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The Ice Bucket Challenge

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!", Sheldon wailed, who was sitting in front of his laptop and dropped his head in his hands. God, why he had to watch the video anyway?

"What's the matter with you?", Leonard asked, as he entered the living room. Sheldon took down the headphones and sighed softly. "I always know, Kripke is an complete Idiot, but now even more!"

Leonard looked confused at his best friend. "What did he do?", Leonard asked. Sheldon sighed again and took a deep breath.

"Kripke has sent me his video from the Ice Bucket Challenge and among others, nominated me for this", Sheldon replied desperate and his shoulders slumped.

"It's not that bad, you can donate the one hundred dollar", Leonard said.

Indignant Sheldon looked at him.

"That all people from Cal-Tech called me a coward? To be labeled forever as the brilliant scientist who the Ice Bucket Challenge failed and has just donates one hundred dollar? Not with me! I will do it and when I get a pneumonia, then Kripke will pay for it!", Sheldon said and stormed out of the living room.

Leonard watched him perplexed.




Sheldon walked nervous around, on the roof of his house and waited for Penny, who brought the small digital camera in position.

"Okay, I'm done", Penny said, who turned to him. Sheldon nodded slightly and walked to her. "Are you really sure?", she asked him softly.

"No", whispered Sheldon.

"Everything is still open and you can donate the money, sweetie", Penny replied. Sheldon took a deep breath and looked at Penny, who smiled kindly.

"We do it", Sheldon said in a firm voice and went into the small children's paddling pool, which Penny had borrowed from a neighbor kid.

He was wearing sandals, shorts and just one shirt. Penny, who stood beside him, also had a pair of shorts and a tank top on.

"Camera is already running, sweetie", Penny said, who looked up at him. Sheldon nodded and took one more deep breath, before he looking at the camera.

"I'm Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper and I was encouraged by Barry Kripke to this challenge. I nominate Leslie Winkle, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny Chapman."

"Hi, I'm Penny and I'll help Sheldon, we are doing this in one pass. I nominate Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali and again Barry Kripke!"

Sheldon and Penny took their buckets, where the water with the ice cubes was and Sheldon went a little in the knee. "As discussed, on three?" asked Sheldon.

"As discussed, sweetie, I promise", Penny replied. Sheldon nodded, he trusted her as only one to help him through this challenge.

"One", Penny said.

"Two", Sheldon counted.

"Three", Penny said.

At the same time they poured the icy water over their heads and squeaked. Sheldon jumped in the paddling pool a bit around, what Penny brings to laugh.

She quickly took up to the chair that stood beside her and gave Sheldon his fluffy soft robe. He slipped it quickly on and made close it tight.

Penny, who wrapped herself in a towel looked up at him and smiled. "Challenge consisted, no one can say that my Whack-a-Doodle is a coward", Penny said.

Sheldon, who clattered with his teeth looked down at her and nodded slightly. Penny rubbed gently on his upper arms, to warm him up and took a step closer to him.

To her surprise, he stayed quietly and just looked at her. "Everything okay?", Penny asked, a little worried when she saw his lips were slightly blue.

"He nodded and finally got with her out of the pool and sit on the chair. Penny crouched in front of him and leaned without big thinking about it on his knees.

For a few moments they keep in this position, before Penny get a little up and pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"You did really great, sweetie", Penny smiled, before she got up. Sheldon stroked the spot where Penny had kissed him and felt the heat slowly back into his body.

A smile formed on Sheldons lips.

-The End-