There's always hope

Chapter 1: escaping

Warning, for those who have not played The Walking Dead Game Season 2, this story contains spoilers.

Hey, everyone, Assassin's Creed Master here and welcome to my next Walking Dead game story. With Fight for Survival and If only things were different complete, I finally got the chance to write this story I have been wanting to do for sometime now.

This story is involved with season 2, but there will be a lot of changes this time. After this story, I am unsure if I will write another Walking Dead story. Unless season 3 game goes onto Clementine's story again, then I do not know what I got planned then. Here's my choices so far that may effect the story.

Episode 1: I saved Carley instead of Doug.

Episode 2: I cut David free from the bear trap.

Episode 2: I gave food rations to Clementine, Duck, Kenny, and Carley.

Episode 2: I helped Lily try to revive Larry.

Episode 2: I let Andy and Danny live.

Episode 2: I choose not to take the supplies from the station wagon.

Episode 3: I told everyone in the group about my past.

Episode 3: I left Lilly on the side of the road.

Episode 3: I talked Kenny down into stopping the train.

Episode 3: I shot Duck.

Episode 3: I helped Christa onto the train.

Episode 4: I killed the boy zombie in the attic.

Episode 4: I took Clementine to Crawford.

Episode 4: I saved Ben.

Episode 4: everyone went with Lee to find Clementine.

Episode 5: I cut off Lee's arm.

Episode 5: I did not lose my temper with Kenny

Episode 5: I let Omid and Christa go across the sign.

Episode 5: I killed the stranger.

Episode 5: I had Clementine shoot Lee.

Season 2, Episode 1: I tried to help Christa.

Season 2, Episode 1: I killed the dog.

Season 2, Episode 1: I pleaded to Carlos and gave him the sad eyes.

Season 2, Episode 1: I befriended Sarah.

Season 2, Episode 1: I convinced Alvin to give me some supplies.

Well, anyone, I have talked enough for one chapter, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the prologue and be sure to leave a review or two.

Clementine; the young eleven-year-old girl who had been in this God-forsaken world for more than two-years now had just finished retrieving the supplies from the cabin she was forced to steal. She felt multiple emotions filling up inside of her at once-anger, pain, and fear. All of those emotions mixed together.

She could not believe what she was forced to deal with in order to survive. The following day, she was attacked by a dog that left a huge bite mark in her left arm. She was rescued by two men by the names of Luke and Pete, who brought them back to the cabin in order to help her. Those two were the only ones who believed her. There was that pregnant woman named Rebecca and that young man who resembled Kenny named Nick who believed it was a walker bite. And there was Alvin; Rebecca's husband who remained neutral during their argument.

Once her arm had been checked by the doctor of the group named Carlos, he decided the only way they would be certain she was telling the truth would be to lock her in the shed. The others agreed to this and locked her out there, leaving her to slowly and painfully die. She knew that if you waited too long, the infection in the air would sink its way in and eventually kill her. It made her angry. How could this moron not tell the difference between a walker bite and a dog bite?

With no choice, she had broken out from the shed through a small hole in the corner of the shed that she pried open with a hammer and went to retrieve the items she needed. She was able to convince Alvin to give her some rag bandages for her arm and was even kind enough to give her a juice box.

She was able to acquire a needle from the bathroom that she almost got caught in by Rebecca, but fortunately, she was able to hide in the closet, and was able to convince Carlos' daughter Sarah to give her a bottle of peroxide for her arm. Sarah had agreed to keep quiet, but did ask if Clementine was a friend. Clementine decided she would be her friend, but that was not going to last long when she escaped.

Clementine had just finished painfully sewing her arm together with fishing wires with the stuff she stolen from the cabin. The worst part was over at least. She finished off the last of her juice box and observed her arm. It was not perfect, but it had to do for now. All she needed to do now was to wrap up her arm in bandages and then make haste to get out of here.

"Ow..." Clementine groaned whilst she picked up the rag bandages and began to wrap them around her arm, but was luck would have it, she had dropped them due to the shock and pain she just endured.

