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Summary: (SwanQueen) Set after season 3 Henry has a birthday party and the entire town is invited. Everyone is dancing and singing karaoke, and Henry makes a certain wish.

Leave The Night On

Chapter 1

"You're just like your mother!" Regina snarled. Hatred and vengeance filled those brown eyes and Emma wanted to shrivel up into a sloppy wet mess on the floor… just like someone threw water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

And that was three months ago…. and not one single nice word had been said between the two since. The only time they saw each other was when they dropped Henry off. Emma tried and tried to tell Regina how sorry she was, but it was just failure after failure. One day she even dared to come into the mayoral mansion with Henry and tried to get Regina to understand that she had no idea that it was Marian. She knew it was a huge mistake the moment she saw the huge fireball aimed at her head. Henry had to yell and tell his mother to stop it, which she did. The sizzle died from her hands, along with the heated glare, but she did shout and tell Miss Swan to leave and never come back.

And that was just a week ago…now it was Henry's birthday and Emma knew that Regina was going to be there, along with most of the town. So she blew out a shaky breath, knowing that tonight was going to be difficult. She squared her shoulders and put on a brave face as she opened the doors. The place was hopping with loud music and video games galore and she knew without a doubt that Regina and her magic must have played a huge role in it. Black light and neon lit up the otherwise darkened room, and the Savior had to adjust her eyes as she sought out her son. She bumped off of a few foreign shoulders as she tried to find him, only to be cut short by the robust pirate she had a mild… and she means VERY mild… affair with. She didn't even want to call it an affair since she didn't even get beyond second base.

"Mmmm ….Swan, what a pleasant surprise to see you this evening," he flirted.

Emma rolled her eyes. "Cut the crap Hook; you knew I'd be here."

"Aye yes indeed. So, can I have the pleasure of having you on my arm as well?"

Annoyed, Emma continued to look for her son. "Nah, sorry Hook, but tonight is all about Henry," she said without any inflection in her voice as she brushed by the one handed man.

She saw her son playing darts and laughing having a good time, and she could tell he was trying to impress Wendy. "Henry," she hollered, and finally made her way by him. He turned and welcomed his mother.

"Mom," he smiled, "I made three in a row." He gestured to the balloons. "One more and I win the big prize."

"Great job, kid."

"Miss Swan," she heard her name from behind her. She knew immediately who it was; there's only one person who called her by that name. It wasn't just the name itself; it was that cold, rough, unmistakable voice…the very one that made the hairs on her neck stand at attention. From the moment she met Regina, she has had the same reaction to hearing that voice; It was the familiar tingle… like a steel marble being dropped from her skull and rolling down her spine, hitting every vertebrae hard, splitting it apart, and making her body react in ways she knew she never felt before. Taking a quiet breath, she turned toward the lovely mayor.

"Ah, well hello," she smiled, and then matched the glare Regina gave her before she drawled, "Mayor."

"I see you made it late as usual; I wouldn't expect anything less, dear," she quipped with a smirk. Regina strutted past her, the high heels clicking across the tile floor only adding to the quaint little jab in her smirk. It was as if she had stabbed the sheriff with a dagger and twisted it just for the added pleasure.

Emma rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well, if it weren't for you adding that extra work, I might have made it here on time. But you knew that."

"I know nothing of the sort, Sheriff." Regina mockingly uttered the last word.

"Yeah, sure you didn't."

Regina halted her regal highfaluting walk and spun around to meet the Savior head on. "I'm not like you, Miss White all-knowing Knight; I don't go back and mess up someone's life just to appease my own guilt."

Emma snorted and then laughed. "No that's not you; you just rip people's hearts out, crush them, and then curse everyone."

Regina's glare hardened. "You know exactly what you did to me!"

"I do, and I've apologized a million time for it. Regina, I swear I had no idea that it was Marian. Besides, you were the one to kill her in the first place. It's not my fault."

Regina's mouth clenched tight and Emma noticed the vein in her forehead start to thump. Yeah I just pissed off the Evil Queen yet again. Way to go Miss Swan. She grimaced as she realized that she had just called herself "Miss Swan" in her head. "You are lucky that Henry is your son."

"Why is that, Mom?" Henry asked, hearing only the end of their conversation.

Startled, Regina blinked and focused in on her only son. "Because, Henry, you're a great kid and I'm so blessed that you're my son," Regina smiled and cupped his chin.

He smiled up at her. "Thanks again for doing all this."

"You know Henry, I'm just grateful that you are in my life, and I'm so very happy to do it for you."

