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On the fourth day. Johnlock/Mystrade.

The full title is: Kinkiness, cards and Christmas cheer.

On the fourth day of Christmas my John gave to me a day posing for the Christmas cards (and giving Mycroft a very awful scare.)

''Left a bit. Forwards a bit more. Mrs. Hudson could you move back slightly? Sherlock get out here!''

John knew it would be a bad idea to get Sherlock to be part of the Christmas card photos. Mycroft had even warned him when he had called up a few days previous to ask him and Greg if they wouldn't mind joining them.

''Hey Greg. It's John. Listen, is Mycroft there? It's just that I need to ask the both of you something,'' John had said eventually when the phone had been picked up.

''Oh hey John! Yeah he's here; I'll put you on speaker. What's up?''

John had heard the click of the button and the scrabble of something being pushed, possibly a bed cover. They were still in bed? Unless they never got out of bed and he had interrupted them while they were…

John didn't want to finish that thought.

''Good evening, John.'' Mycroft's low voice sounded out through the speaker.

''Hello Mycroft. How are you?'' John had asked, still trying to get the mental image of Mycroft and Greg having sex out of his head.

''I'm fine although I would have preferred it if you had called later. Gregory and I were just in the middle of something.'' The man had said it so plainly that John couldn't help but let out a small laugh.

''Yes, well, I didn't expect you to still be in bed at five o'clock.''

''I'm afraid not all of us have the restraint you and my brother seem to have. Then again, it's been known that the passion, shall we say, that couples share seems to die down as the relationship continues.''

''Me and Sherlock have plenty of-'' John snaps and stops himself, knowing the conversation is just going to get out of hand if he starts to argue about his and Sherlock's love life, especially to Sherlock's brother.

John takes in a deep breath, trying to compose himself and puts the phone back to his ear. ''Mycroft, I'd rather not talk to you about what I get up to with your brother thank you.'' He could hear the bitterness in his voice and takes in another breath. ''I wanted to talk to both of you about coming round the flat this Saturday to pose for some Christmas cards. I was thinking if we both each do individual cards and send them out to family and friends. Y'know like couples do.''

''That sounds great!'' Greg practically shouted down the phone.

''Absolutely not. '' Mycroft's response follows after, talking right over Greg.

''Myc why not?''

''Yes why not?'' John said, feeling himself about to explode into frustration again. Why are the Holmes brothers so difficult?

''John in all of my forty three years of life I have never posed for Christmas cards. In fact I have never sent Christmas cards. It's a waste of time and waste of material over a frankly stupid holiday.''

''You've never sent a Christmas card?''Greg asked, his shock nearly resulting in him falling out of his bed.

John however wasn't quite surprised by Mycroft's confession. Last year they didn't get a card, never even got so much as a Merry Christmas from the man. Mycroft Holmes, John had decided just didn't do Christmas.

John felt glad at that moment that he had picked the better of the Holmes boys. At least Sherlock liked Christmas… kind of.

''No. What's the point? You send a card and it's up for a few weeks then it's either boxed with the rest of the decorations and put away till next year or thrown away.

''You're such a Grinch, Myc. It's our first Christmas together. I want us to send cards together to our friends and family. Please?'' Greg whined, shaking Mycroft's shoulder lightly.

Mycroft looked at Greg, who was now pouting at him to say yes and rolled his eyes. ''Fine. I suppose we can go if it makes you happy.''

''Thank you.'' Greg said, placing a kiss on Mycroft's cheek. ''How about I show you how happy you make me?'' Greg practically purred into Mycroft's ear, kissing the soft skin behind it.

''Right, I'll leave you two alone then. See you Saturday,'' John said in a rush and hanged up without waiting for a reply.

Jesus, he thought, maybe him and Sherlock were losing their touch.

''Sherlock?'' John called, exiting his old room and walking down the stairs. ''Are you busy?''

''I'm not coming out. I look ridiculous!'' Sherlock says back, flicking the plastic elf ears and frowning in the mirror.

John sighs, looking to Greg and Mycroft for support as he put the camera down. ''For the love of God just come out here! I bet you don't look that bad.''

''I look like Christmas has just been sick on me. An elf, John? Really? Couldn't you have picked something less embarrassing?''

''Mycroft is dressed as a snowman and he's not complaining.''

