Based loosely on my other story 'Alec Hardy goes to Gracepoint' only this time Rose tells Emmett Carver she is the Vitex heiress but he has never heard of her or Pete but she does not tell the new detective in town what she actually does. Her stepfather has sent Rose to recuperate after she and her team escape serious injury although one team member is not so lucky. Rose got away with a muscle injury in her ribs that prevents her taking an active role in things and Pete thinks giving her a month off will help her heal. Carver thinks she is a spoiled rich girl with more money than sense and she thinks he is the grumpiest man she has ever met when they are on the plane and sparks fly when the town is in turmoil.

Does not contain any spoilers for the TV series. Carver is not all he seems to be!

This is set in the alternate universe and obviously after the events of 'Doomsday' for all of you who are wondering! If she was still in her own world, she wouldn't be the 'Vitex' Heiress would she now?


Beginnings and introductions

Rose was sat quietly with her friend Jake in the airport lounge, waiting for her flight to be announced. The two Torchwood members were not even supposed to have been there, they shouldn't have escaped so easily when everything had gone wrong. The entire team had been in the lab when the device they were using to jump dimensions backfired in an horrific way causing injury to those the nearest and others to be flung across the floor leaving them shaken and bruised and the device in pieces. There was only one near fatality but thankfully no-one was killed outright although the person in question was still critical and others had been discharged from the medical bay after 48hrs. Rose knew she should have been one of those but for some reason she had been spared, coming away with just a few cuts and bruises that were already healing but a lingering muscle pain in her ribs that wasn't going to go away so easily.

She was on strong pain-killers that sometimes knocked her out if she took the full dosage so she had to just take 1 tablet at a time during the day and especially if she was flying. She had pulled the muscle as she was flung across the floor but she considered she had got away lightly.

She felt responsible, the device was only still in use because of her being so stubborn and not giving up her hope of getting back to her real universe but it was all over now, everyone knew there was no way Pete Tyler would ever allow anyone to build a replacement not even for Rose's sake. That had been a week ago and Rose had insisted she helped clean everything up and make sure those injured were back on their feet again and she hadn't liked being ordered to take leave with the rest of the team but Pete had insisted because Rose's mother had threatened him if he didn't make her take a rest.

So to make sure she didn't come back in a hurry, Pete had arranged for her to travel all the way to California to spend a month in a small town away from it all and Jake had been charged with making sure she went. Rose couldn't understand why she was being sent so far away, a week in Spain would have done but Pete had argued she could get back too easily and since she had to take two planes and a bus to her destination, it would put paid to her cutting her holiday short as it would be too much trouble. What Pete hadn't told her was that he was getting someone to keep an eye on her, an old acquaintance who worked in Gracepoint and who was sworn to secrecy not to tell Rose anything and to let Pete know if Rose was unsettled or about to leave. He knew very well what Rose would do if she thought she was being watched.

Jake hugged her goodbye as she went through to the departure gate, he had flashed his Torchwood ID to get him into the departure lounge to make sure she didn't change her mind and skip getting on the plane, otherwise he would have had to deal with one very angry Jackie Tyler and as brave as he was, he never messed with her under any circumstances.

During the long flight Rose slept most of the time, she hated the take-off but was ok once the plane had settled to its cruising height and after what seemed hours more than it actually was, the plane was descending into the Los Angeles airport where she would take a short flight to another more local airport nearer her destination and from there a short bus ride. It had all been carefully arranged by Jake, someone was to meet her and she had an hour to kill before getting on the second plane, spending the time in the VIP lounge on her phone, sending messages to her mother and getting the local weather report and where she was staying.

She picked up a magazine and glanced through it, noticing out of the corner of her eye that a tall darkly dressed man with a scruffy beard had just entered the lounge, not that she was all that interested of course but the other people in the lounge were mainly couples and older people. The man sat down opposite her, he was obviously a businessman judging by the way he dressed, dark grey suit, white shirt and blue tie and a black overcoat thrown over his arm, boy did he look boring she was thinking. Almost as bad as the Doctor wearing his brown pin-stripe suit all the time. He glanced over at Rose but she pretended not to notice.

