a frustrated moan and fell back into the couch.

"Stop your complaining." Isabelle let her hand rest on Simon's arm. "Besides, this is going to be funny."

"Not for me!" Simon threw his hands in the air in frustration. "Besides. There isn't a way I could get her pregnant. I'm a vampire, we can't reproduce."

"We could tell him that since you're a Daylighter, it managed to get her pregnant." Magnus shrugged. "Seems believable enough to me. Alec's so protective of her anyways I don't think he is going to question that before he chokes you to death." Magnus grinned.

"Uggghhh…" Simon put his head in his hands. "Isabelle would you prepare my funeral for me?"

"You're going to be fine!" Isabelle calmed him. "I won't let him put a finger on you."

"Fine." Simon looked up at her nervously. "Magnus, when do you want us to do this?"

Magnus smirked. "Right now is perfectly fine for me."

Alec rushed down the hall across the living room doors, grabbing Tessa and Maryse' attention. He slowed down his speed once he approached the front door of the Institute and grabbed his coat from the coat rack on the wall.

"Alec!" Maryse yelled for him.

"Yeah mom?" Alec slid his arm in his coat sleeve. "You remember what I told you right?"

"Yeah, yeah." Alec rolled his eyes. "I'll be alright."

"You better!" She scolded. "I wasn't sure if the Iratze was going to work on your foot that you nearly broke from jumping out of that window. You're lucky it did."

"I know, I know mom." Alec grew impatient. "I'll be fine," Alec turned around and faced his mom and gave her a hug. "I promise."

Once they let go of the hug they heard a knock from the front door. Alec walked to the door and saw his sister and Simon near the front gates. Isabelle looked completely nervous but excited.

"Yes?" Alec raised his eyebrows in curiosity.

"Alec!" Isabelle hugged her brother. "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. I need to talk with you."

"Yeah Iz. What is it?" Alec questioned looking over at Simon standing by the gates.

"I'll meet with you were its non-holy ground so we can both talk to you." Isabelle smiled brightly. "I just need to speak with mom first."

"Okay?" Alec said, "I'll go with Simon."

"Thanks!" She hugged him one final time and ran inside to speak with their mom.

Alec closed the front door behind him and walked down the stone path in the front yard to meet up with Simon. Simon was leaning against the marble pillar he looked at the ground with nervousness.

"Oh, hey Alec!" Simon waved and stood up straight, walking towards Alec.

"Hey Simon." Alec said calmly with suspicion. "What's going on?"

"Oh, uh." Simon scratched at the back of his head and pondered, making Alec even more suspicious. "We just need to talk to you about something."

Even though that didn't answer Alec's question, he let it go knowing he wasn't going to actually answer his question. He silently walked next to Simon as they headed down to the unholy ground of the Institute.

They waited in the old ragged room in silence as they both waited for Isabelle. She soon came walking through the door. She had a nervous smile still plastered on her face. Alec gave her a questionable look and she smiled at him before walking to Simon and gabbing his hands.

"So…" Alec spoke, his voice echoing through the slightly empty room. "What is it you need to talk to me about?"

"Well…" Isabelle looked down at the floor and back up to Alec before speaking. "First, please don't be angry. We didn't know this was going to happen, we thought it was impossible." Alec nodded completely clueless of what she was about to say. "I'm… I'm pregnant."

Alec's eyes widened and he looked back in forth between Simon and Isabelle. He wasn't frowning yet but the burning glare in his eyes burned into Simon immensely. Simon began to feel scared, he was waiting for Alec's outburst. He took a while before speaking to wither of them.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Alec screamed, his eyes glaring and eyebrows slanted.

"Listen, Alec." Isabelle calmed him.

"No!" Alec ran up to Simon, grabbing him by the collar of his flannel shirt. He lifted him up by the hem of his shirt he had grabbed, his feet dangling above the ground. "How dare you do this to my sister! How did you do it? It's completely impossible for vampire!"

"Alec!" Isabelle screamed! "Put him down and I'll explain!"

Alec looked at her with a glare, still holding Simon up by the collar of his shirt. Finally, but unwillingly, he put him down. Simon darted from Alec and hugged Isabelle, looking at her brother with fear glinting in his eyes.

"Damnit Alec…" Isabelle hugged Simon back, running her fingers through his hair to calm him down. "You could've not traumatized him as much."

"Sorry, but hearing the news that someone impregnated my sister, isn't exactly amazing to hear!" Alec fumed.