''Actually-'' Mycroft is cut off by Greg poking him in his ribs with his elbow. John had given them both of their costumes when they had arrived this morning and Greg had made Mycroft promise not to complain.

''I would have preferred a snowman over an elf.'' Sherlock frowned and shook his head, the bell on top his hat ringing as he moved.

''Stop complaining and get out here. Now. That's an order,'' John says sternly, knowing Sherlock couldn't say no when John used his military voice.

Sherlock scrunches up his nose in disgust and closes his eyes, preparing himself for the onslaught of laughter and name calling, probably both from Mycroft.

He opens the door to the bathroom, peering outside and then walking out slowly. He makes it halfway to the living room and stops at the doorway, his arms folded and his face wearing a scowl.

''Fine. I'm here. Happy?'' He lifts his gaze to look at everyone's costumes and sees the corners of John's mouth twitch.

''Oh, Sherlock! You look wonderful!'' Mrs Hudson exclaims who is wearing a Mrs Claus outfit.

''Yeah it suits you,'' Greg says, smiling as he puts an arm around Mycroft. John had given him a reindeer costume to wear.

''We're matching.'' Molly smiles, who John had given another elf costume to.

Mycroft smirks, his eyes roaming over the elf costume. ''Yes it does suit you. Although I suppose being an elf is no different than being a detective is it? Detectives do the polices work and elfs make presents for Santa. Both do someone else's work for them.''

'' I could say the same for you. Being a snowman is no different from your average day is it? Both overweight, both cold and have no feelings-''

''Oi that's my boyfriend you're talking about!'' Greg frowns, pulling Mycroft closer towards him on instinct to protect.

''Then you know exactly what I'm talking about.'' Sherlock snaps back, crossing his arms.

''Sherlock, that's enough now. Can't you both just get on for one hour? I just want to do these pictures and then you can do whatever the hell you want. Deal?''

John looks to Mycroft and Sherlock, who both nod their heads and picks up the camera again, giving Sherlock a soft smile.

''You look perfect. Now come stand next to Molly.''

Sherlock heaves out a sigh and walks over to her, his arms still crossed and the grimace not completely leaving his face.

''Great! Let me just put this on the timer.'' John picks up the camera and puts it on the stand, clicking at the buttons to make the timer start and goes to stand beside Sherlock. As the timer is counting down John takes the opportunity to lean to the side, his shoulder pressing into Sherlock's and brings his lips to hover next to Sherlock's ear.

''If you're extra well behaved Santa might just have a treat for you,'' John whispers into Sherlock's ear as his hand trails low to stop at his hips, applying the smallest amount of pressure and grinning at the lens of the camera.

Sherlock's eyes grow wider, gasping slightly as John's low voice sounds through him sending a jolt that goes straight to his cock. His cheeks flush pink and he bites his lip down from making a noise.

Well it wouldn't do to behave like this in front of your landlady/housekeeper, brother and his boyfriend would it?

''OK everyone. Say cheese!'' John's voice breaks through Sherlock's thoughts and the chorus of everyone shouting the word and the first flash of the camera is enough for Sherlock to realise that he probably should have worn pants with these tights.


After everyone had browsed through the photos, spent a considerable amount of time laughing at that fact that Sherlock's tights were see through and picking out the photos they want, they all decided that it was time to go, leaving John and Sherlock alone.

''Y'know I still don't understand why you chose not to wear pants,'' John says, sitting in his chair and flicking through the photos. ''I'm pretty sure Molly's going to ask for print outs of these.''

''I didn't think you'd invite everyone else,'' Sherlock replies, rolling his eyes as John starts to laugh again.

''What did you think I meant when I said we were going to take Christmas photos? Surely you didn't think we were going to take nude ones.''

John looks up from the camera to look at Sherlock, who was now slumped in his seat and not talking. John's eyes become wide and he's almost sure he's going to drop the camera.

''You did! You thought we were going to take nude photos!'' John practically shouts followed by a manic burst of laughter that has Sherlock slumping in his chair even more.

''Not nude photos. Nude Christmas photos,'' Sherlock mutters, crossing his arms and looking like a small child. ''It seems I may have jumped to a conclusion. Won't happen again.''

''Sherlock, I told you we were sending these to friends and family. I'd rather not send your great aunt a photo of me with no clothes on. Let alone Mycroft. ''

Sherlock grimaces at the thought. John chuckles and leans forward to knock his knee against Sherlock's.

