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Author's Note : So as promised, sidestories and shorts from Déjà vu no Jutsu. We shall start with Kakashi's bedtime story, because I said so. And a reviewer stuck it in my head… If you have not read Déjà vu yet I would strongly suggest so, otherwise you'll be a little lost. Next up should be the Hyūga incident, as that was another requested scene.

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Kakashi's bedtime story, as told by Hatake Sakumo

"Just after you were born, I was called away for a short mission." Sakumo quirked a smirk at his son when the four-year-old leapt for his bed, to keep the older shinobi from having to stop in his story to tell him to do so. "I got your nee-chan to watch you and your kaa-chan for the night, even if it was a short mission and I should have been back that same night."

"'Cause you're paranoid." Kakashi chirped at his father, grinning broadly and ducking the swat to the head.

"Who's telling this story, me or you?"

His son blinked grey eyes at him innocently, rearranging his bedding as if that was the only thing he had on his mind.

Sakumo snorted, seating himself on the edge of the bed. "Ninja's are not paranoid, there's only those who do their preparations and those who don't do them and end up dead."

"Get on with it, Otou-sama."

"Fine, I see how much you care for me." When all the younger silver haired boy did was stare expectantly, the elder rolled his eyes back at him. "Your nee-chan thought the same you did, that I was just paranoid, but like any good apprentice she went along with her beloved shishou's orders and guarded you and your kaa-chan for me anyways. For her, it was mostly business as usual… until nightfall."

"When Iwa-nin attacked."

"You're getting a little ahead of me, Kashi-kun."

The young prodigy smiled sheepishly. "You're going too slow."

"When little neko-chan started her perimeter checks for me, an Iwagakure no Sato shinobi snuck up behind her. He was armed with a tantō, and aimed to take her head off to clear his way to your kaa-chan…" Sakumo paused deliberately, smirking at his son's rather less than amused glare for it. "…but little baby Kashi-chan giggled, attracting her attention. Natsumi-chan turned her head, listening to baby laugh at his bath, and caught the sight of the tantō aimed at her neck."

"I was so smart." Kakashi marveled to himself, ducking the second slap at his head for interrupting his father.

"You're nee-chan dove under the swing, snagging the blade she concealed in her ninja sandals and taking out her attacker. You save her life, but the Iwa-nin got her hair."

The four-year-old wrinkled his small nose. "Are you sure? Nee-chan's hair is always been long."

"It was shorn to mid-back later, they had to even it out to shoulder-length the day after." Sakumo informed him thoughtfully. "I don't know why she grew it out again… she always complained about the length."

"Shikaku-sama asked her to."

"Oh…" Blinking as he absorbed that, the kenjutsu master gave his son a strange look. "How do you know that?"

"I asked her."

"Then why ask me?"

Kakashi gave his father a shrug. "I still can't imagine nee-chan with short hair."

"…moving on." Sakumo shook his head as he laughed wryly at himself. "You're nee-chan had just been attacked, cutting her hair but without much other injury dealt with. Alarmed, little neko-chan jumped to the roof and found yet another attacker trying to sneak up on your kaa-chan. Like the little neko she is, Natsumi-chan snuck up on this Iwa kunoichi and managed to take her down with little fuss."

"Two down, two to go."

"Yes, two down. Your nee-chan, having already dealt with the attackers she could find, attempted to call for backup. But that alerted one more attacker, who managed to get into the house while his fellow shinobi tried to kill neko-chan and the kunoichi attempted to find a way in from the roof. That dead kunoichi had with her a short sword, so neko-chan snagged that and then used a window to place herself between Eri-kaa-chan, who held you safe in her arms, and the only entrance that opened into the rest of the house."

"Imagine my surprise when the door opened and it wasn't that last Iwa moron, but taicho himself." The newly married Nara Natsumi interjected from the doorway of Kakashi's bedroom, grinning at both silver haired males. "This story again, Kashi-chan? It's the fifth time this week."