"That doesn't mean you have to strangle him!" Isabelle argued.

"I didn't strangle him!" Alec defended himself. "And, again, I ask. How did you get pregnant if he's a vampire?"

"I honestly don't know. We would ask Magnus but we know you're busy with the prank war. I figured we would at least tell you." Isabelle sighed. "So far, we have the idea that he is a Daylighter. And it's somehow also effected other things for him, instead of just being able to walk in the sunlight."

Alec ran a hand through his hair in confusion, looking at the floor. "That doesn't make sense…"

"Well…" Isabelle sighed. "I know for a fact its Simon's."

"How could you be so irresponsible Izzy?!" Alec asked with frustration.

"Are you serious Alec?" Isabelle was baffled. "You're really going to yell at me about this? I had no idea it would happen and-"Isabelle cut off to let out a laugh. Simon was grinning next to her, trying to hold back laughter, but he still stayed as far away from Alec as possible.

"What?" Alec was bewildered. Isabelle kept trying to hold back more laughs, but both of them broke into fits of giggling together. "What's going on?"

"Alec, ha, I'm sorry." Isabelle said between laughs. It was nearly impossible for her to speak. "I'm not actually having a baby."

Alec looked at them with confusion. "So… You're not pregnant?" Alec asked questionably but with a small shred of hope.

"No Alec." Isabelle stopped laughing finally. "I'm not pregnant."

"But- Then why?" Alec waved his hands exasperatedly in confusion.

"It's complicated." Isabelle smirked.

"What?" Alec glared and racked through his brain. Isabelle hugged him and wished him a good luck and good bye, leaving him alone and walking out with Simon.

Alec leaned against the bench he was standing next to in the room, running his hand through his hair again. "What the hell just happened?"

Tessa and Maryse heard the front door of the Institute slam shut and Alec storm down the hall.

"Sounds like Isabelle told him the news." Maryse smirked.

"Huh?" Tessa raised an eyebrow. "What happened? Why is he so set off?"

"Magnus sent Isabelle to the Institute to tell Alec that she was pregnant. I'm guessing Magnus got the reaction he wanted. Alec doesn't seem too happy."

"No!" A shout came from the door way of the living room they were sitting in. "I'm not happy!" Alec stormed in from the hallway.

"It's alright Alec." Maryse calmed him. "She didn't mean for it to happen."

"Cut the crap, mom." Alec fumed. "She told me she wasn't actually pregnant."

Maryse stayed silent as she held back a grin and a laugh.

"I don't understand why she would do that?" Alec was still confused. "Do you know why?"

"I don't know." Maryse smirked. Alec went to retort that she knew something but he decided it wasn't worth it. So instead of worrying about the strange events that have just occurred, he headed over to Magnus'. Having a slight feeling that he had something to do with this.

He ran out of the Institute and out into the cold night air. It was getting late and it was very dark out, stars shining from the sky. Alec decided to take his car to grab some supplies and head to Magnus'.

Alec rushed back to his car, with the supplies in his hand. He sped back to Magnus' building and pulled into the parking garage. Hopefully Magnus was asleep by this point so Alec could go through with the prank. Magnus couldn't be up or wandering around. He had to be in one spot, unknowing of anyone being there.

Alec grabbed the many bags that he got from the store and headed to one of the windows. He didn't have a ladder this time so he would have to improvise.

He saw a garbage can sitting nearby so he decided that would work for now. He placed the cylindrical container under the window and stood on top of it. He was able to reach the window by this point and slightly open it. He tossed the supplies in one by one before trying to get in.

Alec jumped up from the standing point on the garbage can and grabbed ahold of the window sill. He was hanging by the window from one hand while he opened up the window with his free hand and pulled his body inside of the window with no effort.

He was now standing in the kitchen of Magnus' flat. Alec slowly walked to the door and peered out into the living room. Magnus wasn't to be seen. Alec walked to Magnus' room hoping he would find him there.

To his luck, he saw Magnus laying on his bed wrapped in the sheets of the comforter, sound asleep. Alec smiled to himself and finally set out the prank.

He had to set out the tiny, individual pieces all on the floor. Letting no spots of the wooden floor be shown, or any place to step. The process was very slow, and it took Alec over an hour. But finally he stood back in the doorway of the room and looked at the finished prank.

He left the room quickly, trying not to make any noise to wake up Magnus, and headed back out of the window so he could go home.

