AN : Sequel to the 'Daddy, Daddy' fanfic. Note that this story is AU. In this story, Satan lives with his sons.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

~Walt Disney

It was a normal school day. There was the usual hustle and bustle of getting ready for school. It was more pronounced in the abandoned dormitory where the twins' resided. Yukio sighed and huffed for the umpteenth time that day as he failed to wake Rin. He decided to try once more. If this also failed, he would... well, he would leave Rin to his own means then.

With a deep sigh, he called out to Rin once more.

"Ni-san, wake up! We have to get ready." There was no response. Instead, Rin rolled over in his sleep and began snoring loudly.

Tick marks formed above Yukio, and before he could burst with anger at his twin's dismissal, he grabbed Rin's tail and gave it a yank, not too gently.

Rin gave a yelp of pain, now fully awake. Glaring at Yukio through half-lidded eyes, as he pulled his tail close to him and massaged it slowly.

"Damn four-eyes, waking me up like that."

Yukio took this as a positive sign and gave a greeting.

"Good morning to you, Ni-san. Now get ready, we have classes, remember?"

Turning his sleepy gaze to the alarm clock, he almost did a double-take on seeing the time. He then rushed to take a shower, throwing a towel over his shoulder.

After a few minutes, he emerged, dripping wet. It dripped from his body, trailing a path down his well-toned abs. Thankfully, he had draped the towel around his waist, or else all his modesty would've been exposed.

Yukio grinned like a hungry wolf, feasting his eyes over his twin's half-naked body. Roaming his eyes all over, he was forcibly halted to a stop when he had reached he waist, due to the towel.

Rin seemed oblivious to his stares. Rummaging through his duffel, he threw on a clean uniform.

He was almost finished, but like always, he fumbled with the tie.

Sighing, Yukio took Rin's hand and dragged him to the kitchen.

Satan sat in the hall, sipping coffee from a cup. He looked up just as Yukio entered, dragging behind him a still-sleepy Rin. He raised a hand in greeting but there was no response. Yukio did not seem to be aware of his father's presence yet.

Yukio turned around a second later, muttering a quick greeting to his father. He then reattempted to fix his twin's tie, who was now drooling.

Barely refraining from voicing out his disgust, he then grabbed a napkin from the table and dabbed at the trail of saliva rolling down Rin's chin. Satan watched the affair with great interest. Rin is still like an infant, Satan thought. Good-looking, but still a baby nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Yukio had finished dressing up Rin. Still, he kept a firm hold, lest Rin fell. Rin was still asleep, not surprisingly, and muttering incoherently.

Satan sweat-dropped. His hold on the cup loosened and it slipped from his hand and falling on the tiled floor, shattered into tiny pieces.

That seemed to have the desired effect. Yukio yelped, Rin woke with a start.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, he pushed his glasses back. Calling out to Ukobach, he muttered quietly under his breath.

'Like father, like son.'

The End!

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