Author's Note : In my defense, this has been planned for near-abouts three-quarters of a year. Last part of this Soul Eater continuity, that I'm posting for the foreseeable future. If you'd like to continue with this thread, the rest will appear in Orion Smith's An Odd Turn.

Behind the Mirror...

Death Room in Death Weapon Meister Academy, Death City, Nevada

"Wasn't this exactly why you have a bit of my soul-crystal hanging off your key ring?" Fiona shortly informed the blue-skinned zombie of Sid Barett.

Said zombified man coughed sheepishly, running a hand over his cornrows. "Well… yes? But… you were training the kids when I got called in, Fiona."

The ex-Kurama clan kekkai genkai scowled at him, then glanced up to the very thoughtfully posed old god hosting them all. ", zombies are a thing here?"

"Not typically, no." Shinigami-sama informed her absently, still more-or-less distracted by what was going on in his… skull. "We were very lucky Stein turned Sid into one, if only to be sure of what he was sent to check out was… not right."

"I don't remember too well, Shinigami-sama."

"...ah, unfortunate."

"Who is Stein?" As the substitute teacher, Fiona had met a lot of the meister and weapon pairs that took on teaching the next generations. She didn't recall meeting one by the name of Stein.

"Doctor Franken Stein is one of my best meisters." Whipping around to actually look at his two tiny human-shaped-but-not teachers, Shinigami-sama pressed his floppy hands together and peered down at them over it. "He's a genius, to put it bluntly. A bit… insane. Immoral certainly. Has a bit of a sadistic streak. Good man, good man."

Running a hand over her face, the ghost of a dead woman tried not to think about why a man considered a genius and a bit insane by a literal god of death would want to turn someone into a zombie. Or how he did it.

"So…" Sid offered after a moment when it became apparent she wasn't going to bite. "...can I go now? I really want a shower."

Fiona dug the crystal spire, which she no longer needed since she now had her own, out of her pocket and chucked it at the zombie's head more than a little irritated. She had the spire on her dog tags now, she didn't need his keys to walk around on her own. "Keep it on you this time."

"Sid. I wonder… if you would help me with a little something."


"A few students require some… remedial classes."

"Black Star and Tsubaki, for sure." Sighed the substitute.

As much as she liked Sid's adoptive son and his weapon partner, the kid had no sense of subtlety… or what an indoor voice should be. Which, paired with a fighting style that required silence as a rule and relied on surprise takedowns, meant his targets tended to get away from him often.

"Maka Alban and Soul Eater as well." Tacked on Shinigami-sama evenly, ignoring the exasperation his teacher pair were experiencing.

"I thought they were doing well?" Fiona objected in confusion, because from what she could remember of the student rankings she was helping keep the pair was almost finished with turning Soul into a Death Scythe.

"Ah… they ran into a little problem when it came to the last soul, the one of a witch's. The two failed to acquire one in time, and now have to start over at zero souls."

Ouch. Harsh.

"Stein agreed to assist, Sid. You know him, the opportunity to study a few students and their methods to compare with those he knew from his time as a student was enough of a draw to ensure he wouldn't go too overboard." The old god paused, a flat and broad hand smoothing up the lower underside of his mask. "Well… as long as nothing… exciting happens to derail his attention."

Sid really only took a moment to consider it before agreeing, which Fiona understood even if she didn't want to see the man wander off after being recently zombified.

Getting to help his adoptive son, teach a few lessons to his students, and maybe take it easy for the few days it would take for the lesson to be over?

Fiona sighed heavily, and then turned her attention to the upcoming lesson plan she had to teach Sid's classes while he was off being 'dead'.

At least she'd get paid as a teacher when substituting instead of as an aide for the week.


"Father… Sergeant Hanson." Death the Kid greeted the two already within the old god's office-desert room. "You called for me?"

"Ah… yes, yes." Shinigami-sama waved one of his over-sized hands at the ornate mirror situated in the middle of his 'office'. "I wanted your perspective on the remedial class I have arranged to take place, and the students taking it. It's almost ready to start."

"Fair enough." Giving his 'father' a nod, the younger shinigami seated himself on the small human-sized throne Fiona had moved into the desert-like room on request.

His twin demon weapons, otherwise known as the Demon Twin Guns or the Thompson Sisters took up a position just behind and to the right of their meister.

