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Spirit Roses/The Crossover that Could Actually Happen By Warrior Kalia

Chapter 1 ~*Yutaka*~

Rei Yutaka was not having a good day. For one thing, it was raining; a turn of events she did not foresee until a few minutes beforehand. She had also left her lunch at home. And the clasp on her necklace was broken. She was planning on getting it fixed this weekend. she sat down on a bench and sighed dejectedly. Her pale, skinny legs brushed against something slightly rough underneath the bench. Yutaka reached down and pulled the thing from its hiding place.

It was a brown leather backpack. Someone had apparently put it under the bench so it wouldn't get wet. "I wonder whose it is." Yutaka thought to herself. She opened the pack, hoping there was an ID or student passbook. She ruffled through the contents. A gray physical education shirt, a math book. something caught Yuu's eye and she pulled it out.

It was an antique camera. What was it doing here? She studied it slowly, going over every detail. It was unusually well preserved. Yutaka wondered suddenly if the person had stolen it. Yes, they must have broken into someone's house and. She put the camera back and looked around a bit more until she found a black student passbook. She opened it and read the contents. Hinasaki Mafuyu, Senior, Group E. Hmmm. She thought for a few seconds, and then closed the passbook, and the backpack, respectively. She gripped the handle and brought it along with her. No one ever looked in the Lost and Found, and those that did took stuff that wasn't theirs to begin with. No, she'd search for this Mafuyu person herself. She put on a brave face and took a few steps forward, then paused, her expression suddenly inquisitive. He put a delicate hand on her chest and moved it, as though searching for something. Her movements became more frantic, her panic beginning to show. "Ohnonononono. Please, no." She whispered, her eyes wide with fear.

Her amulet was gone.