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A/N: This story follows the manga series, some scenes has been taken from Chapter 285 and 286 of Vol. 29 (Suggestions & Discarded Heart), where the baby from Naraku's body and Kagura had kidnapped Kagome to make her as one of Naraku's minion but failed because Kagome resisted and Inuyasha came to save her…


By: Jodie-chan

         Kagome faints when Inuyasha bashed into the door of the temple but fast enough to catch her before she falls.

         "You bastard, what did you do to her!" he muttered angrily holding the unconscious Kagome in his arms.  Sango, Miroku, Shippou and Kirara also follow.

         "Oh Kami-sama! What happened to Kagome-chan?" asked Sango.

         "Sango please take care of her, I'll have to handle this first, they have so much to pay", said Inuyasha gritting his teeth in anger and his hand curled into fist. "Hai", Sango said.

         "Count me in Inuyasha", Miroku added.  They positioned themselves to fight when the baby from Kagura's arms spoke, "ahh that's why Naraku can't stand that girl, she is so stubborn.  Maybe this isn't just the right time, I could almost break her soul, almost… but unfortunately, that girl's (pointing his little finger towards Kagome) feelings took over preventing me to break her. Lucky you Inuyasha, but not for long."

         "Shut the ***k up and die!" Inuyasha shouted jumping towards them to attack but the baby has put a barrier between them so Inuyasha has been thrown out of the walls of the temple.  Miroku tried to attack but failed too and was also slammed on the floor.

         "How pathetic Inuyasha, next time we meet I'll make sure Kagome obeys me", the baby spoke again.

         "Feh. There's no way Kagome would work with as evil as you and the likes of Naraku", Inuyasha grunted.

         "It would probably be you, Inuyasha!, "the baby said with a chuckle.

Inuyasha was shocked to hear what the baby said, "What the hell do you mean by that?"

         "As long as you keep on running for Kikyou, neglecting Kagome and her feelings, you will certainly push her to obey me…." His voice is fading as he spoke the last words to him; they already escaped through Kagura's giant feather.

         Inuyasha rushed into Kagome, holding her in his arms.   When she gently opens her eyes she saw him holding her and she starts to cry on his shoulders.

         "Kagome, are you alright? I am so sorry for leaving you; I know this would not happen if I didn't go on my own."  Kagome looked at his face when he heard what Inuyasha has just said and she just smiled at him making him a bit annoyed because it's his fault why she had almost fall into Naraku's hand.

         "You don't have to worry Inuyasha, I'm really fine, you still came to me after all, I am happy with that ", Kagome said with a smile.

Kagome was surprised when she found herself being hugged by Inuyasha in a more passionate way. 

         "It's still my fault! If I never left, you wouldn't be in danger…I will never leave again…I promise", he said with so much determination in his voice.

         "Inuyasha, don't promise what you cannot keep…" she said with a slightly pained voice.

         "What…don't you believe me!?" he asked a bit irritated.

         She didn't reply and got on her feet to stand and walks away from him.  He just looked on; Kagome's action confuses him.  He really tried to be kind enough to her but she seemed to be angry with him after all.

         The group decided to go back to Kaede's village, it has been too much for all of them and they somehow need a break.  Upon reaching the village they all rested, everyone has been so tired of the journey.

         Kagome sat under the Go Shinboku tree; she looks relieved but there still a hint of sadness in her eyes.  Inuyasha got down from one of the branches and sat besides her, just staring at her face, when she finally spoke with a serious look on her face.

         "You know Inuyasha… when I almost lost to that baby, I was really confused, somehow, of a suggestion that he told me.  I don't understand how I managed to fight it but I'm glad I did and also because you came."

         "So what kind of suggestion did that brat said?" he asked.

         "He said that I should have a grudge against you, and that I am jealous of Kikyou…and I should hate you and her for that…because you chose her, not me…that Kikyou would always have your heart", she said with a sad tone.

         Inuyasha's shocked with what she just told him, wide eyed just glaring at her when she continues.

         "I told him that I may be angry with you so many times when you act like a real jerk and that I can be so jealous of Kikyou whenever you see her and forget about me…but that isn't enough reason to hate you, her or even myself for feeling that way.  I am human after all, and it's normal for a human to feel that way.  I reasoned to him that I would never feel guilty of feeling that way, I was jut being honest…I don't hide what's inside my heart…it may not or it may hurt me but I always wanted to be true to myself and to others as well."

         Inuyasha was silent when he listens to her, pondering every word that comes from her mouth but she still continues.

         "Hate is an extreme emotion, everyone is capable of feeling but it isn't the only one.  There is much greater emotion than hate; in fact it is the greatest emotion I could consider, and the reason mostly of our existence.  I was able that time to withdraw from his power because of that certain…feeling." She finished with a sigh and a still sad look on her face.

         "That's quite an explanation but what do you mean by that… certain feeling.  What's that and how could you possibly fight him, I assessed, he somehow has a greater power than most of any other youkai's we fought", he asked with a confused face.  He could be so naïve sometimes or rather stupid.

         "Well I guess that doesn't matter anymore, I have been saved and that's what important, right?" she said feeling a bit tensed because of his question.

         " Hey, I just want to know, couldn't you just tell me!" he asked with annoyance.

         "Sometimes there are things that don't need to be told, just common sense would do…and this is one of them", she said with a sigh and looked down so her bangs were covering her eyes.  He could sense the sadness in her voice while talking and it confuses him.  He wants to ask her but decided to just shut up because Kagome might not be in the mood to answer him anyway, with all the things that happened she probably been stressed up and he doesn't want to pressure her. Then he gave a long sigh and stared at her again.