The soldier in her would've approved, except the younger sister Patty immediately got distracted by the floating wispy clouds that drifted through the Death Room at random. Liz's expression suggested it was a normal thing, and even Death the Kid ignored his weapon's wandering attention.

"Where is it taking place?"

"Hook Cemetery." Shinigami-sama cheerfully announced, tapping his mirror with a finger to tune it to the desired location. "I'm sure you've heard the rumors of a not-quite-dead yet former teacher of ours?"

"Sid Barett." Flicking a glance at Fiona's likely less than completely neutral face, the young shinigami leaned back in his throne. "You've sent the remedial students after him, Father?"

She could somewhat sympathise with Death the Kid's confusion, except she knew it was really little more than a somewhat convoluted test. This was, after all, Shinigami-sama's bit to ensure both his son enrolled into the DWMA and that he wouldn't lose four very promising students to unfortunate circumstances.

Black Star's lack of progress was mostly just him, but Maka's was more understandable given she had nearly completed turning Soul into a Death Scythe only to fail because she picked the wrong target.

On the other hand, it wouldn't really look good if one of their teacher's children flunked out of the academy. Especially not one Sid had rescued and personally taught, who was pretty much the last remaining member of a near-murdered clan of assassins.

That had been bewildering to learn.

"It's started." Shinigami-sama announced, turning his masked face to regard the image in his mirror.

Fiona did have some amusement, carefully kept off her face, in watching Sid bat his students around playfully. The zombie teacher seemed to be having fun, a solid kick to the solar plexus from his adoptive son aside.

Maka had some decent flexibility to squeeze through Sid's tombstone attack.

She really only paid more attention, rather than be a prop for Shinigami-sama's aims, when the blonde meister hefted her demon scythe in a way she hadn't seen before.

'Mirror-san' was a very tall, ornate, brass edged mirror. It had to be, given the height of the old god that used it. Since Fiona was paying minimal attention, it spared her a crick in her neck trying to keep track of everything going on. Death the Kid was seated back far enough he had a more comfortable time watching past his 'originator's' concealing black cloak.

Soul's transformation when he and his meister used the attack 'Witch Hunter' was near blinding.

Shinigami-sama seemed unbothered by the bright lights, and his son equally unmoved. Liz, Patty, and Fiona all winced.

Which meant they missed how someone fell out of the mirror to land almost on the hem of the old god's robes.

...was that a plinth helmet?


Fiona twitched, but kept her eyes on the new arrival instead of see who had entered the fight against Sid. He could take care of himself, newly dead or not, but the unknown…

Almost faster than she could see, which was alarming in it's own way given she had the skills to keep up with shinobi in mid-battle, the green-haired and bespectacled man snatched up his helmet and righted himself. Resetting the tan hard-hat on his head, he reached behind him… to grasp the thermos set on his belt.

Unscrewing the lid, he poured himself a cup of what seemed to be coffee and took three sips in quick succession. "Hmm… unfortunate. I hadn't expected to be separated from my team. How… vexing."

The ghost of a dead woman coughed lightly, which had the man all but zipping around to fully face her.


Fiona pointed up.

"Good evening." Shinigami-sama offered pleasantly, tucking his hands away into his robes and nearly bent half to clearly see the newest arrival. "May I ask who you are?"

"Bartholomew Oobleck, Doctor Oobleck I would rather. Instructor at Beacon Academy. A pleasure. May I know who I am being addressed by?"

"Charmed, charmed. I am Shinigami-sama. Old god, Reaper of Death. Whichever you would prefer." Said god of death made a motion with one flat hand at the collection of more human-sized figured staring at the two of them. "May I introduce my son, Death the Kid? With him are the Thompson Sisters and Staff Sergeant Fiona Hanson, my current substitute teacher."

Dr. Oobleck paused a full moment, glancing lightning quick between the god of death and his son. "...fascinating. I wonder, would you mind answering a few questions? Out of pure academic interest, I assure you."

Fiona coughed again, this time a lot less hesitant than before. "While this is all nice and fine, gentle… uh, beings, the students?"

She was only somewhat sure Shinigami-sama was male by choice.

"Ah…" Oobleck again all but blurred as he rounded back around to examine the mirror. Fast seemed to be his natural speed setting. "Yes, forgive my distraction… how did you know I have students?"

"You're an instructor, of course you have students. But I was referring to…" The dead soldier trailed off, finally getting her own look at what had happened on Sid's end. "...I take it the newcomers fighting alongside our students are yours?"