''You really are a berk sometimes. Now stop pouting and come over here and give Santa a kiss.''

Sherlock's mouth twitches, the pout leaving his face as he uncrosses his arms and goes to slide off his chair and join John. His legs wrap around John's thighs, straddling the man and brings his arms to curl around John's neck.

John grunts when Sherlock lowers himself onto his lap but is soon stopped from any noises escaping his mouth as Sherlock captures his lips with his. John parts his lips, the moan thick in his throat and he pulls Sherlock towards him, enjoying the intake of breath as John's tongue slides across Sherlock's.

''What made you jump to a conclusion then?'' John pulls away for breath, his thumb skirting over Sherlock's bottom lip.

''Mhm?'' Sherlock's eyes are still closed and he leans forward to press his lips back to John's but is stopped with a hand to his shoulder.

''You mentioned that you jumped to a conclusion. What prompted that?''

Sherlock squirms in John's lap, looking down towards the ground until finally mumbling so low that he has to repeat himself.

''You left your laptop open while you went to talk to Lestrade. I may have looked at it. There were couples in fancy dress in quite compromising positions. Then you came downstairs and told me that we were going to do a couple photo shoot for Christmas. I thought you wanted to do those kind of photos. ''

John huffs out a breath and then grins, pulling Sherlock down for a kiss.

''I was right. You are a berk,'' John shakes his head, laughing, ''I thought I clicked on a link that was going to be family friendly. It wasn't. I was going to close the page but when I finally managed to get a hold of Greg I forgot all about it. Although maybe the see through tights are karma for always using my laptop.''

''So you don't want to do a naked photo shoot?''

John doesn't answer straight away, his head tilts to the side as he looks up at Sherlock. ''Well…I wouldn't be say I don't want to do that. But I understand that it's not something you're in to. I'm not going to force you into something you won't like.''

Sherlock squirms again. ''It's not that I'm not interested in the idea. I've just never had someone who wanted me like that or a person I would be OK to do that with.''

''So you think you would be comfortable doing something like that with me?''

John looks hopeful staring up at Sherlock, a small smile spreading across him. Sherlock wants to trap that smile and store it in every room of his mind palace.

''Yes.'' The word is barely whispered and Sherlock's surprised that he could even manage to say that.

John breaks eye contact to pick the camera up again. When he looks back at Sherlock his eyes are dark and full of want.

''Strip,'' John says, the force of his voice reminding Sherlock of an officer talking to a private.''Strip for me.''

So Sherlock does just that.


''Mycroft, it's late. What are you doing?'' Greg calls from the bedroom, coming out to peer over Mycroft's shoulder.

''Working.'' He doesn't even look up from his laptop to reply.

''You count spying on your brothers laptop as working?'' Greg questions, one eyebrow raised as he sees the hundreds of files that are scrolling past.

''I just like to know that he's safe. I worry about him.''

Greg leans down to press a kiss to Mycroft's cheek. ''I know you do. But I think John is capable of looking out for him. As I hope I'm doing a good job of looking out for you.''

''You are doing a perfect job.'' Mycroft looks up to give Greg a reassuring smile and gestures towards the bedroom. ''You're right, it's late. Go to bed and I'll be there in a minute.''

Greg rolls his eyes, knowing a minute in Mycroft's language is one hour and shuffles off to into the bedroom.

Mycroft watches as Greg goes and returns to his laptop when he sees the man disappear into the room.

He doesn't always check up on his brother, every two weeks was the maxim, but Mycroft likes to make sure that his brother wasn't getting himself into any trouble so spying on him seemed to be the only option. This included looking through his e-mails, recent internet searches and documents saved in his files.

Apart from the usual page searches that came up (which reminded Mycroft that he needed to tell his brother to use some sort of incognito window) he couldn't see anything that was sticking out to him.

Until he refreshed his documents and saw that a new file had been added.

Upon further thought Mycroft knew he probably shouldn't have opened a file with the name Private Photo shoot with John but curiosity got the better of him.

He certainly didn't expect to be greeted with over a hundred photos of his brother in only his elf ears and hat and brothers boyfriend in Santa's hat, beard and coat.

He clicked off the file, closing the window and quietly went into his bedroom. He placed the laptop on the bed, next to a confused Greg and pointed at it.

''Burn that laptop, Gregory.''

Mycroft never dared open a file of Sherlock's again.

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