Headphone Cord

Jonathan was going to hurt something. How many times had this happened this week? This was ridiculous! It was like his headphones were in one giant knot of misery and hated him! Why?! Sock leaned over his shoulder without any consideration for personal space. "Hey there, Jonathan- need some help?" He offered, a wide smile on his face. "No, I got it…" Jonathan grumbled, just wanting the large knot he had managed to make to just go away all together. He usually had them around his neck all the time so the possibility of them getting tangled like this was ridiculously small, but the few times he took them off they somehow kept ending up like this!

Sock kept watching, slowly leaning forwards to the point where his cheek was pressed against Jonathan's. "…Do you mind?" Jonathan asked, jerking his head back and shooting him a look. He really just wanted this done as quick as possible so he could listen to some music while he waited for the bus. "Nope, not at all!" Sock replied, interpreting the question differently than how Jonathan meant it. Jonathan just sighed and rolled his eyes and resumed working on his headphone cords. "…How did they even get like this?" He grumbled to no one in particular, tempted to throw them across the room or walk out with them as they were. "Mmm… I'n'know." Sock said, the wide smile not leaving his face.

Then something clicked in Jonathan's head. "…Sock?" Sock practically jumped like an excited puppy, his eyes getting wider as he directed all of his attention to him. "Yeah?" Jonathan looked at his overly happy demeanor- somehow, it seemed even more so than normal. Which could be because of one of several things… Usually, it meant something good happened for Sock- meaning something bad for Jonathan. …That or he was just enjoying watching him struggle. "Did you knot my headphones?"

Sock snorted, his shoulders jumping. "Ha! Nah, that's just mean! …Also you're probably going to be late if you don't go soon!" He reminded, giving only a moments glance to the clock. Sock felt the need to enter his house more and more often once he found out he could enter whenever he pleased, so this was pretty normal by now. Jonathan cursed under his breath and abandoned the endeavor for now, opting to worry about it on the bus instead.

He snatched up his bag and ran for the bus, almost forgetting to lock his front door as he did so, Sock partially phased through his door. Jonathan ran for the bus stop, Sock casually floating after him. The bus pulled up right around when he got to the stop, panting and wheezing and stressed out because he couldn't put his headphones on right that second. He wouldn't even have to worry about calming down with his music if they weren't tangled in the first place!

He huffed as he flopped down in his seat on the bus, Sock casually floating in after him and plopping down next to him. "…So can I try now?" He asked, his eyes wide with anticipation and some of his teeth showing past his smile. "…No." Jonathan spat, frustrated from his failure. He didn't even care that people thought he was talking to himself again. He set his bag down on the side closest to the window, then tried to work on his headphones again.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Welcome to Hell・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Jonathan sighed, flopping down on his bed. It had basically taken him all day to untangle his headphones- he had even wasted the majority of lunch trying to fix the cord. At one point he completely gave up and just plugged them in as the big knotted mess they were. Sock made a note to point out that he looked pissed, the wide grin still not leaving his face. He was okay now though. They were all detangled and neat and he'd be sure to put them away in a manner that wouldn't result in tangling in the morning.

He wrapped them in a loose circle around his hand, then carefully put them down on his night stand. He even stole the twist from the bread bag for this. He wound it around the cord of his headphones. This would keep them from getting tangled this time. He looked at his handiwork and nodded in satisfaction. Good. He smiled before changing for bed.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Welcome to Hell・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Sock looked over at the large, precarious lump in the bed. "…Eeeyup. Asleep like a rock- that expression was always weird, rocks don't sleep… Pft…!" Sock joked to himself, chuckling a little while he hunted for Jonathan's headphones. Ah! There they were! …Well he certainly went through a lot of trouble so they wouldn't get tangled to badly! …Such a shame. Sock picked them up and set to work- realizing he put a twist tie on it. Aww! How cute!

He took it off and tossed it onto the floor, a wide smile on his face while he wound his cord around itself in a particular manner so it still looked organized but would be a pain to detach once again. He then hunted for the twist tie- and a brilliant idea came to him! He used the twist tie in a particular knot he had learned as a kid, putting the twist tie in the middle of it and making it look like a bow. Yup! Very precious! He smiled at his handiwork and nodded, getting antsy just thinking about the stress it would put on Jonathan in the morning.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Welcome to Hell・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Jonathan was going to kill something. "…No way…" He mumbled, his headphones before him on the kitchen table. "Morning~!" Sock called, phasing through his front door completely and coming over to join him. "What's u- AH!" Jonathan swung at him, his arm missing. "You know what's up! You did it now fix them!" He said, raising his voice while shaking his headphones with him.

"…Uh, Jonathan, can you knot yell? …Get it- knot? 'Cuz your headphones are all…! Ahehe…!" Sock had been saving that joke for just the right time- this was clearly it. Jonathan groaned at the lameness of it and sunk back down in his chair. "Fix iiiiiiitt…" He groaned, waving his headphones at him. "…Nah. Besides, you didn't want me to before."