"Indeed. Yours?"

"A remedial class." Shinigami-sama interjected as Fiona came up to stand between itself and the new arrival. "They are tasked with taking down a fallen previous instructor of mine, and the wirepuller behind his recent zombification. Miss Fiona, again, is our substitute when my teachers are needed elsewhere."

"...speaking of, Shinigami-sama? Who's teaching the Crescent Moon class while I'm here and not doing it?"

"Mmm? Why Spirit is, of course!"

The dead woman felt her right eye twitch, only to feel it twitch again when a second rendition of a horror movie's soundtrack sounded.


"...oh dear." Oobleck commented, raising his thermos cap full of coffee for another lightning-fast sip. "Daichi wouldn't happen to be fighting against an actual undead revenant, would he?"

"...Sid Barett is dead, and has been zombified in truth." Fiona confirmed warily. The skepticism was understandable given they had said it was a remedial class. Before she ended up as something called Lord Death's substitute teacher she would've been as skeptical that dead things could really act on their own. Her own existence aside. "Why?"

"Young mister Daichi has a… phobia. Of zombies. Miss Adel had him watch a number of films with her, and I'm afraid my student becomes quite… intent on destroying anything possibly both undead and still embodied."

" ghosts count?"

The politely inquiring expression behind the round glasses now tilted in her direction made the ex-Kurama kekkai genkai grimace. "I may or may not be more dead than alive myself. Just… not as physical as my fellow teacher now is."

"...Sergeant Hanson? Mr… Doctor Oobleck?" Death the Kid spoke up, now studying the both of them quite seriously with his yellow eyes. "Could the two of you slow down, please? I am having a little trouble keeping up."

"Like seriously!" Patty chirped up with a silly grin. "We can't understand you when you go too fast. It's more like a buzzz~"

Their green-haired guest's eyebrows rose up, and he glanced to the dead woman next to him. "Truely?"

"I'm dead. I'm exactly what I imagine I am, since I don't have any biological processes my form needs to go through to process or react."

"SO!" Liz interjected pointedly, a rather irked expression on her face as her younger sister started giggling. "Doctor Oobleck, would you mind telling us why you're here?"

The man examined the taller of the Thompson Sisters, gave a professionally brisk nod, and took yet another sip of his coffee."Ah yes. Team CFVY (pronounced 'coff-ee') was assigned to investigate an odd anomaly scaring away monsters of our home by the name of Grimm. Along with our civilian advisor, we arrived at the forest where the anomaly was and were unfortunately promptly swallowed up by it. After an indeterminate amount of time we have apparently ended up here, in your world. Or rather, I have ended up here in front of you, while my students and our escort arrived in the middle of your local graveyard."


"And one of your students seems to be spazzing out~" Patty cheerfully tacked on to the end, pointing to the very image being transmitted to them through whatever voodoo of Shinigami-sama's operated the mirror.

The young man in question, with tan skin and green-brown robes under light-green armor plates, who tried to brain the zombified-teacher in the head with an overhead swing of his sword.

Oobleck accepted that point with admirable grace. "Well, yes. I did explain Mister Daichi's paranoia when it comes to the living dead."

Fiona risked a glance upward, but the old god's attention was more on the on-going fight and the newer arrivals than their conversation. She wasn't remotely going to bet on that being true, but since she had a lack of orders…

"Who is your civilian advisor? Would we need to extract him?"

They had a way, even if it would be unpleasant. Fiona had figured out how to imbue her soul crystal shards with a copy of Minato's hiraishin sigils.

"Mr. Orion is perfectly capable. He was attached to the team since he had prior experience in these anomalies that had appeared in our own world." Oobleck reassured her evenly, pouring himself another thermos-cap of coffee to sip his way through. "As unfortunate as it is that I was separated from Team CFVY, he can and likely will step in my place."


"Mmm… may I ask an inquiry of my own?"

The entirely unwanted ninja side of her immediately bristled, but keeping in mind exactly how unuseful it had been the ex-Kurama kekkai genkai nodded once firmly. "Sure."

"Can you extract someone? I was of the opinion that we are somewhat removed from the images being… shown."

"We are." Death the Kid offered more or less absently, having been distracted by the abilities of the CFVY team. "Hook Cemetery is at least half a day's walk from Death Weapon Meister Academy, where we are currently."

