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Chapter 8: The Descended

"How the hell did this happen?" Kayla asked angrily. Her emotions were tumultuous, her anger was barely controlled. The powers within her were causing her to feel even more restless. "How am I even supposed to deal with this? It was hard enough growing up with just my powers-. How am I supposed to handle three times that?" She asked as she paced the floor in the sitting room. The guys had left- what with Reid being the only one left with active powers. Kayla and Reid remained at the Danver's house while the guys went to meet with their father's as much as Reid was against it he knew that now-now they were probably in too deep to handle it themselves. So deep in fact that their fathers may be unable to help them.

"God, where are they? They should've been back y now." Kayla said rubbing her forehead a headache was beginning to develop. Suddenly a book from the shelf went soaring across the room banging against the opposite wall and landing with a thud on the carpet covered floor. She groaned as she and Reid stared at the now motionless book, "It's like I've suddenly developed new powers again. I hate this." She complained as she sat on the couch under the hole in the wall made from her first display of power. "I-I'm struggling to control it again."

"You just have to relax," Reid told her as he stepped towards her only to have her jump up and quickly put more distance between them.

"No. No Reid." She said as she maneuvered herself behind the lounge, "I can't. I-I don't want to hurt you." Reid scoffed as he turned keeping her in his sights.

"Red, Of all of us, I'm the only one you- she-she hasn't hurt." He told Kayla his eyes never leaving hers. "I know you wouldn't allow yourself to hurt me." He started slowly creeping forwards, closer.

"No! Stop!" Kayla yelled. Suddenly as she yelled the lounge she stood behind flipped over.

"Whoa…" Reid said his eyes widening in surprise. The lounge lay overturned with its legs in the air at Reid's feet.

"I- I can't. I can't control this!" Kayla cried as she fell to her knees her hands gripped her head- her fingers clenching at her fiery red locks.

"Kayla. You have to calm down. I- I know it's a lot, but I need you to just focus on me. On my voice. Just listen to me, okay?" Reid said keeping himself behind the overturned piece of furniture. "Just focus on one thing. On me, alright? I'm right here, and you aren't alone. I won't leave you, okay? No matter what."

"Reid. Please. I-I really don't want to hurt you. Just- just go." Her voice sounded tired and pitiful. She'd been fighting herself since the guys left a while ago.

"No!" He yelled now moving towards her. He managed to crouch in close to her. He gripped her arms and pulled her up. "Look at me…" He told her softly his hand moving her head up to her chin. "I'm not going to leave you."

"I want you to," Kayla told him. She could feel the lump in her throat and her eyes beginning to brim with tears. "I don't know what this- this Adrienne has planned, but I- I don't want you getting dragged into it."

"And, you think me leaving you will help anything? She'll hunt me down when she takes over your body again. She's pretty determined to bring Gerard back."

"She won't. Your dad will make sure of it. They all will. You're still safe- I- I'm a bit past that now…" Kayla said with a shrug.

"You're not past saving, Kayla. Stop it." He said holding her arms tighter with his fingers. Kayla remained silent as she allowed her head to fall to her boyfriend's shoulder. She took in a heavy breath and released it as she tried to calm her inner turmoil.

Suddenly the hall behind Reid was filled with footsteps and mumbled words, Reid steeled himself for the inevitable lecture only to be met with worried and wary expressions rather than angry ones. "Kayla…?" Reid's dad spoke up as he moved through the crowd and entered the sitting room the men behind them entered slowly- save the three without power. Reid's dad was easily recognizable given the amount she's seen him over Reid's parent's house- his light hair and eyes matched Reid's perfectly. His face similar, yet worn with age. She was used to him what with going out for the occasional dinners, and family gatherings. Reid's parents were far from unwelcoming towards her and her influence she had over their son. Pogue's dad she recalled seeing earlier that day. His face tired, probably from lack of sleep- his brown eyes matched that of Pogue's- however his pointed face was slimmer than his son's. He was still in his work clothes- probably just returning home from the office when the boys showed up bringing their flurry of trouble with them. Tyler's dad, however, seemed standoff-ish from her. His arms were crossed over his chest as he stood in the doorway. His dark hair gave way to the bright blue eyes Kayla was used to seeing stare back at her from long, serious talks about how to deal with the craziness that is Reid with the youngest son.

"It- it's still me… for now." Kayla responded with a nod to James. The group of men relaxed and entered further. The men were wary of the girl, Reid could see it on all of their faces.