"Because I didn't want you to before! I'm entitled to change my opinion, you know. So come on- you did it, so fix it…!" Sock looked down at the headphones Jonathan was offering him. "…Uh… So um, fun fact! When I was bored sometimes as a kid, I'd look up really cool knots to do because my parents always threatened to send me away to camp if I didn't stop killing squirrels and stuff. Naturally I thought they meant like a boys scout camp or something- which seemed SOOOOH lame! But I figured, well you know! Maybe it could be useful or something! So I decided if I already knew all the stuff they had to teach me, I'd have no reason to go there and they'd send me home or something! So I looked up how to like tie knots and track animals and stuff, but uh… Ahe… Okay, so here's the kicker, um…"

Jonathan didn't look amused while Sock ranted and continued to avoid the point of his excessive chatter as well as a reply. "…I uh…" Sock looked down at the floor, then back up at Jonathan, his wide smile gone and he almost looked… apologetic? "I can't." Jonathan felt his blood boil. "…You… can't?" He asked again for clarification. "Uh-huh."

…He was going to kill him.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Welcome to Hell・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Obnoxious Pop Music

What… What even… "…Okay how many times is she going to say "Friday"?" Jonathan asked, looking at Sock, completely confused. He was sure the little monster- er, demon took all of his music from his mp3 player and put all of this trash on here, but whatever. He decided to let it go and see what exactly Sock had put in his ipod in exchange. This was bound to be on his computer too… Honestly, he had too much time on his hands for all of this.

"I don' know." Sock said, allowing himself to sit down next to him. "Waaaaanna count~?" He asked, a wide grin on his face. "…I guess, so." Jonathan decided, resetting the song and Sock pressed his ear against Jonathan's headphones a bit harsher than he needed to. Jonathan shot him a look, but didn't force him to move. Sock almost seemed kind of happy about the stupid song. Jonathan caught himself smiling in spite of the ridiculously obnoxious sound of the girl singing at the moment.

1, 2,… 6,… 12, 13, 14,… "…This is so stupid." Jonathan said, trying not to laugh. Sock seemed to be bopping in his seat regardless though. 20,… 25, 26… Jonathan paused the song once it had reached the end and put his headphones down. "…Okay I'm not gonna lie I stopped counting after like fifteen nasal Fridays." Jonathan admitted. Sock chuckled. "I counted twenty-six!" He declared proudly.

Honestly he was sure the was supposed to annoy him since it wasn't his usual music choice, but they still somehow managed to make it endurable and also kind of entertaining without even meaning to. "Alright what else did you put on here, you little monster?" Jonathan asked, relaxing into his seat with a casual smile on his face while he scanned through the songs in his mp3 player. "Oh, oh! Play that one!" Sock said, stopping him as he pointed to the song with a wide grin while he tried not to bounce in the seat. He didn't even attempt to deny the fact that he changed his music.

Jonathan shrugged and put his headphones back on. Sock had kind of expected it to annoy the hell out of Jonathan or offset his entire day, but he was taking it pretty well… That kinda sucked. Ah well. This was kinda fun though. No- wait, that was bad. This wasn't supposed to be fun. He was here to torment him. Ahhhh! Terror! Horror! Annoyance! …Or something. Whatever this next song was so stupid oh man he couldn't wait to show Jonathan!

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Welcome to Hell・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Singing his Favorite Songs Wrong

Jonathan pressed his entire hand over his mouth and pursed his lips together. Okay this kid was ridiculous. At first it was kind of annoying, but he just kept. Going. He was trying so hard not to outright laugh at him. Sock was standing on one of his chairs, using the arm rests to stand on while he sang off-key and at the top of his lungs in the middle of his living room with the occasional forgotten note or word being substituted with a "blah" or "yeah whatever this part is". To top it off, he was attempting to imitate the accent the singer of Irish Stew had.

It was hysterical and he had been doing this for over an hour.

"…And the more I looket at'tchu the more you smile't at meeee~!
An' the more we talked I lived my swEEEteST dreeAM
I tried to moo my head, I tried to close my eeeeehhhHYES
'twas only you I could see, and then aihh realIZEDDD!

Life has alwayz been worse than it seemed
I feel so sad, I just preten'
You're so cloze, but so far away from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- ah…! Held that note for too long- opps!"

"…Did you honestly learn these just to try to annoy me while I was doing homework?" Jonathan asked from behind his hand. "Is it working?" Sock asked, practically jumping to his knees. "…Not really- it's distracting though." He admitted. Sock's lip turned up and he had this expression that just screamed "awh man!". It was golden. "…If it makes you feel any better, when you first started it kind of annoyed me, but you just kept going and it kinda got funny." He added, having no idea why he was bothering with trying to cheer him up.

"Soooo because I did it for too long, it backfired?" Sock asked for clarification. Jonathan nodded. "Yup. …But, if you feel like distracting me from my algebra homework some more, I won't stop you." Sock's face lit up and he had a glint of something devious in his eyes. "Don't blame me when you fail- I also changed your test answers last time, remember~?" He cooed up at him. Jonathan let his head flop back as he numbly gazed at the ceiling. "Don't remind me…"

"Faaahahahahaaiiilled teeeeEESSST~!" Sock sang to the song again. Jonathan snorted, the memory of being grounded escaping him. Whatever. It was okay. Sock was okay when he wanted to be. Like right now. "Alright, did you learn this one?" Jonathan asked, changing the song he had coming from his computer. "Mmmm… Kinda." Sock replied sheepishly. "Alright, well just wing it- go." He said, slumping in his chair while he folded his hands over his chest. He probably wasn't going to get his homework done, but whatever.

Sock probably won this round. Good for him.