Henry continued to smile and turned back to his other mother. "I'm glad you're my mother too. I mean, I'm the luckiest kid ever; I have the Savior and the Evil Queen as my moms. Seriously, who out there has it any better…cuz, man, you two are famous!"

Both mothers couldn't help but look at one another at that confession. Regina could see those green eyes staring back at her just how truly sorry Emma was. And the Savior could see the Queen's brown eyes telling her just how sad and scared she really was. Regina shook her head and removed her gaze from Emma's. "Henry," she announced. "Why don't you get your friends together and tell them it's time for cake."

His eyes lit up. "Yeah, okay."

Emma began to follow Regina toward the kitchen, where she guessed the cake was. "What are you doing Miss Swan?"

"I was going to help."

"I don't need any help from you!"

Blowing out an exasperated breath, she threw her hands up in defeat. "Of course not, Your Majesty; you're perfect and you never need help from anyone."

Keeping her glare intact, Regina knew deep down that wasn't true, but she would never admit that to anyone… especially Emma. "Just wait out here for the cake," she voiced firmly, and continued on her mission to bring out Henry's cake.

Everyone oohed and aahed when they saw the big cake in Regina's arms; it looked even bigger being carried by such a petite figure. She grunted and shot Emma a look as she saw her automatically come over and try to assist. "I got it," she grumbled, laying it out gently in front of Henry.

"Um, Mom, uh," Henry said, staring at the cake and trying to figure out how to tell his mother that she had forgotten the candles.

Emma could see the expression on her son's face and knew exactly why it was there. "Um, Madam Mayor, you forgot something," she said, pointing at the cake.

"What?" Regina snapped. Realizing how badly it sounded in front of her son, her voice immediately gentled. "What did I forget?"

"The candles," Emma said dryly, and then smirked as she magically poofed some in her hand. "Let me just get that for you, dear."

Emma couldn't exactly decipher the dark gleam in Regina eyes at that moment. She was either fucking pissed, or actually surprised to see such magic come from her. "I see that my great teaching of magic actually paid off," she gloated somewhat arrogantly.

Pleased with herself, Emma just did the noble thing and handed half of the candles to Regina so they both could add them to the cake. Scowling at the Savior, Regina couldn't help wondering if there was a motive behind it, then after a few moments, she simply shrugged and began to place the candles on Henry's birthday cake, trying her best to stay out of the blonde's way. Startled, she flinched as she felt the magic course through her when her fingers accidently brushed up against Emma's. She shook it off, trying to play cool and act like nothing happened, but when she looked up and saw the all-knowing look in those green eyes, she knew that Emma felt the same thing.

"Make a wish," both women said in unison. Regina's jaw tightened in frustration and Emma only smiled.

Henry's own smile went wider, as he thought about his wish. I wish for that my mothers would get along and be happy, and to find their true love. He sucked in a huge breath, held it as he looked at both of his mothers, and then darted his eyes down to the candles that were magically lit, blowing them out in one breath.

The crowd applauded at the young prince blowing his candles out in one shot. "So what did you wish for?" David questioned.

"I can't tell you that; it won't come true," Henry replied.

"Yeah, Charming, everyone knows that," Leroy interjected. "Such a dumbass," the dwarf grumbled quietly.

Emma heard Leroy and started to giggle. She loved her father, but there were times when his idiocy drove her bat shit crazy…that along with how bubbly and perky her mother was all the time. Sheesh, didn't she ever have bad day anymore? Or PMS? Plus, she was so tired of her mother always trying to set her up with every eligible bachelor in town. Oh come on darling, he just may be your one true love… blah de-blah fucking blah.

Regina and Granny began slicing the cake and handing the delicious goodness out to everyone there. Emma got her plate and found a quiet place in the corner. Slipping some of the rich icing in her mouth, her eyes automatically found the mayor. She couldn't deny that Regina was beautiful when she didn't know she had an audience and was actually smiling…and not bossing everyone around for a change. Oh, who the hell was she kidding? Regina was a stunning woman in every way, even when she was glaring and raising a fireball above her head. What the hell? Where did that come from?

Regina served the last person and finally was able to enjoy the cake as well. She searched for a spot to rest, and without understanding why, she ended up sitting right by the woman she detested the most. She groaned quietly when she realized just how close she was to the Savior. "Couldn't find another spot Regina?" Emma asked, giving the mayor a sideways and a very shocked glance once she took her seat next to her.

"Actually, I didn't even notice you, " she informed calmly, and acted like it wasn't strange at all that she was sitting right next to Snow White's daughter.

Emma stared blankly at the other woman for a moment, wondering why she hadn't vacated the spot next to her, but rather just continued to eat her cake without a care in the world. The blonde found she was smiling as she watched Regina lick the frosting off her lips and she thought it was actually quit sexy. Not sexy; it's cute because it's so not like Miss Queenie to do that. Cute? "What the?" she grumbled to herself. "Gah! I did not just think that!"