As Clementine knelt down to retrieve the rag, her face lifted up with shock just when she thought things could not get any worse. A walker had crawled halfway into the shed and grabbed onto Clementine's ankle. It must have either followed her in there or been attracted to her painful cries.

Clementine panicked as she grabbed onto a shelf to keep herself balanced and attempted to get herself free. She was able to get her foot free just for a second and kicked the walker, but it soon gripped onto her ankle again. Clementine went to retrieve the hammer on the shelf, but in an act of panic, she had fallen down onto her back. "Ah!"

The walker snarled and still kept hold of her ankle, desperately wanting to sink its teeth into her.

Clementine turned to her right where a pile of bricks laid next to her. She quickly retrieved one and smashed it against the walker's hand three times, but it still did not let go. The small hole in the shed the walker crawled in from broken open more, allowing the walker to crawl inside fully. The walker crawled towards Clementine and placed itself on top of her.

"Ahh!" Clementine groaned as she placed her right foot against the walker's neck and her left knee against its chest, using all of her strength to keep him at bay. With some effort, she was finally able to knock the walker back fully and quickly jumped up to her feet before it got the advantage of over her again.

Clementine picked up yet another brick and threw it towards the walker as it stood up, but the impact from the brick soon knocked him back down, but not for long. As the walker got up onto its feet, Clementine swiftly retrieved a rake and shoved it towards the walker's chest, keeping it from getting towards her for a couple of more seconds.

Clementine continued to keep it at bay for a few more seconds until she used her strength and pushed the walker back all the way to end of the shed, causing it to fall down and ended up with a sharp metal object impaling through its stomach. The walker was not going to give up like that and began scrambling upwards in an attempt to get free.

Taking her chance now that it was down, Clementine picked up the hammer in her right hand since she needed to conserve the energy in her injured arm, and proceeded towards the walker with caution. She lifted the hammer into the air and proceeded to smash the walker's skull in, just like her guardian and close friend Lee did when he killed her babysitter Sandra.

After smashing the hammer into the walker's skull at least four times, Clementine collapsed onto her back and clutched her arm while doing so. She could not believe what these people had done to her. First, they lock her in a shed that they thought would be safe, and now a walker breaks inside and nearly kills her.

This was a sign for Clementine to get out of here as soon as possible. At first, she considered taking those supplies with her, but what would they do now? She picked up the rag bandages and quickly wrapped them around her injured arm and then made haste to escape. She took the hammer she used to kill the walker and got out using the hole the walker had crawled through.

The moment she was outside, Clementine did not dare look back towards the cabin and ran away as fast as her legs would carry her. Truth be told, she did not wish to just wonder off into the woods, especially due to her injured arm, lack of sleep and food. But if she stayed there, then Nick would most likely just shoot at her again, and this time, she would not be so fortunate for him to might not miss.

Clementine ran for at least fifteen minutes, running blinding into the woods in pure darkness. She had no idea where she was going, what was in her way, or if any walkers were lurking the area. She continued running until she felt her body beginning to tire out, slowing her movement. She tried to continue moving, but her body simply refused to go any further.

"No...I...Uh...Eg..." Clementine spoke random words in her drowsy state as she could no longer have the will to keep moving. She moved towards a nearby tree and fell down towards the ground, her back sitting the tree upon impact. She clutched her arm and sat down against the tree, knowing she no longer had the will to go on any further. She was tired, hungry, and cold, and her hopes for survival were slim from this point.

Clementine felt her eyelids closing on their own and felt herself leaving this world. She mumbled one last word to herself before her body collapsed into a deep sleep. "...Lee..."

Lee was struggling to keep his now yellow eyes open as he was on the verge of death. He looked towards Clementine, the closest thing he had to daughter while he sat there with his one arm cuffed to a radiator just in case he turned quicker than he thought. "You're strong, Clem. can do anything."

"But...I'm little." Clementine reminded, fearing her young age and her small body would prevent her from surviving in this day and age.