Oobleck blinked at him, shot a quick glance to the windows seemingly suspended in space well over their collective heads but not Shinigami-sama's, then back to the mirror showing how the team he had been attached to was pulling back together to assist the fight against a zombified former teacher. "I see."

Fiona privately doubted it. "I can… teleport. I actually have two methods to do so, but both require an item specifically prepared to allow it. Sid has one such item on him."

"Really?" She suddenly got the man's full attention, and had to suppress a flinched reaction that would've once let Natsumi reach a kunai without much suspicion. "By what method can you teleport? Quantum? Can you generate wormholes? Why would a token be required?"

"Space-time fuinjutsu."

"I… beg your pardon?"

"Space-time fuinjutsu." Fiona repeated patiently, well aware it was likely a completely unhelpful answer. "I can write instructions into a specific bit of crystal and use it as a teleportation node."

"-maggot ridden brain dead UGLY CORPSE!"

"Can you show me?" Oobleck asked eagerly, ignoring the on-going fight in favor of staring hopefully at someone with the paranoia of a master assassin. "Here?"

"...erm? Maybe later…" Pointing to the mirror's surface, and the image of Black Star finally getting his act together to trap his adoptive father, the ghost of a dead woman warily inched backwards until she was closer to Shinigami-sama's robes. "I think they're wrapping up?"

Oobleck checked the same thing, smiled rather proudly at Coco taking charge of the 'interrogation' only to wince as the threat being used finally reached them. "They… seem to be handling things well enough. Can I assume your students will lead mine back here?"

"The remedial class isn't over quite yet, I'm afraid."

Death the Kid stood up and walked over to those closer to the mirror. "All that's left now is the wirepuller who zombified Sid-Sensei, right?"

"Yes, yes." Shinigami-sama nodded to his son's commentary.

"Who is it, Father?"

The old god made an absent noise, which Fiona fully understood. While this might also be a bid to get the younger shinigami involved with the meisters and demon weapons he would likely command some time down the line, it was also a test for the students to overcome.

Death the Kid's test as much as Maka's, Soul's, Black Star's, or Tsubaki's.

It wasn't like he could comment to that respect, not when he was still trying to get his son to join the Academy and especially not in front of an outside instructor.

"He's no small-timer, is he?" The old god's son continued evenly.

"Death Scythe is the greatest weapon around at the moment." Shinigami-sama offered after a long moment. "You know which meister trained him up, don't you?

"The Thompson Sisters are demon weapons, as are Soul Eater and Tsubaki." Fiona added for Oobleck's benefit, jerking a thumb at the mirror behind them so the man would get the idea.

"Shapeshifters, fascinating."

Death the Kid allowed their side-conversation to stop before continuing. "Mm-hmm, Maka's mother, right? What about it?"

Shinigami-sama nodded. "As it happens, Maka's mother was Death Scythe's second partner."

The younger shinigami wasn't slow on the uptake. "Which means… by any chance, was it his first one?"

"The wirepuller's name is Doctor Franken Stein." Admitted the personification of Death itself. "He was Death Scythe's first partner and greatest meister to ever graduate from DWMA. He's a tough one."

"You told them to go fetch this guy's soul, right?" The taller of the Thompson sister asked with a slight frown, looking concerned.

Her younger sister didn't share her concern. "Still, you'd beat this guy easily, Sis."

"I'm just an unremarkable weapon." Liz quickly denied, becoming depressed. "Patty, you give your sister too much credit. It's safe to say I'd be dead in an instant."

"Such an assignment for a remedial class is a bit too difficult, isn't it?" Continued Death the Kid, ignoring his demon weapons' side-conversation with as much grace as he had the instructors' aside.

Shinigami-sama refrained from commenting.

"There's no doubt about it, they will die."

"...Sergeant Hanson, am I right in assuming your teleportation trick will be able to evacuate the students who get in over their heads?" Oobleck announced just a shy away from a demand, turning rather intently on the ghost of a blonde woman and thermos cup forgotten halfway to it's destination.

In mid combat? Fiona checked to see exactly how many had been added to the number she might have to grab in a fast hurry. "...we might want to prepare a few infirmary beds. I wasn't expecting-"

"Hm?" The old god hummed a little, inspecting the goings on through the mirror.

"...that… that SON OF A BITCH!" Snapped the soldier, glaring at the reflection of the thief that took her soul from Sid. AGAIN. The next asshole that removed the damn thing from her fellow teacher was going to be kicked in the teeth until she felt better. Even if it was Sid himself.