"Miss Swan," Regina said, as she stood in front of her. Emma blinked in surprise at the sudden change in the brunette's position, and was even more surprised when her hand reached for Emma's empty plate. "Finished?" She arched an eyebrow and rolled her eyes at the suspicious look on the sheriff's face. "I'm on my way to the kitchen anyway." Emma gulped and hesitated, wondering if this was some sort of trap. Regina smirked as she read her face instantly. "Don't worry dear; I'm not doing anything except cleaning up."

Emma quickly stood as well. "Here let me help."

Regina was about to say 'I don't need any help from you,' but the words that slipped from her mouth shocked them both. "Sure I'd appreciate that." Startled from her own outburst and the sudden change in her voice, she quickly turned and headed straight for the kitchen.

"Whoa," Emma breathed. "What the hell is going on with Regina? And why did I offer to help her?"


"Oh, look at that, Henry asked Wendy to dance," Snow said, with nothing but rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers lighting up her eyes.

Emma wanted to throw up; hell, when she swallowed she could have sworn she might have. "Mom," she grumbled, "he is only twelve; don't go marrying him off yet. Besides, isn't Wendy like, 400 now."

Snow casually rolled her eyes at her daughter. "Oh would you just relax? And just so you know, she can't be too much younger than me."

Emma gave her that 'Oh My God' look and just stared at her for a moment before shaking her head. "Do you really want to go there? So, Mommy dearest, how old are you exactly? Wait, I thought only vampires were the ones who didn't age."

"Let's just say I'm older than you."

Emma now rolled her eyes and sighed. She was about to make another sarcastic comment when Regina came up to stand next to her. "Oh please, Snow, we both know exactly how old you are."

Snow's lip curled in a satisfied grin. "And you, Stepmother, don't look a day over sixty."

Regina shot her a wicked glance, and then an evil grin appeared. "And yet I still look better then you, dear. Like I said before …" she mocked, as she looked down at Snow's still swollen stomach. "How many dates did you have with Haagen Dazs? Or was it Mr. Goodbar? Colonel Sanders? Or….."

Emma stopped Regina's rude remarks by steeping between her and her mother. "Oh shit; it's Hook," she grimaced.

Regina turned her head in the direction to see what Emma was now completely avoiding. "Awwww," the mayor mocked, as she saw the pirate coming toward them. "It seems that the captain wants his lady."

"I can't." Emma suddenly looked ill as she watched the man who wore way too much eyeliner getting closer. "If he…" she tried and grimaced. "I just can't."

Regina eyed her quizzically. "Can't what?"

"He won't leave me alone. I guess you give a man one base he expects to take them all," Emma confided in a rush, then blinked and wondered why she had revealed that to Regina.

Now Regina felt nauseous as she thought about Hook kissing Emma, and wanted to vomit as she imagined him doing other things with the blonde. Like I care; besides, Emma could do so much better. "You'd better go hide, then."

Emma quickly looked Regina in the eyes and just as quickly her brow rose in thought and a smile suddenly graced her lips. "I have a better idea." She took a deep breath, but her smile remained.

Regina started to feel uneasy from the intense look Emma was giving her. "What?" she finally asked.

Emma started moving to the beat of the music, which now changed to a faster beat, and then held her hand out for the brunette to take. "Come on, Madame Mayor; dance with me."

Regina blinked, taken aback by the question. "Excuse me?"

Emma playfully batted her eyelashes, but her hand remained. "Come on," she said, and nodded her head toward the dance floor. "It'll be fun."

Regina shook her head and crossed her arms. "No," she muttered.

Emma dropped her arm and came right into Regina's personal space. "You were supposed to dance with me at the ball that night, but things got messed up and we never got the chance."

"Oh really?" Regina examined her comment carefully, but didn't move.

"Yeah, but I ended up in your dungeon before I could ask you," she teased, but Regina didn't know that.

"You were going to ask me to dance?"

"I was," Emma answered quickly, and was glad Regina didn't have her super power of knowing when someone wasn't telling the truth. "Come on, it will be fun. Plus, I will owe you a favor."

Regina found the idea of Miss Swan owing her a favor rather appealing. "Okay, I will dance one dance with you." '

Emma held her hand out for the mayor. "Deal."

