The sound of thunder boomed as lighting flashed overhead. Levi whipped his head around as raindrops pelleted his scaly hide. He caught in the wicked storm as the harsh winds whipped him around. He was stunned as a bolt of lightning flashed right in front of his face.

"Levi... Levi..."

The dark dragon's ears pricked up when he heard Eren's voice echo in the storm, calling his name.

"Eren!" Levi roared out into the wild storm.

He desperately looked around for his mate until a sudden pain shot up his side. The scent of blood filled his nose when his unknown attacker struck again. He winced in pain and his eyes went wide when he met a familiar pair of swampy green eyes.

Levi awoke from his nightmare panting heavily. His wild metallic grey gaze flickered around the dark cave before fixing on Eren. The brown dragon had been given permission to stay with him a few months ago after they helped save the kingdom from three dragon threats.

The two had been rather busy those months... Levi had finally claimed Eren as his mate which resulted in a shocking discovery... eggs.

Levi looked over at the five small round colorful eggs that Eren's tail was wrapped around. He cracked a small smile and blew a puff of smoke onto the cluster before slipping out of the nest. His joints cracked as he walked out into the open.

The moon still hung in the night sky and the crickets continued to chirp from within the forest. Levi's eyes were still heavy with sleep, having not had a good night's rest in days. He slumped down in the grass as he listened to the babbling brook.


The dark dragon's ears pricked up when he heard the sound of Eren's voice. He looked behind him to see the brown dragon walking towards him.

"I didn't mean to wake up..." Levi started.

"It's fine..." Eren replied.

"You should be inside watching over the eggs..." Levi snorted as he faced Eren.

"I think you having these nightmares are the important thing now..." Eren said, rolling his eyes. Ever since they had found out about the eggs, Levi had grown rather protective of the brown dragon.

Levi snorted in reply as he rested his head back on the grass and rolled his eyes.

"This is the fourth night in a row you've been woken up by some nightmare... You barely sleep enough as it is..." Eren said as he nudged the older dragon's snout with his own, "Maybe you should talk to Hanji about tomorrow... or Erwin..."

"No. I'm not leaving you here alone." Levi replied rather quickly.

"I can take care of myself...!" Eren retorted as his tail lashed about behind him. Instincts or not... he was getting a bit tired of Levi's overprotectiveness... but he knew the older dragon was very stubborn.

"Please... come back to bed at least..." Eren muttered before turning around to head back into the cave.

He watched as Levi pulled himself to his feet and followed after him.

Eren let out a tired yawn as he laid back down in the nest and curled up against the cluster of eggs, his tail involuntarily wrapping around them as he did. He watched Levi laid down right next to him and rested his head on the dark dragon's hind legs.

Levi snorted ever so slightly and rolled his eyes when Eren did so. He rested his head on the brown dragon's flank as his tail curled up against the other's.

"Night Levi..." Eren managed to say as he yawned again.

"Night Eren..." Levi replied rather quietly as he heard the sound of soft snoring below him.

Levi let out a deep sigh as he remained wide awake, alone with his thoughts. He looked down at the group of eggs and cracked a small smile at the mere thoughts of them hatching soon.

Daylight cracked into the cave entrance a few hours later as Eren woke up, only to find Levi not at his side. He let out a deep sigh before glancing over at the cluster of eggs, which were moving more and more each day.

"Your father can be so stubborn sometimes... just a fair warning..." He muttered as he gently nudged the pile and blew a puff of smoke on it.

"Don't make me sound like the bad guy before they even hatch, Eren..."

The brown dragon blinked in surprise and whipped his head around to see Levi standing at the entrance with a dead deer in his jaws.

"I wasn't... I was just telling them the truth." Eren retorted as he went to stand up.

He let out a small growl when Levi nudged him back down and placed the fresh kill at his feet. Being spoiled didn't bothering much at first but now he felt kind of guilty. He hated seeing Levi do all the work as he just laid around... even if the older dragon was making him.

"You should go talk to Hanji... while it's still early." Eren muttered, rolling his eyes a bit, "After you eat of course."

"Yes sir mom." Levi teased with a slight chuckle in his voice.

Eren snorted at the dark colored dragon. He was glad Levi could still act like his regular self after four days without sleep but he still worried for him. He made the older dragon leave almost immediately after they had finished eating.

After some bickering, Levi finally left the cave and headed to Hanji's. He shifted into his human state after months of remaining in his dragon form. He left his navy blue cloak back home with Eren and let the warm spring air caress him as he walked.

"Hey short scales!"

Levi's eyebrow twitched when he heard the sound of Hanji's voice as he drew closer to the cottage.

"Hello Hanji..." he said with a slight sigh.

"What brings you here?" She asked.


"Eren sent you, didn't he?"


Hanji let out a small giggle as she walked over to greet her friend. Levi swiftly dodged her when she attempted to snake an arm around his shoulder. He pressed his back up against a tree and folded his arms across his chest as he looked at Hanji.

"And what do the two expecting parents need?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well... I've been having this dream... nightmare really... about me getting caught in this wicked storm...I can hear Eren's voice calling for me and then...out of nowhere this dark black dragon with swampy green eyes attacks me... I wake up just before he kills me though..." Levi explained as he lowered his head.

"Well then..." Hanji started as she placed a finger on her chin, "It's probably just pre-parent jitters... Or maybe your dream is trying to tell you something..."

"Tell me something?" Levi asked, raising an eyebrow at the witch, "Like what?"

"Beats me! But if it is... I'd be careful..." Hanji said with a small shrug.

Levi opened his mouth to reply but no words came out when a loud familiar roar cut him off. His narrow metallic grey eyes went wide and glanced over in the direction of his home.


It was then that it sudden clicked into his head on what was probably happening.