         She started to get up on her feet preparing to leave when she turned around to face him and asked a question he wasn't prepared to answer.   " Inuyasha, what if Kikyou's still alive…what would you do?"   Inuyasha's a bit taken aback with her question.

         "     "

         "I , I don't think she's still alive…you see I tried to find her and I failed and I couldn't sense her anymore even her scent was completely gone.   And it was all Naraku's fault!  That bastard killed her for the second time!   I'd hoped to avenge her death, and I promised that but I failed, now, that measly Naraku was nowhere to be found! Damn him!", he said angrily gritting his teeth.   Much to his surprised Kagome just stared on his face as if she wants to read his mind and decipher what's inside of it. He stared back at her in annoyance.

         "You love her that much don't you" , she said despite the feeling of pain inside her chest.  Her eyes reflecting a deep sadness no one could ever comprehend.  She looked away from his gaze and turned again to leave when Inuyasha caught her wrist. He was now standing in front of her trying to find the right words to say but all he could do was look at her pained expression.  He gently dropped her wrist and looked away…

         "Kagome…." Before he could say a word she interrupted him.

         "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you…it's obvious isn't it, if she's still alive…well of course…" Before she could finish Inuyasha had just cut her off.

         "Listen Kagome! ", he said with a raised voice and she was stunned a bit.  " As I have told before, I will never leave you again…being away from you even for a moment would put you in danger…and I want to be there to protect you always.   Can't you at least give me a chance to prove it?  Can't you at least have a little faith in me? She could sense that he's fighting back an anger to burst out of him.   She couldn't understand but somehow felt relieved with what he just said but then again she realized it's just coming out now because Kikyou's dead and he doesn't have anyone to protect except her.  

         They stared at each other for a moment trying to read each other's mind somehow, when Kagome suddenly looked away.   She could never stand it, it's always like that, her, always first to give up.  She turned around once again, her back on him when she asked another stunning question.

         "Would you care like that when I …when I died, too?"

         "Wha…hell of course!  I wouldn't let that happen to you Kagome.  I wouldn't even let anybody hurt you!   I will always protect you and you know that, don't you?"  He said with an angry voice again thinking it was a stupid question. 

         " Thank you Inuyasha…that's all I want to know", she said with a smile on her face and then started to walk away from him when she felt a hand grabbed her shoulder.

         " Kagome…why are you like this, this is not like you", he asked, his hand still holding her shoulder.

Kagome gave him a blank look.   Kagome thought if he's really stupid or just pretending.   How could he be so insensitive with her feelings, she really wants to blurt out everything she kept for a long time, but would it be the right time, maybe too early or is it?

He was getting annoyed with a face she's been giving him.  Out of sane mind he burst out.

"Kagome! Will you stop looking at me like that and tell me what's on your mind! Damn it!

"Can't you figure it out yourself idiot!" she shouted back losing her control too.   He was shocked and stepped back a bit away from her because of her sudden outburst.   Tears started to form from each side of her eyes.  He saw it and was startled to see her tears now falling freely from her eyes like a well and she fell on her knees.

"You idiot! Why can't you understand…that I …that I …"she said in between sobs but couldn't finish what she's trying to say because of uncontrollable tears.   Inuyasha knelt down in front of her, his arms wrapped around her rocking her gently.  His hands shifted to her waist so he could pull her closer.  He rested his chin on her head smelling the nice scent of her hair.  Her face was buried on his chest and she was wetting his kimono because of her tears.  

They stayed like that for a while until she calmed down.   He tilted her face with his right hand and wiped the remaining tears away from her face.   She looked at him confused but he just smiled down at her.

" You think you know everything huh", he said with a faint smile.   He sighed and looked at her again as if to assure her that he knew whatever she's trying to say a while ago.

"Then why are you asking me?" she asked.

"I just want to hear it directly from you, and you still haven't said it, right?"  He said with a smirk.

"That's not fair, I already cried so much…" before she could finish he cupped her face with his left hand and his right hand pulled her waist and he leaned down closer.  His lips brushed with hers, his tongue licked her lips.  She moaned and parted her lips giving a chance to taste the inside of her mouth.   Their kiss grew hungrier and hungrier but they parted because of lack of air.  They panted heavily; their faces were flushed bright red.  For a while they couldn't look at each other until a soft chuckle escaped them both.

"Uhhm Inuyasha, that was my first kiss", she said blushing.   Inuyasha also blushed knowing that it was Kagome's first kiss he felt how lucky he was.

"So Kagome, do you love me?" He asked with a grin.

"Do you love me?" she asked him too.

"Damn it girl just answer me!", he said frustrated.

She gave him a wide smile, her face lit up, her eyes twinkling with so much joy.  She thought he could be a selfish guy but he's really sweet sometimes. 

"Yeah…so much", she said with a shy smile.

"I want to hear you say it complete", he demanded with a grin.

"Why you…?!"  she said with a frown.

She looked up at him her hands wrapped around his neck and he looked down at her waiting for the magic words.

"Inuyasha…I love you, I love you so much…so much" , she said with a smile and intent face. At last! She has said it to him.  What a relief she thought.

"And I love you too…so much.  Now satisfied?" he said with a grin showing his fangs.  He once again leaned down to catch her mouth with his sharing their second kiss but definitely not the last.

They walked hand in hand towards the village…from this time on…things would never be the same again between them.  


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