Her flight was called and most people went forward, including the man dressed all in grey and he stepped to one side to let Rose go through first. Once on board the smaller aircraft, Rose had booked an inside seat with a bit of extra legroom on the main flight but there were no such luxuries on board this one so she found her seat and put her shoulder bag on the other seat to open the overhead compartment when she noticed the man she had seen in the lounge waiting for her to move. Thinking he was wanting to pass she stepped in front of the seat but he indicated he wanted to sit there. "Great," she thought and he held the compartment open and let her put her bag in and put his own and sat down next to her. The strain though was a bit much, she would have to risk taking another painkiller soon.

Rose was thinking he looked a bit cramped since he was quite tall but he just put his feet onto the footrest and pulled a face at the lack of room. She risked a smile at him and he sort of managed one back then closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Headache?" Rose asked, trying to start a conversation with him as they were sitting next to each other for the next hour.

He just shook his head, he regretted not putting his glasses on earlier and he should have taken something for it. Still in a little over an hour he would be at his destination and be able to sleep it off, providing the bus he was taking when he got off the plane was waiting for him. He was in no mood for missing it. How many people actually went to a town called Gracepoint?

Rose tried to close her eyes as well, she'd had a long flight and wished she had never let herself get talked into it. These days she preferred to travel by Zeppelin but they were too slow and some airports couldn't handle them. She had to ask for a bottle of water and indicated to the hostess she needed to take her medication and was thankful the man next to her had his eyes closed. The hostess had seen her prescription and nodded it was ok. It was announced they were landing and Rose couldn't wait to get off and stretch her legs properly. The man next to her politely handed her shoulder bag to her and nodded and she followed him towards the exit. She thought it best if she followed him to the baggage claim so she wouldn't get lost as he was following other people and she waited for her cases to arrive. Seeing it was a small airport she figured she wouldn't have to wait long, providing of course her luggage had been transferred and wasn't still back in LA.

Surprisingly she didn't have long to wait and got a trolley and loaded her baggage onto it, then seeing the man she had been sat next to struggling with two cases and no more trolleys around, she asked if he wanted to share.

"Are you going to the bus terminus," she asked, pointing to his cases.

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm catching a bus, where else would I be going?" he replied.

Rose was thinking he was a smart-arse. She was too tired to give as much back as she got which she would have done under normal circumstances and said something along the lines he could have a car or taxi waiting. It was about a thirty minute journey by road to Gracepoint, the town Pete had chosen for her though why exactly he had she didn't know. She just knew everyone had conspired against her to get as far away as possible after what had happened. Torchwood had put everyone involved in the accident on paid leave and sent them for recuperation, all expenses paid but she doubted most of them got any more than a week in Brighton which would have just suited her.

The man put his larger suitcase on the trolley then his other on top and offered to push it which Rose didn't refuse since the pain was already coming back, one tablet didn't quite work, it just took the edge off it and they went out of the airport building to find the bus terminus. According to what she had been told, there should have been at least thirty minutes to wait, allowing for any delays retrieving luggage so finding a coffee machine, she asked the man if he wanted coffee but realised she had no small change.

He fumbled in his pocket and brought out some coins but just said, "Yuck, can't drink coffee, I'll have tea, plain" and passed an assortment of coins. Rose had little knowledge of U.S currency and studied the machine to see the cost.

The man could see she was having trouble so wheeling the trolley nearer, he motioned her aside.

"Don't you know to use a machine Miss?" he asked as she handed the coins back.

Rose was not in the mood. "Not American ones, I'm English."

As he was putting the first of the coins in and selecting a drink he muttered something under his breath about Brits.

Of course there was a choice of coffee, half of which Rose didn't understand exactly what they were with 'double shots and espresso' so she pointed to the one marked 'Latte`' and thought she would be safe. The man's mission accomplished, they sat down on a bench and Rose looked up at the departure board. Suddenly there was a update flashed on the screen – the bus to Gracepoint was delayed by up to two hours.

They both looked at each other, there was no way Rose was going to wait two hours for a bus that was only a thirty minute ride, especially with the pain coming back with almost every movement. She took a chance when she saw the man's face as he read the announcement.

"Are you by any chance going to Gracepoint? Only if the bus is delayed, we could share a taxi."

