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(Another Four Letter Word for Love)

Draco – Age 30, One week before his wedding

Who said hate was a bad word? I never thought it was. In many ways, hate's just another word for love. I told my girlfriend (soon to be Mrs.) that last night and she had the audacity to hit me upside my lovely, blond head.

Still, I stand by my assessment.

Many four - letter words have worst connotations than 'hate'. There are the major ones…Fuck. (Gee, this little story just earned a higher rating, didn't it?) Then there are the lesser ones like Hell and Damn. But the point I was trying to make before my bushy-haired loved one hit me without restraint was that hate wasn't that bad of a word, and if one really wanted to examine the content of the word, the real core meaning, (not the dictionary meaning, but the EMOTIONS) behind it, then one would realize that HATE and LOVE are so closely related that its scary.

For example –

I used to hate Hermione Granger. I really did. I hated her more than I had ever hated anyone in the world. I hated her from the tips of her toenails to the split-ends of her curly hair. I hated the way she looked, the way she walked, the way she talked (especially the way she talked – droning on, on, and on…); the way she laughed. You get the picture. I hated her.

I hated her from the time I was eleven years old until two years ago.

But see, that's the irony of the thing, and though my aforementioned little soon to be wifey would like everyone to think that I don't understand the meaning of THAT word – IRONY – I do. Because it's ironic that although I hated Hermione Granger with an abject passion from almost the moment I saw her breathing, taking up space in my world, that was probably also around the time that I began to love her.

Hate and Love. Love and Hate. Related. See. Hmmm. And she likes to call me the dumb one.