"Kayla… honey we are going to try as hard as we can to help with this, but I-I've gotta tell you we have never heard of anything remotely like this." James continued.

"Dad, I-." Reid began as he stared at his father who hadn't even acknowledged his presence thus far.

"Not now, Reid. We'll talk at home. I need to focus on helping your girlfriend at the moment." He quickly shut down any and all words that were to come out of his son's mouth. His focus returned to Kayla.

"Kayla, sweetheart. Listen to me. I-I'm not sure how to go about helping you without using an exorcism… Which- which is very dangerous if you are possessed, as the boys say." James continued on ignoring Reid's look of anger.

"I- I can't think-. Ev- everything is just so… loud." Kayla said trying to explain what was happening in her mind.

"It-It's the powers… they have to be overwhelming for her." Allen said coming up beside James.

"Rightfully so… they don't belong to her." Another voice rang out as an older man stepped into the sitting room behind the two elder covenant members she knew.

"Henri." James snapped back in the man's direction. "It's not as if she took the boys powers herself." He turned to take in Kayla, only to see her swaying on her feet daydreaming at nothing in particular. "Kay- Kayla?" He asked his growing concern for her evident.

"Reid. Get back from her." James told his son who- unsurprisingly didn't care to listen.

"Kayla? Babe?" He asked his hands still gripping her arm.

Kayla had stopped swaying and remained still as her eyes closed lightly. It was as if she were hearing something with the way her head was now tilted. "Reid. Get back. Now!" James yelled. Reid just stared in shock at her until his father reacted quickly yanking his son back by his arm.

It was just in time for Kayla's eyes to open to reveal a pair of striking yellow one. "Hmm." She chuckled, "Hello…" She greeted with a wickedly charming grin.

"Adrienne…?" James asked his eyes staring at her hard. Kayls' grin only widened at him knowing who she was.

"Ahh… So you have heard of me. Très Bien! Saves me the time of explaining it. Yet again." As she said yet again her eyes scanned the room stopping over each of the younger generation of the witch lines.

"What is it that you want, exactly?" Allen spoke up sliding his glasses higher on his nose so he could stare at Kayla almost in awe.

"Simple. The life that was stolen from me long ago." Kayla- Adrienne shrugged as she walked closer to the men. They each stood their ground. "Oohh, brave men. You're all gathered here for what? To scare me? Je ñ ai plus peur." At the last part, Kayla's head tilted up defiantly.

"You. You're all men. You have no idea- no thought of the-." She cut herself off as her bright yellow eyes scanned the room again. "It doesn't matter, not anymore. I am on the precipice of gaining a new life. I just have to remain inside this body until she ascends- and then it shall be mine." At her words, it came to Reid that Kayla had mentioned her mother killing herself. She as very young then so she'd chalked it up to her father passing away in a car accident, but Reid put it together.

"You… you do this to everyone in your line, don't you? You try to overtake their lives to make up for the one you never had. You- you're the reason her mother killed herself, aren't you?" Reid's fists were clenched in anger at the thought of Kayla being left alone in the world, without her parents because of this monster.

"Oui, mon amour. Tu es très astucieux. So clever, Monsieur." She complimented her eyes on Reid now.

"Nah, I'm just a great boyfriend." He responded as his eyes flashed black and Kayla's body was suspended in the air unable to move now.

"Reid. Don't." His father cautioned.

"I won't hurt her. I know what I'm doing." Reid argued back his black eyes shifting in his dad's direction for a second before resuming to keep a hold on Kayla.

"You're only going to piss it off." Tyler's dad, Henri growled as he stood behind Reid. His own black eyes focused on Kayla now as she struggled to get free.

Reid shrugged away from the group of elder men trying to tell him how to handle the situation at hand. He knew what he was doing. He knew Kayla better than anyone there. Kayla grunted as she strained to move any of her limbs from the invisible binds.

"Kayla. Stop, please." Reid said his black eyes draining into the normal blue hues. He glanced back to see three pairs of black eyes keeping her restrained. "We're here to help you, but you have to fight her." He practically begged. The yellow eyes were on him now; Just staring blankly. There was a sudden movement and Reid watched one of the antique lamps soar up and slam into the back of Kayla's head sufficiently knocking her unconscious.

"Wha-?" Reid started as he rounded on the elders in the room. "What the fuck-?" He added as the guys behind the group chimed in their protests.

