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I was sitting in the small room that I can only assume was originally a glorified security booth. It had lockers with white jackets labeled "SafeGaurd" in a shield on the shoulder. The lock-box in the corner with two old revolvers also supported this idea. It was hot, or maybe I was just hot. I couldn't tell. I was holding my reinforced 10mm pistol. I think the more common name is the "weathered 10mm pistol". I realized that my palms were sweaty and I wiped them on my black duster. I kept taking inventory of my items, hoping to think of something that could get me out of doing this. I came up blank. I thought about running again, but I knew that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not with all of the lives that ride on this. Plus I am sure I wouldn't get to far before someone spotted me and realized what I was doing. After a good thirty minutes of suspenseful waiting, I heard a knock outside. Someone finally came to get me.

"Marshal, its time." The voice said from outside the room

I stood up and said to myself, "Well, lets get started."

I gathered my gear and stepped out of the door to see a familiar heavy set man. He was wearing one of those security jackets.

"Darryl, I told you its safer if you don't use those jackets," I said trying to sound firm.

Then his face turned from one of fear mixed with anxiety, to one of bravery and probably fullish pride. He took a breath and spoke, "These jackets are like a symbol of who we are." He said in a shaky voice, "What is the point of winning this if we do not remember what we are fighting for." He continued on, "All of us are in agreement on this."

I looked at him for a minute. I guess I had a stern look because he seemed to draw back some. "Have it your way then," I proclaimed. He smiled and ran off to meet some others ahead of me. Fools, I thought to myself as I adjusted my gear.

I took a long look around as people were closing the shutters to their rooms. A small group of guys with white handkerchiefs tied on their arms were moving big heavy items around. I was guessing it was to be used for cover. Seeing these people made me feel uneasy, I was not sure how many would make it.

I headed for the command post where I would go and confirm the start of this hail-marry operation. When I got there, I headed for one person in particular.

"Commander!" I said loudly as I moved to the side of the ghoul in the security jacket.

"Oh, there you are Marshal," he said. He never looked at me though. He was too interested in reviewing the improvised plan wrote on the improvised map sitting on the improvised table.

This whole operation is a joke, I thought to myself.

"Give me an update," I said firmly. I took another look around, "Where is Karin?" I asked.

"Your men are already in position," the ghoul said, "Most of us are too. The scout said that The Garrison do indeed have working Vehicles" He added flatly. "There are at least two that they are using tonight. Sadly the kid didn't realize the importance of identifying what types of cars they were driving"

"Damn... cars" I said. I started to tell him that they were not my men, and I only asked about one of them, but I thought better of it. From out of my bag, I grabbed the pistols that were in the lock-box in the room I was staying in. I gave them to the commander saying, "I remember you said something about your men needing guns. You have to get your own ammo though."

"Thank you," He said. Then for the first time since I walked into the room, he looked at me. His eyes were full of worry. Then he asked, "Do you really think this will work?"

"I really hope so." I said. I grasped my Readius and toggled the start of the task that I added in to keep me tactically synced.

I walked outside to get to where I was supposed to be. I never reached my position before a flair lit up the sky with a beautiful scarlet color. I booked it to the nearest cover. It was a large stone slab in the center of the space between the two storage buildings. It held a tall rusted pole in place.

"There was probably an Old World flag that waved proudly from that once," I muttered under my breath.

The gunfire started soon after I was ducked down. I didn't even know where to shoot, since the sounds were coming from all around me. Finally it got quiet enough to tell were some shots were coming from. I sat there for a moment, relishing in the fact that what I was about to do was so stupid. I finally decided that the gunfire to the left of my position was where I was going focus. I took a deep breath and started to stand up. As soon as I did, a rifle butt hit my forehead and sent me to the ground.

As I lay on the ground I thought, This is it? Well fuck. Then everything went black.

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