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I remember my mother telling me that high-school was fun, and that you would never forget you time there...she forgot to finish the sentence with 'no matter how hard you try'. That is what I am thinking as Mr. Wayland hands me back my math test. It has a large 60% plastered in the right corner. A sad mark of shame that I can pile on my other sad marks of shame in his pre-calculus class. I am terrible at math, I always have been, and with how things are looking, I certainly always will be.

I am sorrowfully tempted to try ripping my bright red hair out root by root. It is quite possible that Mr. Wayland wouldn't notice. I sit in the middle of the row furthest away from his desk, and I am very short. It might make me feel better, though if. I am caught, he might refer me to the councilor, who, might just refer me to the nearest insane asylum.

Deciding that the calculated risk isn't worth it, I, instead, decide to look two rows over at my twin brother, Jonathan Morgenstern. He has pale, almost white, blonde hair, and a well built, tall frame. The only way people can even tell that we are related is our matching green eyes and pale complexion, though his is void of freckles...lucky prick.

He smiles my way smugly, and that tells me all I need to know: he at the very least passed. Knowing, Jon, though, he did a lot more than pass. I am officially not talking to him. I look away, and cross my arms defiantly, my face set in a childish pout, and I am too upset to care. Stupid Jon and his stupid ability with numbers and letters and angles...and whatever else was on that abomination of a test.

Against my will, my eyes stray again, and I spot another head of blond hair, which is at the front of the row next to mine. Jon's best friend, probably even closer than we are, Jace Herondale. Jace, who I dubbed the Golden Boy, when I wasn't aggravated with him, seems to have a golden tint to him everywhere. His hair, which curls its way down to his ears, is golden blond, his skin, which is completely flawless, has a golden tan to it, and his eyes are like a liquid gold.

Of course, all the girls completely fall at his feet and he could choose whichever he wants for everyday of the week if that is what he chooses to do. Sometimes it seems like it. Of course, he isn't stupid enough to even think of approaching me like that. I'm Jon's sister, younger by five minutes, which he never lets me live down, and that was all I would ever be to him. Thank God.

Jace Herondale is just Jace to me. I've known the idiot since I was three and we all went to the same preschool together. I don't think I can handle Jace hitting on me...well actually hitting on me.

We banter back and forth a lot to irk Jon, but he knows that we aren't serious, and we know that we aren't serious, so that is all that counts.

I look away from Jace's attractive profile-yes, I said attractive; I'm not blind-and look at his paper, which is sitting face up for the world to see his grade. I see a one and two zeros, and before my mind can even process what those three numbers mean when put together on a math test, I am already wishing that he will fall off a cliff...carrying my brother.

As thoughts of being an only child, without Jon and Jace around to make me look like an utter dumbass, run through my head, Mr. Wayland walks over to his desk, and announces, "Your easiest test of the year, and the class average wasn't satisfactory. A seventy two percent. Only two people in the class made hundreds, Mr. Herondale, and Mr. Morgenstern."

Of course they did.

Jon turns to look at me again, his smug smirk set firmly into place. I send one back that screams 'sleep with one eye open', but I don't think he heeds my warning.

I see Jace turn around and look at Jon first, casting him his 'We're so freaking awesome!' smirks, before turning his attention to me. I look at him with a raised eyebrow, a silent dare for him to gloat. He lets out a small breath through his nose that is obviously a laugh, probably at my expense, before he casts me a wink.

I simply give him the same glare that I gave my brother, and his smile falters. Good. At least I know I can still scare Golden Boy. They both need to be careful...I am officially after blood!

"I can't believe you!" I snap as I slam my math binder over Jon's hunched over back. He is cowering slightly in fear from my fiery rant.

He, Jace and I are standing in front of my locker during the break between our fifth and sixth period classes, which for me is pre-calculus and English. I hear Jace snicker behind me, and turn around, using all of my momentum to catch him on the back of the head with my weapon. He yelps slightly and ducks his head down, most likely to block his precious face from being damaged.

Can't have that, I think to myself dryly as I roughly open my rusted green locker door. It reads 249 in faded letters. Of course there are some not so nice things that were scribbled on the paint besides the numbers, quite a few of them are addressed to me because of my relationship to Jace. I grab my English book out of the locker before slamming the door, ignoring the set of fingers that were in the doorway, and not apologizing for almost taking them off as I turn back around.

Jace yelps as the door shuts and snatches his hand out of the way before it can be hit. I don't say anything other than, "I hate both of you, and hope that you slip and fall in a puddle of drool that your fan club decided to leave behind while you're walking to Spanish."

I figure that is one of the most hateful things I can muster, because it hits their fan base along with wishing them harm. Smiling in satisfaction, I walk out of the building and into the courtyard.

Does anyone else have a daily routine? Mine consists of being escorted to my locker by my brother and Jace so they can annoy me for three precious minutes of my life, and once I leave them to go to my next class, which is on the other side of the school.

Of course.

This is the only English teacher that didn't want to be put with the other languages and history teachers in the main building of the school. So I have to walk across the campus to the dingy side that had only one classroom that always smelled just like her perfume. Old and musty. I don't have much use for Ms. Fairchild. The feeling is totally mutual.

