It was another boring Thursday morning at the Wright Anything Agency. It had been several months since their last big trial, where Athena was proven innocent. Since then, it had been very slow for the office. Trucy had been making enough money through shows that she made sure they didn't have to dive too deep into their savings to pay rent, but that wasn't the cause for their low spirits. Their ailment was the doldrums of life between cases. It was fortuitous, then, that they were all in the office and conscious when the phone rang.

"I've got it!" Apollo and Athena both yelled simultaneously, but sadly for their antenna-haired attorney, Athena was standing within arm's reach of the receiver. She lifted it to her ear and said, "Wright Anything Agency, the best place in LA for bar shows, children's birthday parties, and criminal defense."

"Is this Athena Cykes?" a man with a resonant, baritone voice responded. The man sounded like he was trying to appear nonchalant and conversational, but he wasn't succeeding very well.

Athena was more than a little surprised at that. Nearly every call the office got was for Trucy, and the few that weren't were usually wrong numbers. "Yes, this is Athena speaking."

There was a short pause before the caller continued. "I have a case I'd like you to handle. If it's okay with you, I'd like to pay for half on the fee beforehand and for the other half once the case is over."

Part of her wanted to check with Mr. Wright, but she couldn't stop herself from probing further, her curiosity piqued. "And how much were you thinking of paying for our services?"

"Two hundred thousand dollars."

Athena stood there, her mouth hanging agape. Then she regained her senses, and realized how unprofessional it was to just stop talking after a potential client offers you several times more money than you've ever had in a bank account in your life. "Yes, I, uh, yes that's okay with us. Who is in need of my defense?"

The man on the other end sighed. "I'd prefer not to tell you yet. Let's just say that I'm confident he's innocent," Athena could hear the man's emotions even through the phone. He was incredibly stressed and afraid for someone. He was telling the truth when he said that he thought the defendant was innocent. She heard something else, a low thrum of sadness that lay beneath everything else, touching the other emotions but unnoticeable without her hearing ability.

She didn't have to think too hard about her response. "I'll happily take the case, Mr…?"

He actually laughed at that, the sound coming in sharp relief to the sadness she'd noticed just before, the sadness that even then underlay the genuine happiness of the guffaw. "Oh, you'll find out who I am soon enough. Please indulge my sense of drama, Ms. Cykes." When he spoke again, the warmth from his humor had disappeared, leaving only a cold certainty in its place. "The trial is tomorrow. I've already paid for you and someone else from your firm's boarding on a plane. It leaves from Los Angeles for Gotham City at 2pm. Have a nice flight." And with that he hung up.

"Who was that?" Phoenix Wright asked from the next room over. He was at the desk in his room, where he'd been most of that day. Mr. Wright seemed to spend most of the down time between cases on his laptop, if only to look busy.

Apollo turned towards the office. "It was a client!" he yelled at his boss, with his usual Chords of Steel. "Athena's got a case!" At that, Phoenix came running into the main room, his shock and excitement evident on his face.

"Uh, well," Athena said, then coughed awkwardly. "There's someone who needs defending in Gotham City, and for some reason someone else is hiring me to defend the suspect. He paid for our plane ride over there. We're getting two hundred thousand dollars for the case, half now, half when it's over."

The two men reacted as you'd expect someone would react to being told that they were receiving that kind of money. Apollo nearly fell over in shock, while Phoenix looked like he'd taken a blow to the head. Once the idea of that much money going to their dinky little office finally settled, Apollo and Phoenix were all smiles. "Oh man, we'd better pack then!"

Athena really wished she didn't have to spoil their mood, but…"Apparently, our client only paid for me and one other person from the office to be flown over. If we all go, we'll have to pay that expense out of pocket."

The words fell into the air with a sudden weight. They knew they couldn't really afford flying another person to Gotham, not at their current financial standing. The city was about as far away as you could get while still being in the States. Apollo and Phoenix faced each other, their faces dead serious. Each man raised a fist, knocking into the air three times, and revealed their move. Apollo has chosen Rock, to counter his bosses Scissors. To his horror, a piece sign was not his opponents move, but a flat palm. Paper. Apollo hung his head in defeat. "I'll stay here while you're both gone, to keep an eye on Trucy. I'll be sure to keep the office clean."

"Wow, that's so mature Apollo! I hope I can accept defeat so gracefully when I get as experienced as you!" Athena said, clasping a hand on her coworker's shoulder. "I'm sure next time a rich client calls, they'll ask for you!" That seemed to mollify Apollo, at least a little.

A few hours later, Phoenix and Athena were all packed and ready after repeated trips to their apartments and back. They said goodbye to Apollo, who was trying his best to seem cheerful, and Trucy, who made her father promise to get her as many souvenirs from Gotham as they could pack. Their cab arrived, and after a random search of Mr. Wright by airport security, they were on their plane and headed off towards the east. Towards Gotham City.