"Please. She's fine." Henri cut them off angrily. "There was no other way to get her to stop resisting, and I want to get my son his natural born gifts back. You think I actually care about her and the trouble her family line has gotten her into. She's part of the Putnam line. They deserve any misery life throws at them." Reid started forwards only to be faced off with his father. James quickly stepped between them giving Reid a stern look before turning to face off with Henri, "You ever pull a stunt like that again. I will see to it myself that the same thing is done to you three-fold. You just assaulted a teenager-."

"Yeah, possessed by some evil witch from the 16th century-."

"She's a 17-year-old girl!" James hollered over Henri's voice.

Henri shut his mouth at that. His argument dying in his throat, he swallowed his pride and nodded in agreement, "You-you're right, James." His eyes shifted to Reid. "My apologies… It- It's just-. We're all a bit on edge about this. This has never happened before."

Reid ignored him turning to lift his girlfriend from her position on the floor that she fell in. "What- what can we do?" He turned his worried eyes to his father- his emotions were getting harder, and harder to bury with watching all of this happen.

"Put her on the couch." Mr. Parry called suddenly as he turned quickly and headed towards the basement where the heirlooms and books were kept.

"Wait… what?" James asked turning to look at the other older man as if he were crazy.

"Just put her on the couch!" He yelled up the stairs behind him as everyone watched the darkness swallow him the further down he went. A minute had passed with all the men sitting around in silence when Pogue's dad came in from the direction of the basement.

"Here…" He held a long circle of ropes out to Reid.

"Uhm…" Reid said with an eyebrow quirked. He looked from Pogue to his father.

"Dad, what're you-?" Pogue began as he sat up and leaned forwards looking just as confused as Reid had.

"Just tie her up with this. It will work." Allen pressed as he dropped the loops of rope onto Reid's chest. Reid huffed but began winding the rope around Kayla's wrists and forearms.

"How is a rope going to help?" Pogue asked his father skeptically. "She's an extremely powerful witch, with not just her power, or that of a demon, but with mine, and Tyler's."

"Pogue. Please." His father snapped as he stared at Reid and Kayla.

"Is-Is that-?" James began from behind the sitting chair that Pogue took up. Allen just nodded curtly in an answer.

"You said you'd gotten rid of all that stuff!" James cried out.

"No," Allen replied in a cool and calm tone. "I said our families before us had gotten rid of most of it. Not all of it."

James just scoffed as he tossed his hands in frustrations. "Well, you didn't say you'd kept it!" He retaliated.

"Yes, well… obviously, I left that part out. I know how you feel about these things."

"What are they?" Caleb asked from his seat next to Tyler on the couch. James and Allen looked around at the boys suspiciously. They'd neglected to answer, but someone else did.

"They're Gerard's torture device's." Kayla was awake, and herself again. The tension in the room decreased slightly as relief flooded everyone expression.

"Thank god," Reid muttered as he pulled her to sit up on his lap from the lounge. He kissed her quickly then rested his forehead on hers. "How- How do you have these, Mr. Parry?" She asked.

Allen cleared his throat, "I see you know who Gerard is."

"Yes… I-I was being shown flashes of the end of Adrienne's life. He- He was there in France when she was being condemned as a witch. He was in charge of gaining her confession- however, they-they were in love… I think?" Kayla's explanation grew to a question by the end of it. "I can say for sure there were feelings involved, and- and they were once lovers. He-he helped her daughter, bought her safe passage to… here, actually." Kayla finished as she brought her bound hands up to rub her head.

"My head hurts." She muttered low enough for Reid to hear. His worry for her had been all that he felt in the last few hours. Wordlessly he slid his hand into her hair and began to massage her head as if they were lounging on her bed watching movies on her TV in the dorms. It was one of the most normal things they'd done in the last few days.

"So… that explains it," Allen muttered.

"They knew each other… It- It's in the family histories." James agreed.

"Uhh… what's that supposed to mean?" Reid interrupted annoyed at the lack of information the adults were sharing.

"Reid, She is descended from Adrienne. You are descended from Gerard. If she can overtake Kayla, I'm sure she can bring Gerard back through you."

"Yeah, that's what she wants. We- we already know that." Reid stated to his father.

"No, no son. You- our family is what continued on Kayla's line of witches. They were supposed to die back in France, with Adrienne, but it didn't because of this… Gerard made a stupid decision out of love."

"Meaning…" Reid continued still not getting it.