That's not even the worst part, mind you. The smelly and boring classroom, where the teacher hates me, is a haven compared to the fifty hellish yards that I have to cross everyday to get there. You see, almost every girl at school is under the impression that because Jace and I spend so much time together, that we're going out…so naturally I'm the most hated girl in school. It's not my fault that they're whores and that he's a bigger whore than all of them put together.

So they think that this time, where I'm dashing from fifth period to sixth, is when to strike. They're right too. I'm all alone, and short redheaded girls don't tend to fare well against an army of sluts, no matter how skilled. I don't really want to risk an STD because one of them scratches me, or something.

I shudder at the thought, as I hurriedly walk through the courtyard, cursing Isabelle for having designing for fifth period. She was already near the area, so she was of no help when it came to warding off Jace's mad group of admirers.

The classroom is in sight when the first girl blocks my way. "If it isn't Easy Clary," Kaelie Whitewillow sneered, flipping her long blond hair behind her shoulder as she looks me up and down in disdain.

"Are you sure you haven't gotten something confused there?" I question raising an eyebrow as Seelie Queen walks from behind me and into my eyesight.

"No," Seelie said, crossing her arms. She smiles at me, but I know that this smile is the I am thinking about squishing you like a bug smile. Comforting.

"Can I help you?" I ask crossing my arms, and frowning. "I really don't have time for this. You are both whores, so go and screw around with someone else who has time, I'm sure that it won't be hard for you to find someone."

"What does he even see in you?" Kaelie demands, her cheeks flushing as her blue eyes light up in anger at my insult.

I feel a swell of pride at being able to piss her off so quickly. It is a true accomplishment.

"Who is he?" I ask wearily, already knowing what the answer is going to be.

"Jace, you nitwit," Seelie snaps, apparently annoyed by my ignorance. "Why would he go out with something as ugly as you?"

I feel something inside of me snap as the bell rings. I am not about to sit in a courtyard and be picked on by a couple of stupid bitches that have nothing better to do, over a boy that I'm not even dating! "I'm only going to tell you this one time, you dumbass!" I find myself snapping at the top of my lungs, causing a group of freshmen on their way to get tardy passes to pause and stare at me in fear, "I am—"

"Too pretty to be out here arguing over why you're my girlfriend," a familiar voice says from behind me.

I blink and it takes me a few seconds to actually process what I just heard, and fit it with the voice that I just heard it from. I conclude that this is impossible and that I am simply hallucinating, because that voice sounds a lot like Jace, and Jace would never say anything like that…right?

I take in the looks on Kaelie's and Seelie's faces. They both look stricken and downright shocked.

This tells me all that I need to know, and I spin around hurriedly, and smack face-first into the firm surface of Jace's chest.

I look up at him with wide eyes, and he smiles down at me. His large, golden eyes are bright, like they are when he's up to something. I am not beyond afraid, because now his scheme had dragged me into it, and I am not sure if that is something that I am going to handle very well. I very rarely do.

"Come on, Clare," he says, slinging an arm around my shoulder and pulling me against his side. I am too shocked to argue, or to do much other than allow him to encase me in a strong, one-sided grip. "I'll walk you to class. I've got to go to Ms. Fairchild's anyway."

He starts leading me forward, and away from the two stunned bystanders. I numbly walk along with him. I am sure that he can feel the tenseness in my back and shoulders under his arm, though he does not say anything about it.

Once we are near Ms. Fairchild's classroom, and out of earshot of the girls, Jace stops, and I shrug off his arm. "What the hell was that?"

"Well, Clary, my dear," Jace said, his lips twitching from apparently barely contained laughter, "That was me helping you with the popular girls, if I'm not mistaken."

"Helping me?" I demand. "Jace, you just told them that we were actually going out! They were giving me a hard time before because they suspected it on some level or at least thought that you liked me. Now they know, they're going to be insufferable!"

"You're being insufferable right now, Clary," Jace says calmly, "Everything is going to be okay. They were being mean, because they thought that we were getting close, and that if they scared you off they had a chance of going out with me."

I see something flash on his face as he speaks, though I cannot quite place the emotion. It seems like it is a depressing one, and the thought saddens me slightly. I sigh, and walk forward, wrapping my arms around his middle, suddenly feeling bad for scolding him when his heart had been in the right place.

I hug him softly, and feel him return it. "So, what do we do now?" I ask, suddenly sure that the rumor is going to be all over school by seventh period.

"You," he says, "are going to limp into class, stating that you fell, and I was there to help you up, which is why you were so late, though you don't think that it's bad enough to go to the nurse's office for. She ought to buy that. As for the other thing," Jace shrugs. "We can pretend, if you want. It'll stop girls from jumping on my back every other second; I am stunningly handsome, after all," at this comment I roll my eyes, "It'll keep them off your back also."

I bite my lower lip and then I just shrug, "Fine," I finally say. How hard can it be pretending to be Jace Herondale's girlfriend?

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