"Good idea Miss, I'm not waiting two hours for the bus to turn up. You wait here with the luggage and I'll go find the taxi rank then I'll come back. My name's Carver by the way, Emmett Carver.

"Rose Tyler" was the reply as they shook hands.

Pete would cringe if he knew Rose was about to share a taxi with a stranger, well not exactly a stranger since they had sat on a plane for an hour and he had wheeled her luggage out of the airport building. Emmett disappeared into the building again and came back a few minutes later.

"There are a few taxis out the other side of the building, if we go now we should get one before the next plane arrives."

He began wheeling the trolley back through the airport and they emerged at the other side and went towards the first taxi. Rose hadn't brought a lot of cash with her on the journey, just for emergencies but this classed as one she supposed.

"Don't you think we should have let someone know we aren't going to be on the bus?" Rose asked.

"They'll figure it out," was all the reply she got as the taxi driver got out and opened the trunk of the car, seeing three large and one small case plus hand luggage.

Rose struggled into the cab holding her shoulder bag containing her laptop and other valuables while Emmett was giving their destination to the driver. It was the driver's lucky day, a trip out to Gracepoint and back. Emmett asked Rose where she was staying and no surprise, they were at the same hotel. Rose thought this was a conspiracy and Pete had arranged all this – so someone would keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't leave early but little did Rose know that Emmett Carver was not the one she had to be worried about because the person who was meant to keep an eye on her was the hotel owner and would be watching Rose very carefully.

Both sat in the back of the cab, both tired and it was getting late. Rose was hungry, she'd had a meal on the flight to Los Angeles but nothing since and she hoped she'd be able to get a meal when she got to the hotel. They came into the town and the driver located the hotel easily enough and Rose was really hoping the cab fare wasn't too much or she would have to go locate an ATM.

Getting their luggage out of the trunk, Emmett insisted he pay the cab fare and they would settle the bill inside to save time messing around splitting the fare so Rose was too tired and hungry to disagree. They walked inside to the front desk to be greeted by a blonde haired woman who looked up from her computer screen.

Hi, Welcome to the Crestview Inn, I'm Gemma."

Rose was really surprised to find another Englishwoman there, especially running the hotel.

"You must be Miss Tyler and you," Gemma turned to Emmett. "You must be Mr Carver," she added, looking him up and down several times.

Rose was trying not to laugh, Gemma was definitely giving him the once-over and the man was already squirming.


Emmett Carver was not happy, being torn away from his albeit temporary home to be sent a few hundred miles away to some backwater town on the northern tip of California, by the sea of all places, why would he want to be by the sea when he hated it? Still, it wasn't like he'd had any choice in the matter, he had to get a transfer and Gracepoint PD was the only place that would take him – well the chief wouldn't have volunteered if he'd known the real reason, the excuse was he needed to get away in a hurry and he had, it was better he got away as soon as he could, just not to somewhere by the sea.

He had waited for the plane, electing to pay extra and wait in the VIP lounge since he hated waiting around with screaming kids and had tried to book a flight with extra leg room but was told it was a smaller aircraft with limited seating and wished he'd booked a Zeppelin instead. He had it all arranged or so he thought until he had got to the airport sooner than he had needed but he has spied a young blonde woman who was sitting reading a magazine and who had actually smiled at him, something that had brightened his day and hoped might be on the same flight.

He had been pleasantly surprised to find she wasn't only on the same flight but when he had boarded the plane, she was trying to put a bag in the overhead compartment with some difficulty so he had offered to help her plus the fact he was sitting next to her so helping speeded up the process of him getting settled before the other passengers boarded, one of the advantages of upgrading to VIP status.

He had not managed to strike up a conversation with the woman, she looked tired and at one stage looked like she was in pain but she had taken what he thought looked like a painkiller and she had closed her eyes for a while. He had helped her off the plane since he knew now why she had been struggling and had offered to help her. Then of course, the bus hadn't shown up so rather than wait, he'd gone to find a cab and found out the woman was going to the same town as he was and had suggested they shared rather than wait and as fortune had it, she was staying in the same hotel. Maybe this town wasn't going to be so bad after all.