Abby's POV

Sighing lightly as I stare up at the massive house, I finally hop out of the car coming to stand by my father.

"So, what do you think?" He asks, looking quite pleased.

"It's fine father. It's not like we'll be here long." I shrug, kicking at a pebble on the driveway.

"This time will be different dottir." My father Aleksandar promises.

"Honestly, I don't. You say this every time. I give us three months. It doesn't matter anyways, I'm used to it. You're keeping me safe, that's all that matters." I say simply, trying to keep the bitterness out of my voice. I was so used to running. All my life I had been running, always watching my back, always fearing something because of who I am, or rather because of the blood that ran through my veins, the very essence of me.

You see, I was a Dragomir. And all because of a certain immortal and original witch in the first century, my bloodline was marked. To bring the balance back, after the creation of the immortals/vampires, the Travelers bestowed humanity on one family, giving the bloodline the power to completely and forever destroy Silas and keep Qetsiyah and Amara from rising from the Other Side. And because of this I had spent all my life running from Silas' followers, any witch, vampire, werewolf or otherwise that wanted to kill me to prevent his destruction.

"No, I promise this time will be different dottir." My father assures, placing a hand on my shoulder.

Shrugging lightly, I shake my head disbelieving before walking off to explore the house. I highly doubted it.

Mystic Falls, I hope you're ready for this.