"Doesn't mean nothing." Lee replied, remember those words Chuck had told him on the train. No matter how old or how big you are in this world, everyone needed to survive anyway they could. That is why he taught Clementine to use a gun." You're going to see bad stuff, but it's okay."

Clementine began crying whilst listening to the final words of her guardian. She already witnessed her parents as walkers just moments ago, and now she was going to see the same experience with Lee. "My parents. It's so horrible."

"I can't imagine, sweat pea." Lee replied, unable to tell what the young girl was feeling right now. He could not do anything to help her physically, but with what he learned in this day and age, he could teach her to survive by passing on what he learned

"And PLEASE...please don't be one of them." Clementine begged, crying heavily out from her eyes. She did not want to lose the only person she had left in this world. When Clementine's parents died, Lee became her father, and now she was going to lose him, too. "Please don't become a walker."

"There's only one thing you can do." Lee replied whilst struggling in his condition to continue on what he had to say next. He did not want to put Clementine through it, but he had no choice. "You know that."

"I don't know if I can." Clementine cried, grasping the gun she had just acquired from the undead security guard close into her hands.

Lee closed looked into her eyes for a second while she didn't know what to do. He had final request that would probably dramatize her forever, but he did not wish to come back as one of them. "You have to shoot me honey."

Clementine immediately refused, shaking her head to both sides in denial. "Lee, no..."

"It's okay, It's okay." Lee soothed, whilst thought back to the day all of this began, the day he remembered that poor girl in the Motor Inn, the day he watched her prevent himself from turning. "In Macon...the first days we met, do you remember?"

"Yeah, I do." Clementine nodded.

"When I went out to rescue that boy Glenn, we met a girl. She'd been bitten, too. All she wanted was to not come back as a walker." Lee explained, hoping this would be reason enough to why she had to shoot him before it was too late.

"Lee..." she whispered.

"And I remember how hard it was to do that. But I'm glad I did." Lee continued, looking away from Clementine for a moment so he did not have to see the sadness in her eyes. "You don't want to see me like one of them."

Clementine still did not want to go through with this, but she knew Lee was right and it had to be done. She herself did not him to become a walker. "Okay, Lee...I can do it. I can

Lee nodded his head slightly but his work was not over yet. Even with a gun and skills, Lee knew Clementine had to be with someone safe, and there were only two people who Lee could trust to take care of her. And they also happen to be the only two people left in their group. "Find Omid...and...Christa. They're outside of the train. You remember how to get back there?"

"Yes." she answered whilst looking away from her guardian for a moment.

"Good." Lee was able to rise a smile slightly when he knew she would be able to find her way back to the train. "They'll take good care of you."

Lee watched Clementine, who was now crying fully. This was hurting him too. Clementine was his family, she was like the daughter he never had. He still had one more advice he had to give her: "And Clem...Keep that hair short."

"I will. I'll cut if myself." Clementine agreed.

"Great. Good...And also..." Lee was now too weak and was beginning to pass out from the infection. He wanted to tell Clementine that he loved her as one of his family, but what would be too painful for her to hear.

"What, what is it?" Clementine asked, eager to know what he was going to say.

"No, don't worry. All right..." Lee replied, his vision was now blurry and he could barely see her face anymore. He opened his eyes fully one last time and looked into her eyes. "I'll miss you."

"Me, too." Clementine agreed.

Finally, Clementine knew it was time to fulfill Lee's request. She stood up and aimed the pistol directly towards Lee's head and watched as Lee's eyes finally closed and his head fell to the side slightly.

Clementine looked away from her guardian and while shaking, she pulled the trigger, shooting him directly in the brain. She was devastated by this completely, but she knew now that Lee would not come back as a walker and he was now in a better place.

And that's the first chapter, ladies and gentlemen. Clementine has stole from the group, patched up her arm on her own and escaped the shed into the dark woods, but what will she do now? Without a guardian, supplies and weapons, Clementine's chances for survival are slim. If you enjoyed this prologue chapter, stay tuned for chapter 2 to find out her fate.