THIS IS IN CELEBRATION OF ME FINALLY GETTING THE DVD OF HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2! The transcript isn't really that good, I feel, but it's the only one I was able to find. No one else has done this movie yet, but if anyone knows another please let me know. This is my first 'watching the movie' fic, all reviews are welcome.

I'm going to keep the introduction short because I really want to get on with the actual watching part…

There was a loud thump and many 'oof's as all the villagers fell into the room and landed on a bunch of chairs somehow.

"Hello there!" someone called.

They all turned to see a girl with dark brown hair standing in front of a big flat thing.

"You must all be very confused right now," she continued, "But I'm going to keep this short, a bunch of moving pictures called a 'movie' are going to show you the future now! Oh, almost forgot—"

She gestured to someone behind them and immediately all the dragons fell from the ceiling too and landed next to their riders.

"There! Your dragons get to watch with you! Now, any questions?"

Hiccup raised his hand. "How far in the future will this be?"

"Five years." she answered. "Right, no more questions? Good! On with the movie!"

Everyone turned their attention to the screen as the lights dimmed.

Hiccup: (Narration) This is Berk. The best kept secret this side of... well, anywhere. Granted, it may not look like much, but this wet heap of rock packs more than a few surprises.

Everyone grinned. Obviously!

Life here is amazing. Just not for the faint of heart. You see, where most places enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we Berkians prefer a little something we like to call... DRAGON RACING!

[We see the teens, now five years older, grabbing sheep off the ground and flying around the village in the middle of a rather exciting race.]

"That sounds awesome!" nearly all the teens yelled.

The grown-ups grinned at the thought of a new competitive sport, although some like the twins' parents were wondering whether it was such a good thing.

Fishlegs: WHOOOOOOO!

[Fishlegs flies in on Meatlug, who has a scared sheep in her paws. Suddenly, Snotlout side-checks Fishlegs. He drops the sheep, which lands in Snotlout's hands.]

Fishlegs glared at Snotlout, who blew a raspberry at him.

Snotlout: HO-HO! I'm sorry, Fishlegs! Did you want that?

[Fishlegs glares at Snotlout.]

Fishlegs: Snotlout, that was mine!

"Not anymore!" Snotlout smirked.

[Snotlout flies over to the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and tosses his sheep to Ruff.]


Snotlout: Here ya go, babe! Did I tell you that you look amazing today? Cuz' you do!

Ruffnut immediately leaned away from him.

"I do not like Ruffnut!" Snotlout yelled. I like Astrid.

Ruffnut: (Disgusted) Ugh. Come on, Barf! It's starting to stink around here!

Tuffnut: Nope, still hates you! Let's blow this place, Belch! Alright!

Both Ruffnut and Tuffnut sighed in relief, leading Ruffnut to randomly punch the latter in his face.

Stoick: Ha-ha. That's nine for the twins,

The twins cheered.

Astrid lags with three,

Astrid pouted.

Fishlegs and Snotlout trail with none...

Said two blanched.

and Hiccup is...

"Why's my basket empt—"

nowhere to be found. [Grunts]

"Oh. Wait, why aren't I there?"

Stoick sighed along with his on-screen self. Even when Hiccup would so obviously win, he still didn't join in the village activities! What was wrong with his son!

Gobber: Scared him off with the big talk, didn't ye, Stoick?

"Big talk?" Hiccup asked warily.

"Ah, yes, Hiccup." Snotlout was saying as seriously as possible. "You see, when children come to a certain age, their parents have to give them 'The Talk' which—"

"Snotlout, shut up!" said Astrid, blushing red.

Meanwhile[Snotlout meets up with Astrid, and Astrid hits him on the helmet for throwing the sheep to Ruffnut.]

Snotlout: OW!

Astrid: What are you doing, Snotlout? They're gonna win now!

Snotlout: She's my princess! Whatever she wants, she gets.

Astrid: (Confused) Ruffnut? Didn't she try to bury you alive?

Snotlout: Only for a few hours!

Ruffnut nodded. That she could imagine.

Hiccup: (Narration) Now, dragons used to be a bit of a problem, but that was five years ago. Now they've all moved in! And really, why wouldn't they? We have custom stables, all-you-can-eat feeding stations, a full-service dragon wash, even top-of-the-line fire prevention, if I do say so, myself.

Hiccup and Stoick both were nodding approvingly at all the utilities mentioned/shown on screen.

Stoick: It's time, Gobber!

Gobber: Righty-o! Last lap!

Astrid: The Black Sheep! Come on, Stormfly! We can still win this thing!

Astrid grinned. She didn't know what the Black Sheep did, but if it helped her win then she was all for it!

Ruffnut:Come on, Barf!

Tuffnut: Let's go!

Fishlegs: Go, Meatlug!

Ruffnut: Whooo-hooo!

Tuffnut: It's cool, it's cool, it's cool

Gobber: (To the Black Sheep) This is your big moment. Have a nice flight!

The teens all snickered, catching on.

[The terrified sheep gets launched into the air via catapult.]

[Astrid flies towards the airborne sheep, and Stormfly prepares to catch it.]

Astrid: Up, up, up, up, up, up, up!

Astrid copied her on-screen self, sure that she would get it.

[Suddenly, Fishlegs flies in and intercepts the sheep.

Astrid: NO!

Fishlegs: YES! Good job, Meatlug!

Everyone gasped. Fishlegs had just beaten Astrid!

Fishlegs: Here ya go, Darling! Mine's worth ten!

"Aw, you too?" Tuffnut cried. Ruffnut decided to stay clear of all three boys for now.

Ruffnut: Yeah! The Black Sheep!

Astrid: [To Snotlout] You guys are fighting for Ruffnut?

Ruffnut: I'm totally winning!

Fishlegs: We're winning together!

"Ew." Ruffnut muttered, moving away from the insane group towards Astrid and [dreamily] Hiccup.

[Ruffnut knocks Fishlegs back. Fishlegs screams and flies into Snotlout]

Ruffnut: Whoo-hoo! NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!

Tuffnut: Except for me! We're attached, genius! Quit trying—

Ruffnut: Hey!

Tuffnut: —to steal all my glory!

[Astrid and Stormfly fly toward them. Astrid stands on Stormfly's back surfer-girl style.]

"Go Astrid!" Hiccup cheered, then he sunk down into his seat, blushing furiously.

Stoick: Get them, Astrid!

Many villagers looked at him, surprised.

Tuffnut: It's my glory!

Ruffnut: You're always ruining everything!


Astrid: Gotcha! Ha-ha!

"Yes!" Astrid yelled.

Tuufnut: Whoa!

Ruffnut: Astrid!

Stoick: Well played! Ha, ha, ha! [To Spitlout] That's my future daughter-in-law!

Now both Hiccup and Astrid were blushing profoundly while all the teens cat-called.

Fishlegs: Whoo-hoo!

[Fishlegs bumps into Astrid]

Snotlout: A-ha, excuse me!

[He comes flying towards Astrid lifting a large hammer]

"As if." Hiccup said with a grin.

Astrid: Stormfly!

Fishlegs: Ah!

[Stormfly dives. Snotlout misses and hits Fishlegs]

Crowd: Oh!

Astrid: Whoa!

Stoick: That's thirteen! Astrid takes the game!

"Yeah!" said person yelled punching the air.

Hiccup: (Narration) Yep. Berk is pretty much perfect. All of my hard work has payed off. And it's a good thing, too, because with Vikings on the backs of dragons, the world just got a whole lot bigger.