Oobleck frowned, if from her volume, obscenity, or from hearing his civilian advisor looting the pockets of a downed opponent was debatable.

"Well…" Shinigami-sama offered as the people being shown by the mirror all started at least wandering in the same direction. " will take them a little while to reach where they're going. How about we take a little break, hmm? And possibly share a few questions and answers? Doctor Oobleck?"


Death Room in Death Weapon Meister Academy, Death City, Nevada

"-BITCH! GRRRAAAAGH-" Orion collapsed to the floor, holding his head between his hands. "Fucking goddamn mother of god pissing-"

Thankfully, his expletives died down to a mumble after that, BEFORE the children in attendance were scarred any more.

"Doctor Oobleck, your students." Fiona cheerfully informed the green-haired man with a sweeping gesture to the extras she hadn't counted on moving as well when the situation had been set up.

The man damn-near teleported himself, checking over his very disorientated and battered students each in turn. When he was satisfied they were more or less intact, he gave the dead woman a sharp nod. "Much appreciated, Sergeant Hanson. Although… why are they worse-off?"

"The hiraishin technique is a bit disorientating." Admitted Fiona, side-eyeing the thoughtfully looking Stein who was one of the few besides herself still on their feet. "Kind of like blacking out momentarily, but the arrival is also like experiencing whiplash. You get used to it eventually."

Black Star was the only other, and from the looks of it he was only upright and not passed out because Sid had a firm hold of his shoulder. The zombie-man himself had been forced to a knee, but given exactly how much he had been through that evening it was understandable.

"Wonderful. Are we all here?" Shinigami-sama clapped his wacky, oversized hands together cheerfully.

"FUCK YOU REAPER MAN AND FUCK YOU LADY! Gaaah… I finally forgot what fear tasted like!"

Fiona very delicately stepped on the man's ribs. "Be nice, brat. That's an old god you're talking to."

Orion growled darkly. "I fucking noticed, he's pretty much radiating madness. And I don't much care, now get off before I figure out how to shoot you from here."

"Oh honey. I'm dead. What would shooting me do?" However, the dead soldier got off the kid that stole her soul from Sid in order to return the same bit of her crystalized soul to the zombie in question. "Sid… again?"

"Wasn't my fault." Offered the blue-skinned undead, taking back the spire and shakily rising to his own feet. "Blame him."

"I saw."

"Hmmm…?" After inspecting the newcomers, the gigantic masked god of Death turned to his instructors. "Sid, Fiona? Would the two of you kindly arrange some beds for our unexpected guests? They did attempt to assist our students, even if it was a remedial lesson they were doing."

"Shinigami-sama? I was promised-"

"Fiona, if you would?"

Drawing out the crystallized soul of Fiona's, the old god held it out so the ex-Kurama genkai kekkai could break yet another spire off the inner core.

Stein took it with a smirk as Shinigami-sama returned the crystal to his voluminous cloak. "Why thank you, sir."

"Remedial Lesson? What kind of place is this that you have kids fighting zombies as a remedial lesson? Point of fact, who are all of you people?"

"Miss Adel, may I introduce you to a literal god? Shinigami-sama, who is going to be hosting us while we are somewhat displaced?" Oobleck answered Coco before anyone else could. "Continuing, Sergeant Fiona Hanson who conducted your extraction. Sid Barett, who was the assisting instructor in Miss Alban's, Mister Eater's, Mister Star's, and Miss… Tsubaki's remedial exam. And finally, Doctor Franken Stein. Who volunteered to assist in said exam."

"So this entire battle… Was a set up?"

"Well… yes." Shinigami-sama answered for her. "Yes it was. You see… Black Star and Maka Alban are both meisters here in Death Weapon Meister Academy, who both have exactly zero souls fed to their respective demon weapons, Soul Eater and Tsubaki. Maka's difficulty occurred through a miscalculated error that lost her ninety-nine souls, and Black Star… well…"

The god paused, aimed it's mask at the zombified Sid, then shrugged.

"In any case, your involvement actually made things a bit harder than they needed to be."

"Surprisingly enough, no we're not in hell. It's Nevada." Fiona offered on her own end, looking rather annoyed by that fact.

"Um… sir?" Maka tentatively asked as she pulled herself up to a kneeling position next to Soul who looked as if he wasn't going to bother for a while. "Did we at least pass?"

