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/Yugi speaking to Yami telepathically/

//Yami speaking to Yugi telepathically//

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Peaches and Chocolate

Chapter 1: Going Home (Default Chapter)

A rough wind howled around Domino City. It was winter, and everyone was anxious to get home, where warmth welcomes them back. Five students, wearing school uniforms and winter coats were walking towards the direction of the Turtle Gameshop.

"Hey, Yuug'. Thanks for letting us come over to finish our homework for our weekend!" the only blond in the group spoke up, though his voice was soon carried away by the wind. Only one guy speaks in a Brooklyn accent. Yup, Jounouchi.

Yuugi smiled. "No problem, Jounouchi." Yuugi smirked a little. A/N: O_o;;; Ok...)) "You need all the help you can get on Math!" A deep chuckle resounded within Yuugi's mind. It was Yami, the spirit that inhabits the Sennen Puzzle he always wear around his neck. A blush quickly found its way to Yuugi's cheek; whether it was from the cold, or the fact his little "crush" had just spoken to him. It was when they had defeated Pegasus and restored Grandpa's soul then Yuugi fell in love with his Yami. Yuugi didn't tell Yami, for fear that their relationship as soul partners would be broken.

//Aibou, you'd better hurry up and get home before it gets too cold. // Yami noted the slow pace Yuugi had developed.

/Humph. Do you know how it feels like to be walking in these winds and snow on the ground? /

//Um, no.because I have no idea what is snow// Yami trailed off.

/Oh yeah, there isn't any snow in Egypt. / Yuugi realized. He became so absorbed in the thought of Egypt that he didn't realize he was walking towards a pole.

"Hey, Yuug'! Look out for dat po –" Jounouchi's sentence was left hanging as Yuugi crashed into the tall metal, and then an "Oooff". "Never mind." He rushed towards Yuugi to help him, but a blinding light beat him to it. When the light faded, there stood Yami in his leather outfit. A/N: *drools* Anzu turned her "starry eyes" on Yami as he adjusted to his surroundings. He shivered a bit; not realizing it was cold. But he pushed that thought away as he saw Yuugi lying on the ground, unconscious.

"Yuugi!" Yami shouted, rushing to his aibou's side and picking him up. "Oh, gosh, he's so cold! He has to go home now!"

"OK, Yami!" Anzu said happily, winking at Yami.

Yami cringed as he caught sight of Anzu. An unpleasant feeling welled up inside him, making him want to puke, but he knew now is not the right time. He needed to get home to tend his aibou's health. Hang on, Yuugi. We're almost home.'

~ To be Continued ~

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