Regina hesitated for a moment, and right before Hook could sweep in, she took hold of Emma's hand. Instantly, that same tingling sensation went through her, just like earlier when she brushed her fingers by the blonde's. She flinched slightly, and yet Emma didn't falter as she led them out to the dance floor. They paused and stared at each other, not sure how to begin or even what to do. Regina groaned internally and now wished that she had never agreed to this. "I'm," she annoyingly voiced, "I mean, I've never danced to this kind of music before."

"Aww, what's wrong Regina? No rhythm?" Emma challenged, as she swayed and moved her ass to the music.

Regina felt herself staring at that ass and wondered how she managed to squeeze herself into those tight jeans. She finally sighed. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Emma leered at her. "What's the matter; evil queen's don't dance?" she asked, as she danced in circles around her.

It was on then; Regina never backed down from a challenge and wasn't about to now, not over a dumb dance. She started to move, ready to give Emma a run for her money as the words to the song came clear.

Girl, you got the beat right, killin' in your Levis High on your loving's got me buzzin' like a streetlight

Regina felt a tiny giggle spill from her throat, as the lyrics sort of fit the Savior. She actually was starting to get into it, moving her shoulders and feet, then raising her hands above her head as she moved. She was getting more into the beat and finding she actually liked the song.

The sky is dropping Jupiter around us like some old train We'll be rolling down the window I bet you we're catchin' our second wind We don't have to go home We can leave the night on We can leave the night on

Emma couldn't hide her smile if she wanted to, as she danced closer to the mayor. Her body moved in response to Regina's as she moved and dared to get closer. Wow! I'm impressed! Regina has some moves.

Baby, I know what you're wishin' for I'm wishin' for it too

She got so close to Regina that she could actually feel the heat from the other woman. Noticing that she didn't move from her, she swayed her hips in rhythm with the mayor's, and Regina just smiled as she seductively bounced her brows at Emma, daring her to come closer. Shocked at the image before her, yet loving this side of the Queen, she quickly snatched her hand and brought it to her chest. The blonde smirked, yet her eyes twinkled with happiness. The edge of her pink lips twisted slightly as she pulled her hand up toward her lips, and Regina gasped thinking that the Savior was actually going to kiss her knuckles. Emma's smile widened, and then at the last second she just flung both their hands out and twirled the Queen around. It didn't go as smoothly as she wanted, but the result was even better because it made both of them laugh. Emma is actually quite beautiful when she tries to be charming. That thought swirled in through Regina just like a poof of purple smoke. Uh beautiful? No no no…..where did that come from?

Nobody cares how fast we go Our soundtrack's in the stereo This DJ's on a roll

Regina could feel the blush in her cheeks and thought about magicking it away, but somehow knew that Emma would probably feel it. Then she would ask her about it, Regina would have to lie, and she didn't want to lie to Emma. Really? I lie to her all the damn time...what the hell was in that cake?

Emma could feel everyone's eyes on them now, yet she didn't care. She loved this; dancing with Regina was fun. She hadn't smiled this much in a long, long time, and she was pretty damn sure that Regina hadn't either. She just wished that the song would never end. How can I keep dancing with her? Think, Emma, think.

The sun'll steal the magic from us soon So let's take one more trip around the moon

The song was going to be over soon and Emma was still no closer to way to keep Regina dancing with her. Maybe I can use magic to make this song repeat. Just as that thought rolled in her head, the song suddenly skipped and started over. Ruby, who was playing DJ, jerked and pulled up the iPod that had the music on it and looked at it, wondering how that might have happened.

Regina grinned; she felt the trickle of magic spill from the Savior and pulse through her and knew that Emma was behind it. She only giggled in response and kept dancing.

"What are they doing?" Hook grumbled.

Snow's shoulders bounced slightly in laughter. "Apparently they are dancing."

"Why is Swan dancing with her? I thought they hated each other."

Snow's eyes took on a joyous twinkle at the sight of her daughter dancing with her stepmother. That was one sight she thought she would never see, yet her heart soared at the thought that maybe today would be the day that healing would begin. "Oh Hook, they're family and they're just having fun. Chill out, there is still time for you. Heck, you could always join in."

With that Hook bowed to the fair princess. "So, Your Majesty, will you do me the honor?"

Snow's hand fell to her chest in surprise. She cleared her throat and scanned the area, hoping her husband was close. However, she had no luck in finding him or having him come to her rescue, so she surrendered to the eyeliner and said yes.

Henry watched as his mothers danced and pride surged through him. "It worked; it actually worked," he whispered.

"What worked?" Wendy asked, puzzled by what Henry had just said.

"Just something I've been wanting for awhile."

"What's that Henry?" Wendy asked.

"Just that my mothers would get along and stop fighting so we can finally be a real family."

"Well from the looks of it," she said, looking back over to them still dancing and laughing, "they're doing better than just getting along."