"You pass." Stein offered absently, inspecting the chunk of crystallized soul he was holding up. "Risking your life to protect your partner, a very admirable trait."

"... What kind of world do you live in that kids collect souls?!" Coco spoke up, aghast.

"Obviously, not a pleasant one." Fiona offered flatly, jerking her thumb to the god in the room. "Otherwise do you think Shinigami-sama would be just hanging around here?"

"Eight hundred years ago, the world was protected by the Eight Shinigami Legions. Lead by Shinigami-sama himself." Maka started off, always eager to answer. "However, they broke up when Shinigami-sama's own apprentice went evil and wrecked havoc on the world with his Madness Wavelength. The D.W.M.A. was formed directly after the Eight Shinigami Legions broke up, to combat the possibility of another soul becoming a Kishin like Shinigami-sama's old apprentice."

"Fine answer, Maka." Sid nodded a few times, rubbing a blue hand along the underside of his equally blue chin. "There's more to it, but as a shorthand answer that's fine. Either way, we stand in the way of evil here."

"Graa… Essentially… What they do here is similar to what Beacon does, only with more human enemies." Orion spoke up, dragging himself up from the floor. "And less guns. And more soul weaponization. And shapeshifters."

"From what Sergeant Hanson has informed me, the souls the students 'hunt' are those that hunt innocent souls themselves." Oobleck added from where he was blocking Yatsuhashi's view of Sid. "But Mister Orion is correct in his comparison."

"Maka, Soul Eater, Black Star, Tsubaki? Since you all have passed the remedial mission, consider yourselves excused for the day. As well as some of tomorrow, given how late it has become." Shinigami-sama offered to his students, beckoning the four to the guillotine lined pathway out of his office. "Sid, Fiona? Those arrangements for our guests?"

"Professor? What exactly are we doing now?" The bunny faunus finally managed to recover from her disorientation and momentary bout of nausea.

"Hmm… I have no idea, Miss Scarlatina." Oobleck announced bluntly. "Mister Orion?"


"How would we return to Beacon from here?"

"Gonna be honest here? No clue. Last time I had to deal with this kind of crap, I didn't leave Remnant, other shit just ended up in it. Stupid demon plant of doom… I might have an idea though." Orion admitted, cracking his neck. "That's going to bug me for the next couple of hours, I swear…"

"What idea?" Fiona asked idly, shifting to continue the Doctor's work in keeping Sid out of the green-and-brown swordsman's view as he left the room to put some kind of housing arrangement together.

"Well, two. First one involves on how good… Wait no, that would require locking onto a dimension with no coordinates for the Hiraishin, never mind on that one. Plan B might work." Orion commented absently, eyes unfocusing for a moment as he was thinking deeply about something.

"Let's not do blind jumps with the hiraishin, please."

"Good plan. Messing with Space Time bad. Oi, Reaper Man who's disgustingly powerful?"

Shinigami-sama actually chortled a little bit. "Oh? Did you need something?"

"Your room is in an alternate dimension, yeah? Separate from even the DWMA?" Orion asked, refocusing back on his surroundings.

"And if it is?"

"Connected via mirrors to other dimensions?" Orion continued, counting the god's question as a positive answer.

"Hmm… my students can contact me through any reflective surface and the correct code, yes." Shinigami-sama confirmed cheerily. "I foresee a flaw, though. How can I find your specific dimension out of all the ones possible? Miss Fiona over there came from a completely different one that this one or yours, for example."

The dead soldier herself pulled a face at the attention the god drew to her.

"I… might be able to help there, Shinigami-sama." Stein offered pleasantly, tucking his new test subject away in his patch worked lab coat and giving the people warily regarding him a cheerful smile of his own. "I might need to… do some tests, but I'm sure I can help tune your mirror to their originating reality."

"If you attempt to experiment on me, I will castrate you with my shotguns." Orion commented warily, edging away from the psycho.

Reaching up with one hand, Stein idly cranked the screw lodged in his head a few times. "...well, if you're going to be stubborn about it… anything you know for a fact is unique to your world? For… the process of elimination, you understand. If I can't study you and match a world that way, it will take longer."

"You can't use me then." Orion shrugged. "I'm not exactly native to that world myself."

Fiona slapped a hand over her eyes. Stein turned a frankly terrifyingly eager grin on him. "Oh…? Really…"

"I have shotguns. And hyper awareness of my surroundings. I don't care if you're my ticket back, I will blow your fucking head off, stay away." Orion growled. "Dissect her, she's even less of a native!"