Magnus slept soundlessly the whole night after he sent Isabelle and Simon to help a prank for Alec. He was relieved to know Alec didn't actually kill Simon, but at the same time he found it funny he was nearly to the point of strangling him. He found this thought quite twisted and became concerned.

He woke up slightly early the next morning. The sun was barley out and it was kind of gloomy outside. He sat up, stretching his arms above his head, his back popping in the process. Magnus sifted the blanket to the side and yawned, his feet hanging above the floor.

He ran a hand through his messy hair before standing up. A sharp stinging pain spread through his feet, and let out a loud swear before jumping back on the mattress and grabbing at his injured feet. There were tiny painful stinging pains spread out all through the bottom of his feet.

Magnus examined the bottom of his foot for the sign of the pain. All along his feet were small thumb tacks. "What the hell? Alec are you kidding me?!" Magnus' eyes went wide at the measure Alec went for this prank. Blue sparks shot from Magnus' fingertips and he conjured all the small needles out of his foot with a slight pain.

Magnus looked around the room and saw what else Alec had done. Not only did he put some by the end of his bed, he placed them in every single spot of the room, and there were some even in his bathroom.

More sparks shot from his fingers and he shoved the tacks from the floor to the sides of the room. He conjured them into one pile before flashing them out of his home and headed to the living room and grabbing his phone and dialing the Institutes number.

Alec woke up the next morning to his mother shaking him awake.

"Alec." Maryse shook at his shoulders, trying to wake him. "Alec!"

"Okay, okay!" Alec sat up rubbing his eyes. "I'm up mom. What do you want?"

"You've got a caller." Maryse handed him the phone. "And you might be surprised."

Maryse walked out and Alec spoke into the phone. "Hello?"

"Oh hey Alec." Magnus' calm voice came from the receiver of the phone. "I see you didn't stay awake for your prank you pulled on me?"

Alec smirked. "No sorry, I didn't know you'd be up so early." Alec laughed. "I'm going to go ahead and assume you told Isabelle to come to the Institute and tell me the 'news.'"

"Yup." Magnus laughed. "That's not against the rules right?" He suddenly became worried.

"I don't think so." Alec spoke. "But if so, I think I'll let it slide. Besides, I would prefer that prank over others you have pulled."

"You're right. At least I never put tacks all over you're floor so you would step on them and injure your foot." Magnus laughed.

"Yeah… Sorry about that." Alec scratched at the back of his neck. "So why'd you call me?"

"Oh! Right." Magnus spoke. "So I've been thinking that this prank war has been going on for so long. And I miss my boyfriend. I have no one to cuddle anymore, you took my Chairman, what am I supposed to do?!" Magnus heard Alec laugh. "I've found a way to end it, since it seems like no one is going to get caught any time soon. So…" He began.

Magnus and Alec now stood in the park, standing far away from each other. They both walked up to each other, each carrying a large bag.

Once they met up Magnus spoke. "So, here are the rules…" Magnus began. "You have the balloons right?" Alec nodded at his question. "I said you could do anything to them to add a difficulty. First one to give up loses. Since you're a shadowhunter and you'll probably be amazing at this, then I can use my magic. Are you okay with that?" Alec nodded once again. "If you run out of ammunition, then I can conjure more. I promise no tricks. Ready?

"Yup!" Alec nodded with a glare. Magnus put on their glamor's and began. Even though the park was nearly deserted despite a couple people. He figure it would probably be a better idea.

They both ran to opposite sides of the area they were in and began.

"GO!" Magnus shouted and Alec immediately threw a blue balloon at him. Magnus smirk when it barely missed him, despite he was very far away from him.

Magnus shot a balloon back at him and missed, the balloon exploding in sparkles on the ground. Alec smirked noticing what Magnus had done so he threw another at him, but missing so it hit a tree right next to him, exploding with black ink.

Magnus was suddenly caught off guard, looking at the black stained tree and was hit with a balloon. The ink filled balloon hit him in the chest, splattering all over his shirt and dotting his face. Despite Alec being far away, he could tell Magnus was glaring at him, plotting revenge. Magnus tossed a balloon in the air, it hovering in front of him as blue sparks webbed from his fingers. He shot the balloon at him with his powers and the balloon hit him in his shoulder, the glitter drenching the side of his shirt and the side of his face and hair.

