Yu-Gi-Oh's! Funniest Home Videos

(//video//)  Note:  I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or America's Funniest Home Videos.

Willcat1011-  Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh's! Funniest Home Videos!  I am your host.  One thing crosses my mind… Why do you park in a driveway, and drive on a parkway?  Sigh.  There are things I will never be good at-telling jokes.  So, lets leave that to the audience!  Joey submits our first video.  (Puts in tape.)

//How Tristen Got His Hair//

Yami- You'll look great Tristen, promise.

Tea-  Yeah!  Have faith in Yami!  I know I do.  (Puppy dog eyes.)(Yami shudders.)

Tristen-  Noooooooo!  If Tea thinks it's good, that must mean it looks hideous!  (Joey is laughing uncontrollably on the ground…  Explaining the rotating images.)

//(End Video.)//

Willcat1011-  Tea, what an idiot with all those sucky friendshit speeches.  Ah, I love my job!  Oh!  We are on the air?  Oops!  Our next submission is from Yami Yugi.

(Puts in the next video.)

//How Tea Started Her Friendship Speeches//

Tristen-  You're so short sometimes, Yugi.

Yugi-  Who are you calling short, pointy freak!  (Kicks him in the no-no area.)

(Joey passes by, and then falls on the ground, laughing hysterically again.  [A/N-Starting to see some patterns forming.])

(Tea also comes by.)

Tea (in her mind)-  Why don't I find this amusing anymore?  Ah!  An idea struck me!  I am starting to have a heart.  What should I call my new feelings?  I've got it!  I can call it a friendship speech.  Perfect!  (Now out loud.)  Hey guys!  Why are you being so aggressive?  Calm down, and manage your anger.  Everything will be okay.  So now we can all be friends again!

Tristen and Yugi in unison(with an evil grin amoungst themselves)-  Okay!  (Turn and kick Tea in the shin.)  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yami-  Hey!  What did you do that for?  (Gives death glare.)

//(End Tape.)//

Audience and Willcat1011-  YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!  (Whistle and cheer tremendously.)

Willcat1011-  Thus proving why I love my job!  Our next video comes from… Oh boy!  Tea.  (Everyone groans loudly.)

(Puts in Video.)


Miho-  Bakura, wait up!  Here is your twenty dollars for being an image boyfriend… Maybe now my popularity will rise after that plunge from becoming Tristen's girlfriend.

Bakura-  No problem… but I do want to get to know you better.  (Winks.)(Miho blushes.)

Tea-  Tristen won't like this.  I think I will have to give Miho and Bakura a friendship speech.  (Goes up to them.)  That wasn't a very nice thing you did, Miho.  Tristen will be heartbroken… He really loved you, you know.  And Bakura!  What possessed you to do such a thing?

Bakura-  Actually, my Yami did. 

//(End Video.)//

Willcat1011-  Um… Interesting.  Well then.  Lets get to our next video sent in by Mokuba.

(Slips in the tape.)

//Kaiba's True Passion//

(In the foreground you can see and hear Kaiba chanting the Mucha Lucha theme song.)

Kaiba-  Mucha lucha. Mucha-Lucha, It's the way of life!  (Flexing his muscles in a skin tight, pink wrestling outfit.)  What mischief will Ricochet and the gang get into now?  Gasp!  The Flea has a pet fish named Sr. Fishy Fish that he flushed down the toilet accidentally years ago… and now he is in an aquarium, creating massive havoc on The Flea for doing something he didn't mean to do!  What a predicament!  That fish makes me want to…grrr.  (Picks up the 35 inch, surround sound television, and chucks it out the window.)

Mokuba-  As you can see, Seto is obsessed with Mucha Lucha, and tries to use the cartoon as a stress reliever.  We go through about thirteen TV's a week.  (Shouts to Kaiba.)  Not again, Seto!  You can at least throw the computer out the window instead… we have more of those!

//(End of Tape.)//

Willcat1011-  Whoah!  Look at that brute strength!  Now I FEAR Kaiba even more!  Now it's time for the audience to get involved.  All you do is review and tell what video will win $10,000, and bragging rights!  He he!  I stole that money from Kaiba when he was watching Mucha Lucha!