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Should you be unaware, +ANIMA is a series about people with the ability to take on the attributes of one specific animal- for example, Cooro can grow black crow wings and Husky can turn his legs into a fish tail. Senri's right arm can become a bear's and Nana can gain bat wings and ears. They all get neat powers and are distinguished by unique birthmarks. Scanslations of the series can be downloaded at http://www.toriyamaworld.com/anima/. The only mailing list that I am aware of exists at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/plus_anima/.

Here there be shounen ai. ^_~ Boom baby.

Cooro's POV; set before "Desert Rose."

"Right Here"

It's weird being without you beside me, even if it's just for a few minutes, even with Nana and Senri still right here. You swim so well, though; it's kinda fun to watch. You curve and coil and slink and just make me smile. That would be so cool if I could do that. Maybe I could swim with you someday. That'd be even cooler.

You suddenly resurface before me, dripping wet and hardly disturbing the surface at all as you slither up on the beach, dragging a small net filled with violently struggling fish behind you. They break the water up in a fierce spray and get the rest of us nearly as wet as you.

"Little help here?!" you demand, and Senri and I both grab a fistful of net while Nana squeals in delight at the struggle and dismay at the waterlogged state of her dress.

A brief wrestling match later, you and the fish are all beached and Senri's already cleaning them, some before they're even properly dead. Nana makes a face at the sight and I pull you to your feet even as your tail vanishes.

"Thanks," you say shortly, and I pass you your cloak. I half- regret seeing you put it on, but the slight smile you give me is worth more than the sight of you shirtless.

You're half-frozen, though- we've tried to outrun the winter weather, but we can only move so quickly. I grab a blanket and throw it over you. Your skin is red with cold and you shiver, drawing it tight across your shoulders and moaning weakly, all the strength in you seeming to vanish as you slump to the sand.

"Get over by the fire, Husky," Nana orders bossily, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at you. "You're soaked to the bone!"

"Look who's talking," you mutter somewhat sourly as she drips all over me. You really do dislike girls. I kinda wish I knew why.

"You okay, Husky?" I ask you, already searching for another blanket.

"Discounting the hypothermia, yeah," you sigh, rubbing your arms. "I assume you three haven't starved yet?"

"Seems like it!" I chirp.

You smirk slightly, giving me a rueful look. "It's getting too cold for this," you say seriously. "We really do have to head south soon."

"I know," I agree. "I can't keep dressing like this if it gets any colder. And if I have to transform quickly, heavy clothes would not only get in the way, they'd weigh me down too much to fly really well."

"Right." You smile at me slightly, looking pleased with my logic. C'mon, I don't really act so silly that you'd think I couldn't tell my own body's limits, do I?

There aren't any more blankets, so I pull you to me instead, and you stiffen in surprise for a moment, giving me a confused look. A few seconds pass, Senri starts dinner with Nana following him around, civilizations rise and fall, and you relax against my shoulder.

"Are you ready to eat now?" I ask once your shivers have subsided.

"No," you reply with a faint smile. "I just want to stay here a little while longer. Do you mind?"

I smile back. "Should I?"

~*~ ende "right here" ~*~

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