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WARNING:  Crude languages and some cursing.  You have been warned.


"And there is even happiness that makes the heart afraid"

By Thomas Hood

         He felt the clawed hand grip the back of his neck and he tried hard to loosen that hand that almost choking him now but to no avail.  He heard Inuyasha muttered something under his breath, "I've told you monk don't ever dare challenge my claim!" 

         Miroku on the other hand has been cursing in his mind for letting himself into this mess but decided that there is no backing out.  He nervously twisted his body so he could look at the raged hanyou and courageously said, "So you're saying that you already claimed Kagome as your mate"

         Inuyasha startled for a moment to what was Miroku said but regain his composure in just a blink of an eye, "I never said she's my mate!" he shouts to his face.  But Miroku took that opportunity to let the hanyou reveal his 'secret' so he keeps on taunting him.

         "How about this Inuyasha, I'll reconsider to not win Kagome's heart if you would just admit the truth to me, besides Kagome has every right to choose the guy she wants, right?"  Inuyasha thought of what the monk said for a moment and he felt a bit scared when he imagines Kagome falling in love with Miroku because he cannot admit his love for her.  The thought of Kagome being kissed and cuddled by a certain perverted monk flooded his mind and sent down a fanged of jealousy and pain in his heart.  All the while Inuyasha has been thinking Miroku is silently observing different kind of emotions that showed on the hanyou's face when he suddenly dropped his hold on him and spoke.

          "All right damn houshi for the sake of Kagome and our friendship (A/N:In the manga IY already considers his companions as his friends) I'll tell the truth…I uhhhmm…we, I mean, sheandIaretogethernow!" he couldn't help but hide his blush when he's saying those words.  Behind the bushes a very happy Shippou emerged with a wide grin on his face, "I told you Miroku, they are hiding something from us but now it's revealed!"  "Yeah, I never thought you had it in you dog boy!" Miroku said while giving him a pat on the shoulder still having a foolish grin on his face.

         Inuyasha was dumbfounded he has no clue to what was Miroku and Shippou are saying, all he could manage to say is "Huh?"  Miroku nudge him and asked, "So how was it?" with his usual perverted self.

         "What the hell are you talking about!"? Inuyasha asked irritated.  "You said she's your mate…" he hasn't finished his sentence when they heard a scream.

         "What! What are you talking about! I am not his mate!" Kagome screamed furiously.  But when she looked into Inuyasha's eyes he saw that he's hurt so she decided to finish her statement.  "Well not yet I mean…" she said calmly and looked around just to find that all of her friends are looking at her as if she had grown another head.  Then all of a sudden Miroku squealed happily' "This cause for a celebration!"  Everybody snapped his or her heads to his direction.  "What?" he inquired.  

         "What is really happening here houshi-sama?" Sango asked.   "Well you know lovely Sango, we just made a little 'play' so dog boy here would reveal his and Kagome-sama's 'little' secret, I never thought it would came out so easily, but I had a hard time too," said Miroku holding up his chin still having the perverted grin on his face.

         "So you mean…uh, you know?" Kagome asked then blushed seven shades of red.  Miroku and Shippou nods in unison.

         "Sango-chan, Kagome-chan you should have seen Inuyasha's face a while ago, it's so red, he looks like a tomato," he said while restraining his laugh.  Miroku is now lying on the ground clutching his stomach, laughing his head off.

         "I ha ha never ha ha imagined ha ha dogs blush!" Shippou said in between laughter.  Miroku is still rolling on the ground, Sango is now laughing too and Kagome is beet red.  They haven't noticed Inuyasha, his eyebrows are twitching with annoyance, veins popping on his head and he's already flexing his sharp-clawed hands when he spoke.  "So all the while you two are just playing tricks on me.  Nice try but you can't get away from me that easily!"  He shouts and starts to lunged on the two who was still laughing so hard on the ground.

         "Oh oh, Shippou run for your life!" Miroku shouts back to Shippou while running for his own dear life.

         "Get back here! Shippou I'll show you what it means to have a red face! Miroku you wouldn't have to worry about the Kazaana sucking yourself because I'm going to rip that from your fucking arms with the Tetsusaiga!" Inuyasha shouts while chasing the two.

         "Inuyasha, you're not serious aren't you, besides it's just a joke, we just want to know the truth!" Miroku shouts while still being chased by a very angry dog-demon.

         "The truth shall set you free, Inuyasha!" shouts a panting Shippou.

         "Truth! My ass! Get back here you two morons; I'll rip you into pieces for making a shit on me!" Inuyasha's voice echoed trough the forest. 

The sun begins to set and all they could hear are frantic screams and cursing.  Shippou tried his balloon form to escape the hanyou while Miroku is running around, screaming like a girl.

"You think they would be fine Sango-chan, if we leave them?" Kagome asked Sango.  "Don't worry Kagome-chan I don't think Inuyasha would hurt them much, he's too happy to hurt someone now." She said and gave her a wink "Besides I want to have a 'little girl talk' with you," she said and giggled while Kagome blushed again.  

Later that evening after much of chasing and running around the forest, Miroku and Shippou managed to get just a few lumps on the head and some non-fatal bruises from Inuyasha.  After eating dinner Miroku went off somewhere in the village and came back after an hour carrying a jar filled with suspicious liquid. He asked Inuyasha to come with him outside Kaede's hut and set a small table and chair.

"What's in that jar, Miroku? Inuyasha asked curiously.  "It's 'sake' Inuyasha," the monk replied.  He asked again, "What for?" Miroku stifled a laugh before answering Inuyasha, "We have to celebrate something aren't we?  Inuyasha looked at him with confusion and asked, "Celebrate what? It's not my birthday or anything; I could hardly remember when I was born."  Miroku shook his head and wave a finger in the hanyou's face.  "Tsk, tsk, Inuyasha, you're too naïve my friend, we will just going to welcome you into the world of 'real man,'" he said with a chuckle while enjoying the dazed look in his face.

"What! What the hell are talking about Miroku? What do you think I am huh? Feh! I am a real man damn it!" he said irritated.  "Well you can prove that by drinking with me," he said while pouring sake into two cups.  He gave one cup to Inuyasha and took the other one and raised it to give him a toast.  "To you my friend and to Kagome-sama, may you have a blessed and long lasting relationship.  Let's drink to that Inuyasha!" he said gladly and drunk the rest of his sake.  Inuyasha blushed with Miroku's statement and drunk his sake too.  

The night has been fine the two enjoyed their drinking match while the rest of the group rest peacefully inside the hut.  For one night they momentarily forgot about Naraku and the upcoming dangers they will have to face.  They haven't even noticed a figure behind trees that watched them and spied on every conversation they had.

"That's enough Kanna, you may return now," the black haired man with dark eyes, sitting on some sort of a throne said calmly while watching in a mirror. "How pathetic, they haven't even had a clue to the whereabouts of the last shard," he said while fingering the almost completed jewel.  "Inuyasha now that I found your new weakness, prepare to face your creator…soon," he muttered silently and chuckled to himself. 

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