Naruto the son of Tobirama Senju


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"Hi" human speaking

'hi' human thinking

"Hi" demons speaking

'Hi' demons thinking


Chapter 1

A blond girl in an orange jumpsuit is jumping from tree to tree with a big scroll hanging from her back. Her name is Natsumi Uzumaki and she has just stollen the forbidden scroll of sealing.

She had just arrived at the place that her teacher Mizuki had told her to be at, she had opened the scroll to start to learn the shadow clone jutsu, but something in her mind told her to go to the bottom of the scroll. When she had reach the bottom of the scroll she saw the strangest seal she had ever seen. It is two dragon surrounding a normal storage seal. She placed her and on the seal, but nothing happens.

'Why doesn't it open for.' she thought to herself. "Sometime you must put some chakra to open seals." Iruka's voice told her inside of her head. She once again put her hand to the seal, but this time she put some chakra into the seal. A puff off smoke appeared, as the smoke disappeared a scroll and a leaf headband came out. She put away the headband and opened the scroll. In the scroll there is the two dragons again making a circle in between them, but they are not surrounding a normal storage seal, but Natsumi didn't think about it as she put her hand on the seal and put some of her chakra into the seal. Just as last time a puff off smoke appeared, as the smoke disappeared a silver-blond boy is lying on the ground in a samurai-like armor with waves crashing on the cliffs while lightning is dancing above the waves and black shinobi clothes. A blush appeared on her cheeks as she saw his handsome face.

"Natsumi I finely found you." came Iruka's voice from behind her. She turned around to see him in the eyes. As she had turned around, he could see tears in her eyes.

"I-I-I'm s-s-so-rry I-I-Iru-ka-sen-sei, b-b-but I h-h-haven't l-l-learned a-a-any-thing from t-t-the s-s-scroll." she said between her subs.

Iruka looked confused at her before asking. "What do you mean?"

She looked up at her brother figure before saying with a shaking voice. "So that I can graduate, that was after all what Mizuki-sensei told me." Iruka just looked at her for a while.

"GET DOWN!" he suddenly shouted as he throw him self over her just as some shuriken hit him in his back. He looked up to see Mizuki standing on a branch up in the trees.

"YOUR TRAITOR!" Iruka jelled angry.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" He laughed as he took one of the large shuriken on his back and throw it at Iruka. Iruka closed his eyes waiting for the pain that he was shore to come, but it never did. He slowly opened his eyes, to his surprise, he sees a silver-blond boy holding the large shuriken in his right hand. The boy started to yawn as if he had just woken up. All eyes turned to him as they all is in shock. As he started to look around he noticed that everyone is looking at him.

"What is it?" He asked them confused. Mizuki is the first of them to recover.

"Hey, you why did you decide to save the Kyuubi bitch?" He decided to ask the newcomer.

He looked around but couldn't find the Kyuubi. "Hey are you blind or an idiot. I don't see her anywhere. I only see a injured man and a cute girl here." He stated, you can see an angry Mizuki, a confused Iruka and a blushing Natsumi but the silver-blond boy didn't notice this cause he yawned once again.

"So you don't know." Mizuki growled out. "So let me tell you then..."

"NO DON'T DO IT! IT IS FORBIDDEN!" Iruka yelled at him to interrupt him, but it feel on death ears as he continued.

" see our beloved yondaime hokage couldn't kill the Kyuubi no kitsune, but he manage to seal it in Natsumi here. She is the Kyuubi."

"Lie!" the silver-blond boy said in a calm voice. Everybody looked at him confused about what he just said. "She is not the Kyuubi, she is just the one that is holding her imprisoned as we could call it. It just like a storage scroll. If you seal a kunai in it, is the scroll than the kunai? No like hell it is. It is just a scroll, just like Natsumi-chan here is just Natsumi-chan." he said and disappeared in a blur that even the Ch┼źnin couldn't see. In the next minute he had hit Mizuki in the neck knocking him out could. Mizuki fell to the ground, but before he could hit the the ground a masked man had grabbed him.

The masked man turned to look at the silver-blond boy and after a while he said. "Thanks for your help, but you better go and talk to the hokage. And please take the scroll, Iruka-san and Natsumi-chan with you as well."

Short after that he disappeared in a swirl of leaf. The boy jumped down to where Iruka and Natsumi is. He picked up the scroll and placed a hand on both Iruka and Natsumi and said. "Sorry but the introductions has to wait." as he said the last he used his body flicker technique to get into the hokage's office. As the hokage turned around to see who it is coming into his office with a body flicker technique he heard someone say.

"Hiru-chan, wow you have really became old." Hiruzen looked at the young man with a tick mark on his forehead while Iruka and Natsumi is lying on the floor laughing there asses of. But when he took a closer look at the silver-blond boy all he could do was gasp, like he just had seen a ghost and say.



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