"I don't want to leave her, Uncle Jesse." Bo said resisting his Uncle Jesse's attempts to get him out of the room.

Carol-Lynn was losing a lot of blood and starting to pale.

'Ah no…please no. I wanted kids with her…but not like this…not if it meant losing Carol-Lynn. God don't take her. If someone has to go take me leave her alive and take me in her place please.' Bo begged in thought when he noticed the shape of Carol-Lynn.

"I'm not leaving her Uncle Jesse." Bo said putting his figurative foot down.

Luke watched Bo's in-laws during this despite his bad feeling. Bo stared at Carol-Lynn still holding the twins. At about that time Daisy entered the room and gently took the twins from the room and to the kitchen. Bo was knelt at Carol-Lynn's side within seconds of Daisy taking the twins and was holding Carol-Lynn's hand praying for god not to take her but before long her hand went limp and she was almost as white as the sheets on her. He stared into her lifeless eyes a few moments and something changed in him in those moments. Bo stood and walked out looking pale himself. Bo looked towards his cousins, in-laws and children and walked out of the farmhouse needing some air. Uncle Jesse walked out of the bedroom about then.

"We lost Carol-Lynn a little while ago." Uncle Jesse said sadly.

Everyone gasped. Jesse looked at Boss and Lulu. Jesse was worried about Bo. Bo had told the names of the twins as they came or he held them. The boy was named Brian Jesse Duke and the girl Martha but Bo had stopped at the first name when they started losing Carol-Lynn. Bo ran out to the barn and climbed into the loft. Luke followed him.

"Bo…" Luke started.

"Just leave me alone." Bo said, but it was muffled by hay.

"I don't think so." Luke said.

"Luke...just...LEAVE ME ALONE! JUST GO!" Bo shouted angrily.

"I need to be alone." He said pushing past Luke and left in the General before Luke could react.

Bo left Hazzard again and went to a bar in a neighboring town.

To Be Continued…