A/n: I wrote a NaLu fanfiction one day revolving around the 'Sleeping Beauty' story. One fine day, I began thinking about what the other pairs would do if they were in that story. These are a few alternate endings I came up with for each of the pairings I could ship. I thought they were funny. What do you think?

After passing all the hurdle when the prince reaches the princess' chamber….

"Lucy is too loud when she wakes up. Besides, her bed is warm and comfy" That's why Prince Natsu ends up sleeping besides her.

Prince Lyon and Prince Gray are stopped at the entrance of the room by the guardian Meredy.
"Let me through. I'm going to be the one rescuing the princess" Lyon says.
"Like I'd let you. I'm going to win the bet by rescuing the princess"
"So, which one of you both is Prince Gray?" the guardian to the tower asked.
"IT's me. IS there something wrong with my name?"
"No, It was a request from the princess just before she lost consciousness 'If the Prince who is rescuing me isn't Prince Gray, I'm not waking up'. So only he is allowed to enter"
After hearing this, Lyon was totally dejected and Gray was officially freaked out. He reconsidered winning the bet with Lyon.

The guardian Mira happily takes the prince inside.
"Prince Jellal, you have to just kiss the princess and wake her up now. Please grant her the true love's kiss and free her from the eternal sleep" Mira said, dramatically. The moment she has been waiting for has finally come to an end.
But the prince froze upon taking the glance of her red hair….
"Erza!" he rushed to her, caressing her cheeks with his calloused hand. "I just went to train hard to get stronger. How did you get yourself into such a situation?"
"What happened to her in my absence? Who did this to her?" he questioned the guardian in a fearsome tone.
"She tried to spin a scarf for someone she liked. Because of the curse of a witch during her birth ceremony she ended up this way" Mira replied.
"You're going to train in Hakobe. That's a really cold place. Wait! I'll get you something as a parting present"
"I waited that day but Erza never came. I had to leave reluctantly without seeing her off. So it happened because of me… Because of me, Erza's in such a bad condition… Erza had been sleeping for two years just because of me…"
"Ano…" Mira tried getting the attention of the sulking prince "will you kiss her and free her now?"
"I cannot… Because of me…. Erza- she ended up in this state. I cannot kiss her… I do not deserve to be her prince charming!" With that, he sulked even more.
Mira could only sweat drop while trying to talk him out of his condition.

"Come on, I went through all that trouble for a shrimp." Prince Gajeel complained as soon as he saw the princess in her sleep.
"Gajeel, now fulfil your task" His exceed partner said in a rather fierce tone.
"They said she was a sleeping beauty. But she's a shrimp through and through, Lily" Lily couldn't understand how he could be so insolent towards a princess who wasn't even aware that she was spoken of.
"How dare you talk about Princess Levy like that?!" her guardian Jet said.
"You do not deserve to be her prince charming!" said Droy, the other guardian.
A little fight took place in which the rowdy prince wins, with a sweat droppin Lily in the background.
"On second thought, she'd be better off living with me than here with two barbarians" With that said, he grabbed the princess and ran away.
Lily who was still shocked only smirked at his friend's actions .

"She's a beauty alright? But…. It's too embarrassing to kiss her infront of everyone" Laxus thought, eyeing the beautiful princess who was in slumber.

He gazes at his sides where a smirking Bixslow, smiling Evergreen, shocked Freed and a wild Elfman were there with Lisanna trying to restrain him.
It was really embarrassing for him…. He cannot do it now, can he?

A/n: Which one do you find the funniest?