The four-year-old stuck his nose in the air at the assassin. "I like it, that's all that matters."

"Right yes, my mistake." The kunoichi informed him while rolling mismatched, ghost pale eyes at him.


Natsumi frowned slightly at her kenjutsu master, sheepishly rubbing at her left arm. "Shika's on mission, and it's a bit… lonely at home without him."

Sakumo grinned fondly at the heroine of his son's favorite bedtime story. "You know where your room is, neko-chan."

"Thanks taicho. Gaki, I'll see you in the morning." The Leopard Summoner smirked at Kakashi's protest over being called a brat, flicking her fingers at both of them in goodbye as she wandered a bit farther into the house to her old room.

The smallest Hatake huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and scowling at the doorway. "Nee-chan is awesome, but she's mean sometimes."

"That's true of most shinobi, Kashi-kun." Sakumo reminded his son dryly. "Now, back to the story. Where were we?"

"You just came in, Otou-sama."

"Right. I threw the door open to ensure you three were alright, and your nee-chan pointed the tip of that borrowed short sword at my throat until she recognized me. She was splattered with blood, her hair raggedly short, and scowling fiercely enough that I almost thought something was hurting her."

"But nee-chan wasn't hurt."

"No, she was scared. For you and your kaa-chan, because the attack happened on her watch when she promised me to watch you both when I couldn't be there. She was almost ready to attack me, if I had proved to be that last attacker that got past her guard."

Kakashi nodded firmly. "Which is why nee-chan is awesome."

The kenjutsu master gave his son a small smirk for that. "Indeed. When she realized who I was, and that she had succeeded in keeping you and your kaa-chan safe for me, only then did neko-chan lower her sword. Then, after I checked to ensure you and your kaa-chan were unharmed, she and I went hunting."

"Because there was one more naughty Iwa-nin to find."

"Yes. I Summoned Aki-sama to help us, and my Dogs' pack leader faithfully led us straight to him. We found him tucked away in the forest outside the walls, taking advantage of a small window of opportunity they had caused by making the patrol that was supposed to check the area sick with poisons. Your nee-chan attacked first, flushing him out of his position and straight into my grip. When we were done demonstrating our displeasure with him and his fellow Iwa-nin, we dragged him straight to T&I."

Almost cheering at that, the little prodigy wiggled in his spot. "Serves them right for trying to kill kaa-chan."

Sakumo gave him a fanged smirk at that. "I quite agree with you there, Kashi-kun. Once everything was over and our fellow shinobi had a handle on the problem and the cleanup, I picked your nee-chan up and brought her home because by then it was near dawn and we both were tired. Now Natsumi-chan likes to pretend she's a tough little neko, but she's very sensitive to upsetting her important people. She was terrified your kaa-chan wouldn't like her anymore, because she had killed to protect you both and sometimes the civilians don't like seeing that."

"But she was worried for nothing, because kaa-chan still likes her."

"We didn't know your kaa-chan could move past that so quickly, Kashi-kun. Neko-chan's worry was valid at the time." He ruffled his son's fluffy hair, jerking his hand back before the younger Hatake could swat it away. "Neko-chan, that next morning, dithered in her room for a whole hour, worrying about all of it. Eri-kaa-chan finally got fed up with waiting and went to her room, only to hug the young kunoichi before your nee-chan could apologize for it. Bloodstains, short hair, and all."

"Because kaa-chan's awesome too."

"Of course I am, Kashi-kun." Hatake Eri beamed at her son, giving her husband a smile of his own. "Did you know neko-chan's here?"

"Her husband's gone on mission and she was lonely." Sakumo answered his wife fondly. "She's staying over tonight."

"Hmm…" The civilian woman eyed their son, her smile turning mischievous. "If you go straight to sleep, Kashi-kun, I'll see if your nee-chan would consent to teach you a few chakra tricks in the morning."

Kakashi nodded rapidly. "I'll be good, kaa-chan."