He pointed at Fiona.

"Not physical enough to be dissected, kid. Out of luck there."

"Then make random shit for him to play with."

"Nothing I can make would have internals." Fiona explained with exaggerated patience. "Everything I have, all of it, is merely a chakra construct. Even my own body. That bit of my soul is the only physical part I have, and he's already got a bit of it."

"And shadow clones pop when they first get cut… Greeeaaaat. How the hell does a US Sergeant end up learning the Hiraishin anyway?"

"...I'm going to abstain from commenting." The ex-Kurama kekkai genkai muttered after a long moment of silence. "Anyways. I'm going to go see where Sid is in arranging you a place to crash. Have fun trying to bribe the mad doc to abstain from cutting you apart."

She gave a bastardized salute, then flicked out of existence to catch up with the zombified Sid.

"Up yours too lady. Anyway. Hey Psycho doctor, if I give you a sample of what I was using to crack your ribs, will you leave me the hell alone in my sleep at least?" Orion grumbled loudly to Stein, digging in his pocket.

Another few cranks of his skull screw, and the mad Meister nodded with a small grin. "From nine at night to… say six in the morning?"

"Deal. Catch." Orion underhand threw a vial of black dust to the man.

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.we're going with your fault. This is my fic, and what I say goes.

Oi, I took the blame last time! It's your turn damnit! Ah well. Thankfully, we won't be touching RR at all with this mess. I'm pretty sure Sonya would try to kill me if we did, or at least try to kill Orion.

Sonya would like you to remember she's the least-violent Cloud in existence. And also, she wouldn't touch your boy with her Bec de Corbins.

Considering recent events, that's really NOT reassuring. Regardless of Orion's ability to survive or not. Even when I finally get around to fully unlocking his Semblance and getting him the rest of his gear, I still wouldn't let him pick that fight.

Alright, enough with RR. Not quite on tangent, remember. I try to at least be coherent in these.

You're no fun. Whatever. Anyway, as mentioned in my fic, I'll be dragging Fiona into the world of An Odd Turn. And there will be many shenanigans, quite a few of which are actually planned.

Fiona already regrets I have her be completely non-alcoholic. They don't seem to get along well, do they?

Orion's had a long day, he'll probably apologize later. Also, I find it funny that of the SIs between us, Orion is the youngest and the one who drinks the most.

I don't know, Sonya might actually drink more… admittedly, it doesn't affect her much… damn it. My bad.

I win! Anyway, yeah, they're off to a rocky start, but they'll figure it out. It'll help that they're both from a Earth, so things to talk about. And Orion has… technically had some basic military (specifically army) training, so he will give Fiona more respect. When he stops tasting fear and hearing purple.

My head hurts just thinking about it. Continuing! This is the last? part I'm posting. Supposedly. The rest will show up in An Odd Turn. Continuing with… A day in the life of Itachi (Age 13) when I pick up next. Hopefully. According to my plans. But then again, my Deja vu readers know full well my plans for anything related to the story get derailed some way or another.

As a reader, yes. Yes they do. And you're more than likely going to end up cross-posting the Fiona vs. Natsumi part here due to importance.

...probably. But hey, in ALTERNATE-DIMENSIONS! Woo~

You know, you seem a bit more excited over all this then when we first suggested it. Is Fiona finally getting over herself? Or are Natsumi and Tatiana influencing you more now? Don't care either way, Orion just wants to go drinking with Jiraiya at some point.

Likely to happen. Cherep is sad he can't join… and moving on quickly before we figure out who's at fault this time. Again, the rest of this thread will be posted to his An Odd Turn story.

When I find time to write…. Hopefully I'll have more for a bit. And let's be honest Vixy? KHR CANON already deals with parallel universes. We aren't that lucky to keep them separate. Or rather, this is Orion's luck that makes Harry fucking Potter look blessed. It's probably going to end up happening whenever we get bored and the idea of how to do it randomly pops in our heads.

Nope, RR only goes through the time-travel bullshit. You can figure out how to deal with Byakuran taking over multiple universes on your lonesome.

Eh. I'll probably just use high explosives. Or lasers. Or hax via Semblances. Anyway, I'm done now, I swear, all you Vixy.

...I've got nothing. I don't' normally do very long ANs. Continuation of normal chapter snippets to follow, peeps.