Alec stepped back, catching his balance at how hard the balloon hit him. He smirked and grabbed another balloon, aiming for Magnus' head this time. He threw the balloon at him quickly but Magnus stopped it in time, the balloon hitting an invisible wall and stopping in front of Magnus' face. He heard Magnus laugh so he took another shot, making the balloon fly quickly through the air and hitting Magnus' forehead.

Alec laughed as he saw the black ink splash through his hair and down his face. Magnus wiped at his eyes and mouth, getting the ink out of his eyes and mouth. Magnus flicked his hands, getting the ink off and grabbing another balloon.

Magnus shot the balloon at Alec and missed, so he quickly grabbed another to throw Alec off. But he threw at least five more, still missing as Alec dodged as fast as a vampire, or stuck his hand out to block it or even catch it from hitting him.

"Damnit Alec!" Magnus yelled and shot blue sparks at Alec, freezing him. Magnus threw a balloon and right before it hit him he unfroze Alec so the glitter splashed into his dark hair and poured down his face.

Alec was frightened at what happened, it scared him out of his wits. The balloon just suddenly appeared and hit him on the top of the head, he figure Magnus was using his magic for more than just shooting the balloons now.

This entire process continued for a while, them both continuously shooting balloons back and forth. Magnus was covered from head to toe in black ink. Alec was covered in multi-colored glitter. Magnus had even added a few balloons filled with a special paint. Alec was painted in a rainbow covered with glitter. They both look ridiculous and were beginning to get exhausted. Magnus' magic was even beginning to loose its power.

Magnus was panting, hidden behind a tree as Alec began to charge at him. No matter how many balloons he shot at him, they missed or didn't effect Alec at all. So he began to run.

He could hear Alec's heavy breaths from the other side of the tree he was behind. Magnus peered around the corner of the tree as it grew dead silent. Alec wasn't there anymore.

Magnus suddenly felt a balloon pelt him in the back of the head. As he quickly turned around he was tackled to the ground and Alec was on top of him. Magnus began to laugh at Alec's appearance. His face was red, pink, blue, green, and much more, the glitter on top made it even better. Alec was giggling at Magus' appearance as well. He was covered in black ink besides small rings around his eyes, mouth, and nose.

"Give up!" Alec yelled.

"Never!" Magnus fought as Alec pinned his hands to the ground. Magnus tried to get Alec off of him with his magic, but when he look down the sparks shot out of his hand in small flecks before dying out.

Alec smirked. "Looks like you are helpless now." Alec said. He pinned his hands above his head on the ground with one hand before grabbing another balloon sitting next to him.

Magnus saw another one of his balloons sitting right next to him but he couldn't get away from Alec. He used all of his strength to wretch his hand from Alec's grip and grab the balloon before tossing it into Alec's face, getting the paint over both of them. Alec had thrown one right after them at Magnus, hitting his chest with more black ink.

Magnus began to get out from under Alec, but he was pinned back down before he could get away. "Damnit!" Magnus complained.

"I guess this means I win?" Alec grinned evilly.

"No, no. This can't be!" Magnus exaggerated.

"Sadly, it is Magnus." Alec grinned in excitement.

"Ugh…" Magnus laughed. "I never thought I could be defeated at this. I used to be the king of pranks. But I can at least say I'm proud of you."

Alec laughed at Magnus made his speech.

"I give up." Magnus smiled, pretending to be crying. "You win…"

"Yes!" Alec celebrated. Letting go of Magnus and jumping up. He began jumping around like a child. Magnus stood up and laughed and began running around the park with him. Alec hugged him and kissed him passionately. They both laughed again at how ridiculously they looked, but now they had mixed paint spread around their lips.

"I love you." Alec spoke letting go of their hug and grabbing his hand.

"I love you to. Congrats, on wining the ultimate prank war!" Magnus grinned big and walked away from the area they fought the water balloon battle in. They headed back to Magnus' flat to wash off the ink and paint, and finally get some rest without worrying if a prank would be sitting right in front of them when they wake up. They can final. They can finally be with each other instead of battling with pranks. This was something they won't forget in a while.

I hope you liked it! I always imagine a battle like that at the end of stories like this. I think the ending turned out better than I thought, but I'm not sure... The ending is always the hardest. But thank you again to all of you who have read this and liked it. I got help from a lot of you and met some really great people that helped me out. I hope you've enjoyed this story. I hope to see you guys in other stories! Thank You So Much! :D :D