"We're the only ones that can lock her away… we-we just aren't sure how." James finished.

"…Yet." Allen finished. "It requires magic lost by our families long ago."

"What're we supposed to do? Summon Gerard and ask?" Reid scoffed out. However, he was greeted with a surprised silence.

"That- That could work." Allen shrugged. James tilted his head in agreement knowing there weren't any other options.

"Whoa, wait… We- we can do that?" Tyler interrupted as he glanced at Caleb next to him.

"Yes…" Henri sighed out he ran a hand stressfully through his shiny dark hair. The adults had taken to lighting more of the lamps strewn throughout the house. "Our- our magic changed over time. The previous witches used chanting and- and rituals before the trails and witch hunts. It took less of our power with the objects, and elements to magnify what little power that was used. Therefore-."

"It chipped away at their lives less." Tyler finished. He was still angry at his father for his stunt with the lamp earlier, but Kayla awakens when she had let everyone breathe a little easier.

"Yes," Henri said as his gaze returned to the floor.

"They lived shorter lives back then. Every moment counted." Allen said. "The problem is that these rituals, and whatnot were lost long ago. As out power advanced and matured with each new generation- they- they didn't have to use it like they had."

"Not to mention having to toss together an altar, and wait on a full moon while being hunted in town was probably not the best way to denounce being a witch," Pogue added.

The father's nodded in agreement. "So… how're we gonna summon the guy, if we don't know how…" Tyler asked.

"I'll run to my office at Salem State. I have some books on it there-. I'll bring them back and we can start then." As Allen said this he moved out to the hall and grabbed his jacket off the coat rack.

"Wait, I'll come with you in case you need help," Pogue said as he stood and followed his father out the door.

"Ye-yeah. Me too." Tyler quickly agreed as he stood as well, and filed out behind the two men.

"I uh-. I should probably go check on Gorman. I'll tell him to head over to my house while we attempt this summoning." The two father's stood and began to talk in hush tones as they filed out to the kitchen next door. Reid sighed as his arms tightened around Kayla.

"These ropes were used in the torture of Adrienne." She mumbled as she held them up to her eyes level. Her eyes squinted looking at the detail of them. Reid's hand moved her arms back down.

"You need to rest." He told her.

That caused Kayla to sit up, "No, every time I do that she takes over. I-I can't."

Reid didn't fight her on it. He could see that Kayla's body was exhausted, her mind as well. She continued to fight it though.

"With these ropes on me. I- I can't do magic though." She trailed off turning to look at him. Reid's eyebrows turned down.

"What d'you mean, red?" He asked.

"Gerard had spelled everything in his little torture shelves. Every item binds the witches magic preventing it from being used. Hell, his whole room was under some sort of anti-magic spell. It was as if I was a standard run-of-the-mill human." Kayla told him as her memories of the torture swirled in her head. She felt something stirring in her, and she knew that whatever had driven Adrienne away was weakening.

"Reid. I-I love you." She told him as she turned to face him.

"Don't do that." He replied. "You're going to be fine. You're going to get out of this, just fine."

"I know." She lied, she wasn't really sure if she would. She knew that the spirit possessing her was just some ghost. It was a witch- from her family line. There were no guarantees that any of them would be able to make it out of this alive. "I just- I want to make sure you know…" Kayla finished explaining.

"Kayla…" Reid began with a sigh, "Do- do you remember when you told me about your parents?" He finished his head tilted towards her.

"Yeah, that- that was the night we met… at Nicky's." She began to feel an itch at her wrists.

"Yeah, you- uh. You told me your mom killed herself… I-I have the feeling that this is what she was going through as well… That- that maybe this woman tries to take over everyone in her line of witches that reaches adulthood."

Kayla remained quiet as she thought about it. She could barely remember her mother, but she was aware of her losing it towards the end. Especially after her dad had died. She could remember her mother acting like two totally different people, and losing chunks of time.

"It- it is possible…" Kayla agreed absently scratching her wrists now.

"I- I think that this isn't just about her wanting another shot at life. It- it has to be you in order for her to remain alive, or-or at least someone in her family line. I'm also assuming she doesn't have very many descendants giver her one relative that managed to make it over here had like zero help in surviving."

"I agree," Kayla said nodding. The reached a silence just taking in the comfort the other offered for the moment. "When they come back you're going to summon Gerard…?" She asked.

"And find a way to get rid of that bitch once a for all," Reid told her.

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